Pats Camp Day 3: Sony Michel’s return & Randy Moss visits Foxboro – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Ronald Richardsonjr. Reply


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Al Haymon Reply

I’ll never forget that season with Brady and Moss. Two of the best ever at their positions.

    Jacob Holley Reply

    thanksfernuthin hopefully that’s Nkeal

    Jacob Holley Reply

    Richard Morris nope he is wrong

    Renialate ‍ Reply

    @Jacob Holley No im not, look at the numbers yourself

    Jacob Holley Reply

    Renialate ‍and here’s why Jerry had Montana the greatest qb at the time and Steve young, randy had a couple of years with a top qb and broke records imagine if he had two hall of fame an for majority of his career, plus had Bill Walsh the greatest offensive headcoach to coach. Plus he changed the game nobody was using double team like they did moss even triple teaming still made defensive players and coaches look stupid

    Jacob Holley Reply

    Renialate ‍ I understand and will concede jerry rice had the better career and work ethic but randy was just the better overall receiver in my opinion

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

Thx for your report, again.

Marty Brown Reply

Let’s go pats

Golden nugget of wisdom Reply

Tommy still looks legit when he’s all suited up. Let’s Gooooooo baby!!!

    Golden nugget of wisdom Reply

    Randy’s a Pat 4 life.

John Ta Reply

Randy Moss needs to be in patriots HOF if he isn’t already

    Patrick Bowen Reply

    John Ta I honestly don’t think his tenure wasn’t long enough in NE. Only 3
    and a quarter seasons. And I love Randy. Well deserved pro football HOF’er & the most freakishly gifted athlete to ever play in the NFL.

    thedarkemissary Reply

    Most people still consider Moss a Viking who played some great years with the Patriots.

    Wild Will Reply

    Pretty unbiased here- lions fan. Moss is a Viking. Sorry.

    John Ta Reply

    thedarkemissary ok. I get all the opinions. I certainly understand the short tenure and also the way he left but he did have that 22 TD season and he can also be in the Vikings HOF too. I bet all your opinions would be different if we won the SB in 2007. Btw, Wes Welker deserves it too.

shooth100 Reply

Stands full for training camp!! Patriots Nation. Gotta love it

    Ghost #59 Reply

    Hell yeah……….💪

Tom Breault Reply

Man, I will always wish the Pat’s pulled that undefeated season to the very end for Randy Moss. Randy is and always will be the best receiver to play the game in my opinion.

    2 nibbles or 1 Byte Reply

    I hear ya, he was incredible. I was thinking he would make a decent wide-recv coach, he burned a lot of defenders in his day. 🏈

jsvenier Reply

Got a half chub watching him catch that bomb from TB12…

Moises Rodriguez Reply

I wonder how people would feel if he came out of retirement to play for the pats again win 2 more bowls lol

    salamipitza Reply

    is he allowed to come outta retirement since he got inducted in the hof

Joshua Leet Reply

Love you moss. Best of all time

Steve 0861 Reply

Pat’s fan in SC! Excited about this season!

EaST CoAsT MaCHete Reply

Str8 cash homie 1 clap randy moss

C J Reply

Randy Moss is the GOAT w no ring.

Eric Brunett Reply

There backfield has so much depth now its crazy.

Mikey MIV Reply

Tom Brady looks like a dad/coach playing coach pitch baseball out there. So old but still slinging.. crazy that he and Randy Moss are closer to age than all of his other teammates. Truly impressive.

Uptwn Dntwn Reply

Big Bad, Team Patriots

NaghaviSystem Reply

Only 1 team has gone to 4 straight superbowls. They said that no other team will ever do that, let alone come close to it. Well, that will come to an end this year

Kirk Moore Reply

Nice action shots of the gang! Who’s the camera man?

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