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Penei Sewell highlights

Watch highlights of Detroit Lions First Round Draft Pick, Penei Sewell from his career at Oregon.

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Michael Mitreski

great pick!

Chase McGinnis

This guy pancakes one guy, then runs down the field and pancakes another!!! He gonna be a pro bowler


    You mean hall of famer !!!

    DR. Detroit

    yes , in his first year, HOF on the way!!

    Mr.E-Ann JAPAN

    Looks like a lesbian to me.

    dwayne keenum

    @Mr.E-Ann JAPAN doesn’t even make sense

    Mr.E-Ann JAPAN

    @dwayne keenum You don’t make sense.

Kyle Nitz

Hell yeah!! Beast

Justin Chilcutt

If an offensive lineman has a highlight film, they are automatically good!

    L&M Bros



Great Pick! Nailed it. Maybe we can finally get the run game going


With our Coaching staff in Position to take him to the Next Level?

He’s gonna really Solodify the Lineup.

Levi 420

LETS gooo big W for the Lions draft pick.but let’s pay are respects R.I.P JOE BURROW.#ONEPRIDE🦁

    Dennis Younkin

    Im guessing from what i know about Sewell, he is a Huge Lions fan and he told Cincy no Thank You!!

    Levi 420

    @Dennis Younkin Motown magic W.🦁

    M K

    @Dennis Younkin Yeah I think him saying he was a lions fan sealed it

    Ryan K

    the lions needed Chase a lot more than Sewell tho, Detroit has like 0 weapons now

    Kyle Johnson

    @Ryan K TJ, Swift, and Williams are good…we lack WRs. But to say we have no weapons is a little salty.

Levi 420

How can 1 person cover 2 pass rushers at the same time. HES INSANE!💪🦁


    😂😂 man I was in awe

chief 2017

Best linemen I have ever seen coming out of college.

Fred Baldwin

I believe he is going to have Suh impact on the offensive line no doubt about it!

    Michael Mitreski

    yeah this is a big boy

Mortal Films

Thank you Bengals and good luck Joe😉

    Wunzy Gaming

    Why thank you Bengals? Did you just start watching football? They have tackles already…. Bengals line needs interior guys. You don’t draft interior guys at #5…. welcome to watching the NFL let me know how you like your first season!

    J P

    their tackles are just as bad lmao

    Wunzy Gaming

    @J P no they aren’t…. welcome as well to the NFL I’m sure your first season here in 2021 will be enjoyable… they literally signed the best RT available in Free Agency and have Jonah Williams on the left…. did you go for a stupid comment or stupid comments are just common place for you?

    Wunzy Gaming

    @J P wait nvm don’t reply, nascar…. slip your dentures in before you comment something so stupid

Rob James

What a great draft pick. Lion RBs must of been smiling ear to ear.


    THANK GOD, ABOUT TIME. What a smart pick.

No Name

When you are a lions fan and a OL is available who hasn’t let anyone touch his QB you simply draft him. It’s what all the other winners do.

Leudell Wesley

His intensity is needed for us

Michael McDermott

This new staff is off to a great start, we still have a few needs to fill. I hope they are aware of Teven Jenkins in the later rounds.

Bryan Smith

The man was literally fed kneecaps from birth, fantastic pick.

Joe L

Damn I’m fired up for a more physical team with this monster and mc dc


To think we could have had him and Sewell😧

Christopher Vignoe

I have had my fingers crossed all year for this guy to come to Detroit

After Hours

If Goff fumbles you know this guy is taking it into the endzone

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