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Pats Camp: Chase Winovich’s Impact & Joint Practice with the Lions

Megan O'Brien and Paul Perillo break down day 2 of the Patriots joint practice with the Detroit as well as looking forward to , and Chase Winovich's impact going into Thursday night's preseason game.

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Matty P!


Winovich holding on to that rookie hair as long as possible lol

    Oliver Sølberg

    Chase and Hjalte both want to keep the long hair haha

    Natasha cutie pie

    I hope he does.

    P Pumpkin

    There’s no penalty in the NFL for pulling long hair. Lucky for him he’s not a ball carrier.

    Aaron 1

    @P Pumpkin literally has nothing to do with what they’re talking about?

Alan Perreault

I watch a lot of college football, usually a half dozen games every week of the season. I thought immediately that Chase Winovitch was the steal of the draft. He always giving 110% and he’s always where the ball is.


So glad to have Andy gone. I stopped listening when he was on. Megan is a great fit.


Megan is a babe

    Well I agree with what you said, but

    Horny boi

Gates ENT

Does anyone want to see Tom Brady in action already?

Eman Paul

All yea LET’S GO PAT’S

Well I agree with what you said, but

Yeah Chase Winovich will likely be something special for us

Well I agree with what you said, but

God Damn! Patricia really needs to lose some damn weight!

    domari nolo

    What about Perillo?

Russ Hartman

Must be very careful with Harry, early season is no time to be nursing a cranky Hammy, they tend to only get worse before they pop, bang, your season is done.

Miguel Castillo

Looking like a young thor

Charly Gr. v.L.

Best regards ….
thanks for the report, meg + paul


Love the DE/Olb depth this year for sure.. Can’t wait to see who separate themselves from the pack..

Big White Duck

Winovich was on my “draft steal starting 11” hes a stud

Kreg Scott

Why would you be practicing with the lions?


Who else thinks Megan reminds you of Robin from Stranger Things?

Peter Karel Kraus

Headline about Winovich’s impact. Content has nothing about his impact.



THE WORLD is fucked

I hope Harry isn’t one of those injury pronw kinda guy..

Leana Carter


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