Paul Guenther discusses Crosby, Burfict and London setup | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Paul Guenther discusses Crosby, Burfict and London setup | Raiders

Defensive coordinator discusses rookie defensive end Maxx Crosby, linebacker Vontaze Burfict, facing quarterback Chase Daniel and how the practice setup has been in this week.

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It’s ya boi Jassson

Why did we trade Derek Carr man 😒 we didn’t need frank gore he will be a back up to Allen in buffalo bad trade

    PS4 G

    tf you’re talking about

    Jones Brian

    @PS4 G lol

    deshaun lewis

    I never been so confused

    Dell Jr

    We should all Boycott Madden video games especially due to that shooting.

Bo Rerun

Raiders Wasted picks on Bad Gruden players… AB, Vontage and Bryant… Why is Gruden still a coach he only knows to lose

    PS4 G



    Still a coach? He has a 10 year deal. Thats why he’s still a coach. What kinda dumb question is that

    Bo Rerun

    @PapaGeorg10 Garbage should be thrown out…A real Fans should stand up

    Justin Delarmente

    lmao the AB situation could not have been predicted to get that far out of hand, in hindsight it is stupid but at the time it was not. Burcfit is bs and a witch hunt if thats what you meant by vontage (Vontaze). Bryant was the only issue and stupid decision to give up a 3rd round for. Yet Gruden and Mayock have every first rounder pick this year starting and performing decently if not really well. Lets ignore the Waller pick up who had issues with substance abuse and the trent brown acquisition but you know idiots only look at the bad small bads and ignore the good.

    Giorgio Tsoukalos

    Vontaze is a beast wtf? It’s only a 3rd and 5th pick.

Ronald Krikorian

Trade CARR while your at it


Way to protect your guy. 👍🏾

    Nb B182

    Way to protect a dirty POS.

    Robbie Foster

    @Nb B182 lame af bro

    Jarred Rylander

    How’s he dirty? There’s so much helmet to helmet that never gets called. The eagles guy literally hit Jamal Williams out of the game on a stretcher and he wasn’t ejected. How’s that fair?

Mohit Kalro

This amazing channel needs more subs! Glad we get so much behind the scenes stuff now.

Elias Cervantes

He looks like gale from breaking bad

Mister Paradise

Burfict’s history of Unnecessary Roughness calls
year – number
2013 – 6
2014 – 1
2015 – 4
2016 – 1
2017 – 1
2018 – 0
2019 – 1

He has made a change. He has shown he can adapt to the new rules. It’s a witch-hunt against the Raiders.

Shay Perry

I hear you coach i saw the same play’s and nobody but taz is the only one who got ejected BS RNFL!!!!

DF Rellom

I like Gunther. In my opinion, just the secondary needs some improvement. But they’re getting better. Raiders went from the oldest team last year, to the youngest team this year. I just think Olsen, the OC, should be replaced.

    Teflon DaDon

    Gruden calls the plays on O , Olsen is only there to help out Carr

raider nation full moon records

D really needs to step up this game!!!!!!!get it done

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