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Grant Reply

anyone else wait for the highlights cuz they don’t have NFL Network?

    Grant Reply

    @pinky YT oof

    Brandon Reply

    This game was blacked out here on the west coast anyway

    BlueOz Reply

    i watch them cause we have no way of viewing the preseason here in aus :/

    Harley Hutchen Reply

    Grant reddit nfl streams numb nuts

    Charles Clark Reply

    Local channel four in Boston!


Chase winovinch clearly a steal!

    Ali Activ Plus - Energy n Stamina Booster Reply

    He is a nice guy..😀

    Angel Valle Reply

    high motor plays with tedy bruschi passion with sound fundamentals also.

    Red White&Blue Reply

    Das Panzer yeah he’s doing good, he’s shut down everyone he’s covered past two games, did very well tonight

    Prophet Master Reply

    Winovich is gonna be a good player. I don’t know how a player like him fell that far AGAIN smfh. That being said the Titans backup tackles aren’t very good lmao.

mykal van horne Reply

Stidham, Michel, harry, winovich, jackson the future for nwe looking bright.

    Winner3 Reply

    @KevTheBlackFox marquise Williams was way better than stidahm yet he got no recognition

    Daniel Andre Reply

    What u gonna do without Brady though ? We have ur future, u traded him to us for a 2nd round pick lol

    mykal van horne Reply

    @Daniel Andre well do exactly what u guys did after joe 2nd best Montana and thats win another sb.

    Ali Activ Plus - Energy n Stamina Booster Reply

    anyone else wait for the highlights cuz they don’t have NFL Network?

    RealHippie Reply

    @BeastMode 21 decision making skills come with experience. he’s getting that experience here. nothing wrong w that


This is one of the Patriots best rookie classes including the undrafted guys. Very promising futures !💯

    NewEnglandSportsDynasty 38Titles&Counting Reply

    @Kaneki & Touka C Fan Oh so now it’s scripted like WWE. Why are you wasting your time then if it’s rigged and fake. You must be a wrestling fan.

    John Wick's Book Reply

    Dont forget their draft last year was pretty good too.

    BlueComet1991 Reply

    XTREME true, but still I think a lot of teams this year including some upcoming ones, have a great shot to win it all this year. Not just the pats

    Ali Activ Plus - Energy n Stamina Booster Reply

    anyone else wait for the highlights cuz they don’t have NFL Network?

C S Reply

1. The Patriots defense will be good. The backups have gotten lots of push up field through two games.
2. Hoyer better watch out for Stidham.
3. Jakobi Meyers is a LOCK.

    C S Reply

    I know some fans think Stidham had some close calls on interceptions and he did. I’m sure Belichick will ride him about it. But look at his stats the last two games. Pretty decent. For me….the thing I took away if he rallied the team out of a 17-8 hole. Not to mention he was out there for the game winning drive in the 4th. You know coaches have to be looking at that and how he reacted late in the game without the lead. Situational football. He came through with the W. That’s a big reason for Hoyer to show concern. A rookie is keeping pace with a veteran who has experience. At this point it should be so much of a difference between Hoyer and Stidham. Much like Etling last year. It was no doubt Hoyer was the 2. Stidham is performing neck and neck with Brian IMO.

    C S Reply

    @Igor Mcjazz

    The defense has been looking NICE. When I thought about it…we have even had Bennet, Hightower, or Van Noy out there. Or most of the corners. The defensive back ups have looked good putting pressure on the QB. It’s the unit I’m most excited to see this year.

    Red White&Blue Reply

    Sauce Tapes I think so too

    Jean Lawley Reply

    Patriots got the best QB in the draft

    hagamapama Reply

    Stidham has a ton of potential, he’s honestly better right now than I thought he was, and could probably go under center and play right now. He wouldn’t be winning Superbowls but he could probably be a mediocre starter immediately. Looking forward to seeing what BB and McD can do with him

DeLisi Reply

This team looks promising:)

    Alex Denty Reply

    @DeLisi I would not be surprised if foles is in MVP conversation and maybe even make it to the afc championship

    Tom Brady 6x Super Bowl Champion Reply

    Yeah titans were good

    Steven Anacker Reply

    @jagsfanrick Let me check. Maybe something’s changed. Nope. Jags still had only 3 losses all of 1999. All of them to the Titans. Does that still sting?

    jagsfanrick Reply

    @Steven Anacker your team will be lucky to win 7 games. You know as much as i do. Your QB is straight trash.

Jack Trippin777 Reply

It’s official kickers are definitely worse now..Titans secondary looking porous out there

    Astrodempsey 04 Reply

    Yeah specially stephen

    Bryce Howard Reply

    These are third stingers and succop didn’t play

Adam Ho Reply

At 2:09, did the broadcaster call Harris Lewis?

    Lacrosse24ify Reply

    @Brice Tikum yes Damien from Alabama. He’s going to be a great player for the pats

    tommunist10 Reply

    He also calls Lance Kendricks Matt Lacosse when the Titans get the safety. You can hear him correct himself by talking about “81” a few plays later.

    A lot of people could do his job better than he can. It’s a shame. He better not get paid much.

