Pats Camp Day 1: Tom Brady’s new receivers & Isaiah Wynn’s return – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
M&M Nakamoto

Tom you are the best

Blitz for six Productions

I can’t wait until the 2019 season starts go pats!!!!


Loving the slo-mo, yall have been killing it in the production dept lately

Y2k Homie

Let’s go baby!

Vangel Vesovski

Good to have training camp action. Hope that the players got their R&R and are ready to go.

Dervon Booker

What position they moving Danny to, I want to see him play TE. Like old Aaron Hernandez.

    Louie DZ

    Dervon Booker saw him with the wr


    think of him as a Taysom Hill type player

Jack Mullegen

Meghan please put a baby in me

Vincent_Wei 20255055

One of the number one Pats fans! Discovered Brady in a book, turned into Pats lover! Can’t wait for 2019 season!

Gary Olafson

Enjoyed (from Minneapolis) your Live morning stream from 1st day Training Camp. You updated me on Josh Gordon, but I missed the status on Edelman, I must have tuned in too late. Listening tomorrow.

Mikhail Mikhail

Is Paul short or Megan tall?

    William Rivera

    Megan is tall lol

Lavicrep Ris

As long as the O-line holds up, Patriots will be fine

    Natasha cutie pie

    Yep. Keep Brady clean. I already know Bill gonna have that D in God mode.

Alexia Is On Fire

The GOAT QB, GOAT coach, GOAT team…lets destroy the league again this coming year

Charly Gr. v.L.

Thx for your report! !

Natasha cutie pie

Never thought I’d be so happy to see Danny Etling still on the team! & he’s a SB Champion! Wow & if he catches a pass from Brady this season, I’m gonna lose it.


LOL Etling not the next Brady … but the next Edelman???

Quinton Wilson

I wouldn’t bet against Belichick and Brady…
Belichick and Brady era is phenomenal amazing 9 Super Bowl appearance.
6 – 3 Super Bowl record from Bill Belichick and Tom Brady I give both 50% credit.
I’m not going to say Brady is the goat.
Cuz I don’t see how you can say that in different eras.
But man Bill Belichick he’s like football coach God.
I think Bill Belichick can win a lot of super bowls with any NFL HOF QB.
I think the NFL should just have a Hall of Fame ceremony for Belichick and Brady just those two.
Cuz I think Belichick and Brady deserve to go in the Hall of Fame together and just alone but that’ll never happen

vishal sorout

MOB man

Peter Karel Kraus

The next Edelman and 7 inches taller? Maybe more like the next Hogan @ 6’6″.

David Lee Rothchild

So Tom you have six super bowl wins,which ring do u like the best, King Brady,the next one. LMAO GO PATS 2019

Steven Amato

Don’t get down Danny remember it’s a team sport we don’t want to lose you

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