Patriots vs. Lions Preseason Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Randy Wheeler Reply

Who else can’t wait for the actual season

    Ignacio Melendez Reply

    Me my Detroit Lions are going to do great this year

    The Philosophical Phil Swift Reply

    @Bustdown Zay and to you as well

    Angus Beef Reply

    Nah. Not really happy to see what rookies can do too.
    After watching the draft and all.

    David arruda Reply

    Me too, because it also means that I’m just about done sweating like a pig🐖🐷

    Ma’Kai Irvin Reply

    Randy Wheeler bro I can not wait

Shortest SB Champion QB Reply

Sad to hear what happen to my man Jermaine Kearse, getting his leg snapped in half like that. Heres hoping for a good recovery.

    Angus Hambone Reply

    @Big White Duck lacosse is a beast too

    Big White Duck Reply

    @Angus Hambone yeah he was underrated even by pats hes no Hofer but hes not a slouch. Hopefully he can recover

    Alex DeLisle Reply

    I’m a Pats fan and he was one of my favorite WR’s

    Matthew Stratton Reply


oTaco Reply

Everybody looked so good today, wish we could keep them all.

    Stephens Dygert Reply

    90% of the players you watched on both teams will be cut within 3 weeks.

    Stephens Dygert Reply

    @RedmanLS3 When the Lions get all the 2019 defence players on the field. When it counts. It will be the #1 defence this year. 90% of the players you saw on both teams will be cut within 3 weeks.

    CK 777 Reply

    @RedmanLS3 whats your point? Our back ups vs theirs. Ours dominated.

    RedmanLS3 Reply

    @Stephens Dygert hope they can win this year. It’s been too long man

    RedmanLS3 Reply

    @CK 777 which team you’re on? I actually want the lions to be successful this year so?…

C S Reply

Remember when the Lions beat the Patriots in like the 4th game last year and the NFL world lost their minds ? Yeah…seems like yeeeeeeears ago to me too.

    Ignacio Melendez Reply

    @CK 777 you are right the Patriots did won the Super Bowl last year but they are not going to win the Super Bowl this year coming up

    chris madsen Reply

    Only if your a Patriots fan you remember that game

    Jack Trippin777 Reply

    That’s effed up😂😂

mykal van horne Reply

Jakobi was low-key the best reciver tonight.

    Nick Rahimzadeh Reply

    Dude he made the lions look like a HS team

    CMD 3 Reply

    He’s been a beast in camp too. Him and Brady apparently really get along. Possibly worth taking in your fantasy draft in the last round

    CMD 3 Reply

    @mykal van horne re-aggrrvated his hamstring after that sideline tip-toe catch

    EA R Reply

    Starting WR line up:

    SeaGL Gaming Reply

    It was pretty high key. He’s arguably been the best receiver throughout camp.

Noah Barger Reply

I know this is just the preseason, but I’m very impressed

    clock9596 Reply

    Dude it’s the Lions. Cool it

    CK 777 Reply

    @Erich Diehl the lights out defense and qb play. Stay mad and kiss them rings.

    Erich Diehl Reply

    @ryan lee Nice. She’s been in her grave for at least 20 years so she must be incorrupt.

    Nathan Strait Reply

    Patriots system is awesome

    Erich Diehl Reply

    @CK 777 I like the Patriots. In fact they are my favorite team in the AFC

YourBoiKwams Reply

I swear every patriots backup QB be looking just like Brady in uniform 😂

    Nick Rahimzadeh Reply

    Please just stop trying…your sounding dumber and dumber

    Hockey2323 Reply

    Nick Rahimzadeh they still went a 11-5 with a high school qb in Matt Cassel

    illmatic tony Reply

    Hockey2323 chris simms your not fooling anyone

    Mystic Gaming Reply

    Especially there dropback

    Alphonsus Ho Reply

    That’s how Garapolo was lookin, that’s why honestly its a pretty great deal if you land as a back up or even the 2nd backup qb for Patriots cause you’ll learn a lot and maybe become a starter for another team after a couple years

Conor McGregor Reply

Alright who’s Create-A-Player is wearing #8 on the Pats defense?

    j reid Reply

    Lol I thought that was dez for a minute 😂😂😂

    Nellybo knockdown Reply

    Naw 😂😂 i was like n’keal is a iron man now

    Unpredictable ! Reply

    Harry and Collins on the same number?

