Paul Guenther on the D-Line and challenges the Vikings offense present | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Paul Guenther on the D-Line and challenges the Vikings offense present | Raiders

Defensive coordinator Paul Guenther discusses facing the Vikings offense, his relationship with Vikings Head Coach Mike Zimmer and the versatility of cornerback Daryl Worley.

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Matthew Cortez


LaBradford Smith


Jason Ayers

cant wait to see our run D vs their RB’s , lets shut them down!!

The Raiders Daily

Did he just say Daryl Worley did a good job against Chiefs?

joel franco

Make defense run gassers for an hour

Francisco Pancho

Paul Guenther will fix the problems in the secondary I’m not worried about that he is a proven defensive coordinator, what I’m worried about is the communication between Derek Carr and the WR’s also worried about Trent Brown not playing if he is out Derek Carr get ready to run for your life especially if Brandon Parker is named the starter

    Bill Lozier

    Boy are you optimistic. Not worried about the secondary? Geez ok. Minnesota’s QB Cousins is not bad and loves to throw deep. I’m very concerned. Vikings also have a back who gained 7 yards a carry last week. Their defense plays better with a lead. Raiders better play like week one or this game could get very ugly.

Quincy Sloan

I wonder if Arden Key, is watchung tape on himself. He needs to get low and fast. Work on inside moves, where is the spin move.

    K Hasan

    He needs to do EVERYTHING! Definitely not seeing any real improvement in him. He’s not gonna be special.

Bill Lozier

Its only the third game of the season yet it feels like a must win considering our schedule and division. First of five in a row not at Oakland. Set the tone with a win. Carr can prove that he is a franchise player if he can play like one instead of a game manager. Just Win Baby.

    K Hasan

    It is a must win! Especially because we play in the hardest division in football.


We got to see how well the Raiders improved with this loss with Kc no coverage whatsoever those guys looked lost! Defense need to get better at it they held Kc at 28 could be worse,the OFFENSE NEED TO GET POINTS!!!!!

Mr Briggs

I truly believe we can get a “W” this week!!

Stepheon Norris


Omar Klotz

This guy sounds unprofessional af!

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