Paul Allen Shares His Thoughts on Christian Darrisaw and Vikings Trading into Second Round – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Paul Allen Shares His Thoughts on Christian Darrisaw and Vikings Trading into Second Round

The Voice of the Vikings, Paul Allen, shares his thoughts on the Minnesota Vikings selecting T Christian Darrisaw in round one of the 2021 NFL Draft.

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Rick did a trade forbidden by PFF. The man is a wizard!!!

    Steven Talbott

    I like that you brought that to my attention Skol

    Apple Jack

    Passed on the best running back ever since Berry Sanders you watch he’s bigger a better than Cook injured 59 percent of the time ever team that win the super bowl has 2 excellent running backs


Figure out the left guard spot??? Bruh just move Ezra to LG and you can trade up for Davis or Dickerson


    Love your thinking 😍


    Now that’s a Super Bowl caliber O Line

Marcus Spencer

Headband connoisseur 😆 🤣 😂

Lucas Maggart

Love pa but the color of his beard kinda does make it look like he ate a Hershey’s bar and got it all over

    Xander Johnson

    Oh my gosh yes lol

Tim 03

Azeez ojulari, teven jenkins, JOK, barmore, and trevon moerig fell in the second🤯🤯 rick needs to make a move


We got a great pick and you got great eyebrows!!!

Theo Freier

Excellent round 1. Sucks that the bears got Fields tho.

    Lawrence Bird


    Ragnar SKOLl Nation

    It’s SHITCAGO they will screw it up

Clinton Reisig

Grade A pick 😃

Travis Rehder

Rick Saved his Job with this pick


Skol our new Viking brother! Soon we will set sail to pillage and plunder the NFC North.

Nex Mortuus

I waa scared originally and after doing research and understanding what just happened. This move was a really good move. Now let’s see what happens this season, I’m excited

Raymond Hoagland

Welcome to purple nation Christian 💜

7th Orisha

We should also look at Chi Smith and Marquez Stevenson

Allan Mack


Lance Andera

Finally we are getting protection to beef up our oline we need more also If we want to get passed the NFC championship and go to the super bowls we need at least 5 to 7 seconds to protect our QB to throw the ball to our receivers and open huge holes for cooky if we beef our oline problem we will score 35 plus points per game and give a rest for our defense if we do that we can do what we want is superbowls wins that is the truth you can’t have the defense play more than the offense the defense will get tired and that is the truth

Michael Hastert

That last hit DJ Wonnum had on ARod really sealed the deal for him. ☺️

Emmit G

Wyatt Davis and Quinn Meinerz next please!!

matt felber

Cut your hair Paul lol just kidding I’m just jealous. We got a great pick

DBSaucce !

I’m starting to love Paul Allen’s beard and his hair lol

    Apple Jack

    We need a big running back Cook is injured and small

Steve Hopkins

I’m liking PA’s look right now 😎

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