Pats Camp Day 4: Michael Bennett’s return – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Brady Smart Reply

Another piece to our defense

    Cam Reply

    Brady Smart hello again

    Brady Smart Reply


    Cam Reply

    Brady Smart this is just gonna be a daily thing of me finding you

Nicholas Rood Reply

I love the patriots

Marty Brown Reply

We winning the super bowl

    Tyron Pouncey Reply

    Marty Brown too early man one day at a time

    Elisha Lewis Reply

    Back to back champions

    Boat Axe Reply

    Marty Brown Then we going back to school to learn the word ‘Are’.

C S Reply

The national media is so worried about the offense, but man…Patriots are hella deep at running back and the offensive line is strong. Then…there is the defense which I think none of the national talking heads or shows are mentioning. Our defensive line and linebackers man…whew !

    Natasha cutie pie Reply

    They really were sleeping on our D towards the end of the season. They were ruthless but these analyst are other team fanboys so they pretend not to see anything & pray to God their predictions pane out. They always end up with egg on there faces fooling with the Pats. I honestly don’t know why people still listen to these talking heads.

PatsFan89 Reply

Lets Gooooooo!

Superman Ross Reply

Our Defense sound savage AF!!!!

    Natasha cutie pie Reply

    3 pts!!

    Jane Doe Reply

    Lights out

Thor Valhalla Reply

Stairway to Seven.

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

Thx, Meg+Paul

ToN1c Reply

Scar is still really getting into it hes the OL Coach god

Matt Reply

I hope he has his head right.

IsMiseAnthony Reply

The Def will be instrumental against the young QBs were playing. Allen,Darnold,Baker,Jackson,Rosen. Just how we played the Sb I expect a high pressure rate

Eman Paul Reply

He will replace Trae Flowers and get 11sacks this season

r m smith Reply

I love both the Bennetts, thinking men who happen to play football.

Natasha cutie pie Reply

Our Entire team in God mode 🙏 Let’s Go!!!

benjamin zuniga Reply

Wasnt he on the eagles team last year

Thanos Etsitty Reply

Oooooh! I am so excited for the defense this season. I can’t wait!

Shawn Williams Reply

Always been a fan of Micahe Bennet and his tenacity and versatility on those great Seattle defenses. He should be a gem for us on defense in how his strengths fit what we do defensively with the versatility on the D-Line.

evog35viii Reply

Go Patriots!!!!

Dixson Lauofo Reply

SCAR!! Damn I’m so happy he’s still with us. What would we do without him….

Davin Garcia Reply

Jamie Collins is happy to be back😊😊

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