Paul Guenther discusses Clelin Ferrell’s development and facing the Colts | Raiders – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Paul Guenther discusses Clelin Ferrell’s development and facing the Colts | Raiders

Defensive coordinator Paul Guenther discusses linebacker Tahir Whitehead, facing the Indianapolis Colts and the development of defensive end Clelin Ferrell.

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thrilla manilla Reply

Hey paulie forget about it


    thrilla manilla What kind of forget about it?

Donald McTyer Reply

Base Backer?

Steevoe Sanchez Reply

RAIDER NATION paying for my season ticket for Vegas 2020 check your email can’t wait till the refs work on our side Vegas mafia don’t play suckka

    Siegfried von Vegesack Reply

    That blade can cut both ways. 🙂

Philip Alonzo Reply

Hey Gunther you need to get this defence on track and stop getting beat deep man and worley needs help

    McLovinMcFlurry Reply

    Philip Alonzo don’t say that unless you want too criticize Gruden for prioritizing offense over defense in free agency. With what we have he’s doing stupendous. If we focus on high quality linebackers who are fast and strong and get another starting quality safety then we would be fine. Too be honest get iloka it’s better then what we have and knows Gunther system

    Dan Da lion Reply

    McLovinMcFlurry …bro .. what ? they used two first round picks on defense, signed Burfict and Joyner in free agency . No doubt the team is still lacking talent all over … but defense didn’t get neglected in the offseason .

    Philip Alonzo Reply

    @McLovinMcFlurry gruden is at fault as well he brings in this dc from cinci and their defense wasnt that great either all i know is something needs to change in the backfield

    Philip Alonzo Reply

    @McLovinMcFlurry last i checked wasnt burfict a high quality lb that gunther had to have js

    Philip Alonzo Reply

    @Dan Da lion ur right dan

Oaktown 66 Reply

Dink, Dunk & Punt…Repeat.. Raiders playbook!! Carrs avg pass attempt this year is a STAGGERING 3.5yds…

Jacques Ingram Reply

HEY Paul Guenther DEFENSE

Ricardo Morales Reply

Hpwndoesbitbfeelbto be shot in the foot by ur QB every single u anout to score

Gee Solorio Reply

Fire that clown!

Tommynator666xxx Reply

Blah blah blah. Enough talking. We as Raiders fans have heard far too much talking. Win some games. How bout’ that?

    CP3's Right Hamstring Reply


    Guy Henrich Reply

    Not a bad idea.

gsmusic2009 Reply

I can’t be the only one that wants to tell this mofo his scheme is not working and his excuses aren’t a remedy 4 garbage play!

drwnpadilla Reply

Wow a two-week veteran so he’s going to be running the field. I can’t believe these people actually believe what they’re saying👎

james oliver Reply

Maybe it’s time to give DLine coach Buckner a shot at it. His resume speaks for itself. If we trampled on again they have to at least consider. The season is all but over if we do.

Mitchell Thompson Reply

Hey Paul, talk is cheap!! JUST WIN BABY 🏈🏈🏈🏈

Marcos Lepe Reply


Kc c Reply

I know everyone probably saying fix the d but dam b nice if they got a break few first downs would be nice

    daddys long Reply

    On my momma

Marcos Lepe Reply

When you can’t pass the ball, can’t run the ball, can’t stop the pass, or stop the run, it’s time to throw the playbook out the window! And the award for best podium performance goes to Paul Guenther!

Guenther: I would like to thank my players,Staff, and the Raiders Organization for this great Award. It takes a lot of wasted time and effort to accomplish this. Thank you very much!

    Mitchell Thompson Reply

    Very funny marcos, the talking is getting old! 😟

Big Worm Reply

🔥not acceptable🔥

Tyger King of kings Reply

The Raiders organization is full of bums with no skill. Just a waste of money and time. Smh😏😏👎

Neville Evergreens Reply

I wish Rex Ryan was our Defensive coordinator.

Ishmael Horrisberger Reply


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