    Anyone remember Jason Witten last year lmao

    Rotilio Madeira Reply

    I think you are wrong….

    Cito 100 Reply

    thought lewis was his first name or something 🤣🤣

    Red White&Blue Reply

    Yeah, the broadcaster messed up multiple times

Nathan Zhang Reply

i love how chill the preseason commentary is, on the patriots network they were talking about omelettes

MegaMadDog88 Reply

I REALLY hope Chase Winovich becomes the TOP edge rusher New England needs.

    Erick Pena Reply

    He is a savage.

    Jeremy Murphy Reply

    He’s so solid that “my boy, van noy” is gonna benefit from it as well. Can’t wait for our pass rush this year…

    Tom Brady Is The G.O.A.T Reply

    MegaMadDog88 man with Michael Bennett and Jamie Collins coming back in the right system with our secondary? I can’t Wait

    Chad III Reply

    @Tom Brady Is The G.O.A.T I feel bad for the opposing offenses 😂😂😂

James the Dragon Reply

Jakobi Meyers was definitely a steal undrafted. Guy has a bright future.

    Great Cornholio Reply

    I thought he was going to be a mid rounder. He and his college teammate Kelvin Harmon both were underrated come draft day

    JoJo Reply

    James the Dragon : James I concur !

    JoJo Reply

    tommunist10 😉 I like that!👏🏼

    James the Dragon Reply

    Great Cornholio Where did Harmon land?

    James the Dragon Reply

    tommunist10 😂

Ryan Randone Reply

Chase Winovich and Stidham are gonna be great

Will Jones Reply

It’s safe to say Jocoby Myers made the roster

    Derek LaV Reply

    If NE has a choice between Josh Gordon or Dorsett sorry but bye bye Dorsett.Can you imagine Jakobi Josh and Julian

    Better than your boy Reply

    UltimaYT i would love to see Berrios go I don’t think he’s a good fit

    xKaiChi Reply

    Patrick Bell Dorsett is still going to be really valuable to the offense. Just think of all the possibilities to mix and match on offense we can go from pass heavy to run heavy. Depending on the game or situation.

    All Alone Reply

    Derek LaV
    it would never come down to Dorsett and Gordon, it would be (Dorsett or Berrios) or (Dorsett or Jakobi)

    imahustla50 Reply

    Lacrosse24ify Dorsett on the practice squad? Do you know how the practice squad works you clown?

jrad410 Reply

Man I can’t wait to see Winovich this season

Simpatico Reply

Jakobi Meyers has been SHOWING OUT these past two weeks. Hope he gets a chance to start at some point in the future.

    Lgf04 LGF04 Reply

    Top 4 WR this year should be edelman gordon harry meyers

    All Alone Reply

    Lgf04 LGF04 that’s if the ones who are hurt stay hurt, Meyers isn’t better than Meredith if he comes back healthy, and I don’t think he’s better than Inman either but we’ll see

    Riley McMonigle Reply

    @All Alone dont yall have demaryius thomas too?

    xKaiChi Reply

    Riley McMonigle yes but I hve no idea what’s going on with him.

Simon says: Reply

Yeeeaaahhh! #82 is back booyyy! Walker is the most underrated TE in the game!

    Evil Duck Reply

    Top 5 Tight end

    Jeremy Murphy Reply

    @Evil Duck might be huge in late fantasy rounds

    Makeup & Mysteries Reply

    My Husband says the same thing!!!

    Better than your boy Reply

    Simon says: I have him in fantasy all the time but he gets hurt too much

    Roy Vice Reply

    I love to see Delanie doing well! I still remember when he was on my Niners

cr1msontide Reply

As a patriots fan I want stidham as the backup.

    Ph03n1x Reply

    @Shawn He said he enjoys watching him play

    M R Reply

    Bama fan and a patriots fan….i smell bandwagon

    Broncos Beat Reply

    I really liked Stidham as a project this last draft. He suffered from a poor cast at Auburn. I’d let him ride pine for a couple years and check back at 2021 at least. High ceiling.

    cr1msontide Reply

    Broncos Beat well put.

Nathan Lusk Reply

The Titans should have a very good team this year, hopefully they won’t be up and down like they were last year. Titan up!💪🏼

    Ken Dyer Reply

    @Fredo Cuomo that profile name is fantastic.

    Master Jedi55 Reply

    @Fredo Cuomo Thanks

    Nick ______ Reply

    I’m not a titans fan but yeah they are lookin solid for sure.

    rem ee Reply

    @Nick ______ did we watch the same game?

The Greg Reply

Why wont Bill ever get someone to challenge Stephan Ghostkowski? He gets worse every season

    Eureka Opium Reply

    Joe Judge is awful

    tommunist10 Reply


    Had an argument during the superbowl after Gostkowski missed about how badly he sucks.

    Theroux Reply

    Maybe Vinatieri can come back. He still hasn’t lost his touch :^)

    Peter Reply

    tommunist10 must’ve missed the clutch field goal he had late in the game then

    The Greg Reply

    @Peter Never said replace him. Challenge him in camp. Make him feel like there is a chance he could.

Mikhael Reply

Is Mike Vrabel trying to look like Jeff Fisher? 😹

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