Pete Carroll 2020 Pre-Training Camp Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Pete Carroll 2020 Pre-Training Camp Press Conference

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll speaks with the media ahead of 2020 Training Camp.

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Parker Smith

Can’t wait go hawks

Giovanni Avella

Thank god we are getting these back !

uCantHop inMyCar

Can’t believe we are only 5 Sunday’s away until football is back, we are so close!!

    Myleen Lujan


I need 500 subs :b



    Let’s get it!

    Nithin Naikar

    Juhdayveeyon Cloauhwney

Cokeman 1233930

Clowney is so indecisive. He should pick a team already.

    Bobo The Duck

    @Acrocanthosaurus they arent gonna give him the money he wants that’s for sure. Dude gets 3 sacks and thinks he’s worth 20 mil

    micheal olusanya

    Bobo The Duck we should get everson griffin

    Magdiel Serrano

    Seahawks have a little over 4 mil in “true” cap space. And they are still looking at singing someone else on the offense (Josh Gordon or AB although after the 8 game suspension that seems unlikely) So unless Clooney is going to drop his bid way low, I don’t see how he returns. Source :


    Remember to have the same attitude when you’re searching for your next job.


    @Magdiel Serrano that link is two months old. They signed all their draft picks and released a bunch of dudes since then, and Chance Warmack opted out. We had like $12-15m last I heard a few days ago.

Frenchtoast 143

Pete after interview:WHERE IS MY GUM!!!!

    Renee Amsbary

    He’s saving gum for game day. GO HAWKS!

    William P Hall

    Frenchtoast 143 We all need to support gum control.

    Dale C.

    Pete if you need a gum guy I gotcha man. Just lemme get up there on the sideline.

whitewolf whitewolf

Are the players wearing masks?

    Christopher Standard Time

    yes, they sure are.

Chae Kim

Love the game hope we get to watch football in 5 weeks

Jonathan Zamora

Get Back Marshawn Lynch (BeastMode) and Get Richard Sherman (You Mad Bro)

    vaibhav nalamalpu

    Sherman isn’t coming back and a very low chance the beast mode is gonna come back

The NegaChin

Diggs and Adams gonna be the best Safety Duo in the NFL watch and see hopefully Blair get some work in at Nickel Dunbar is cooked that man aint gonna play so hopefully Adams covers up a lot of what Trey fucks up on for us if Shaq can get Picks our secondary is gonna be more dominant than it already will be


    Trey only fucked up a few times in his 2nd year at a position he never played 😴 Trey gone bounce back an be alright 😤🗣

mike hike

Greatest coach in NFL history

    Nithin Naikar



No better person to coach these new safeties, lets go Hawk’s


U can tell pete missed football himself, still sharp as a tack, he ain’t never going senile. Love pete man.

    Christopher Standard Time

    In Pete We Trust.

Robert Scott

I became a Seahawks fan the first day they walked on the field against the STL Cardinals in 1976 as a 9 year old. The last two years I have distanced myself from football for my own reasons and I am not missing it. Pete Carroll is the kind of guy that could bring me back. Just a great coach, speaker and human being. I can say it because I have family that works for him and the Hawks. If the team would have scored from the 1 in the 2014 Super Bowl PC would already be considered one of the greats and a HOF member in first 3 ballots.

Micah 04

Pete is so pumped up about football. I Love it!


Mike Peterson

We love you Pete!!!!!

daniel wayne

Just make sure everyone takes their vit C. It’s really that easy

Dale C.

Pete sure looks young before the season starts :)😂😂

muppet watcher

Go Hawks! Love from 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


Love Pete ! He’s in a class of his own!

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