    Basiori Reply

    david sanders that was nkeal harry

    David Marshall Reply

    david sanders that was N’Keal Harry

mrbill806 Reply

Damnnn I’m so excited for nkeal

    Ma’Kai Irvin Reply

    Me to you seen him out there

    Wallman Door Reply

    As an asu fan I am too

    Cringe Griffin Reply

    Jarrett Stidham looked better than any other rookie qb I saw

Sports Fan_91 Reply

Like what i saw from Stidham! Definitely could see him learning from Brady for a few years then being a solid QB.

    Ben Dover Reply

    Tima bro shut up

    Pablo Perez Reply

    @3Tvet – yup he improved since being back to the Pat’s hopefully he keeps improving to be a solid backup qb

    CK 777 Reply

    @Realjacob167 Boii so what if u were there. I jad the best seats in the house. My coutch. The kid played great for his first time.

    Rocco Strydom Reply

    He has the benefit of a great O line and lets be honest they didn’t play against the best D line….don’t write off the Patriots.

    Tima Reply

    3Tvet – i agree hoyer looked great

Low Quality Highlights Reply

Not a patriots fan at all but I’m excited to see what N’Keal Harry does this year

    YEAH IGHT Reply

    @HillBilly Hmong sources say he’s just fine. Start watching the games.

    HillBilly Hmong Reply

    @YEAH IGHT Did you not see him limp off the field with last nights game?

    YEAH IGHT Reply

    @HillBilly Hmong u obviously don’t listen to commentary or read what’s going on in the media?😐😐

    HillBilly Hmong Reply

    @YEAH IGHT You obviously believe in everything you read? Yeah Gurly was perfectly fine in last year’s superbowl he totally played.

    YEAH IGHT Reply

    @HillBilly Hmong he was healthy he said it himself. It’s just the media just needed an excuse the rams couldn’t run the ball on a belichick front 7.

Daniel Bui Reply

So strange seeing a line backer wear the number 8 ( Jamie Collins)

Edit: apparently Harry is also wearing 8

    Ragnar Almighty Reply

    8 isnt allowed for linebackers he will switch after preseason

    Billy Wright Reply

    Let’s just hope harry is ok

    74kjohnson Reply

    @Celtics Patriots it would be great to give Brady two big targets with Gordon and Harry.

    Elijah barber Reply

    @74kjohnson harry,Gordon and meyers would cause problems then there’s Thomas but I could see him getting cut

    Celtics Patriots Reply

    @74kjohnson yes it would especially with gronk gone

Brett S Reply

As a Pats fan, all the best to Jermaine Kearse. You never want to see anyone get hurt, especially in the pre-season. Hoping it’s not the end for him.

    NFL/NBA GM Reply

    Thanks man

    Jamie Reyes Reply

    Sad how he’ll only be remembered for that catch in the superbowl

    Amp Blaster Reply

    Legend Himself honestly, there’s something more wrong with you than him if you did not want to see Suh, Burfict or Alonso get paralyzed for the bullshit they attempted on other guys careers

    Jacob McCarty Reply

    Sadly I’m pretty sure that’s gonna be the end for him, kearse is too old, even if he makes a full recovery dont think any times would sign him after.

Ger Rit Reply

Winovich looks guuuuuuudt.

Camaro Guy Reply

There’s only 3 guarantees in life:
1. Death
2. Taxes
3. The Patriots will play in the AFC championship game

    Steve Shelton Reply

    @Young Majestic waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    Cross Reply

    Young Majestic *salty jets fan

    ty millz Reply

    @DJ KO yeah this year too

    MY MOM Reply

    They were playing against Detroit, what do you expect? A struggle for points?

Manuel Ray Reply

I guess I’ll say it cause nobody else is . Football season is officially back 🥳🥳🥳 #RNFL

    Ma’Kai Irvin Reply

    Manuel Ray that’s what’s in saying even tho is preseason

Youngboy_uzi_Kodak Reply

Pats receiver core going be Lit especially if Josh gordon come back

    Well I agree with what you said, but Reply

    And demaryius Thomas

    Michael Williams Jr Reply

    He might i think

    CK 777 Reply

    @Well I agree with what you said, but he’ll get cut. Dont need him.

    Well I agree with what you said, but Reply

    @CK 777 um. Why wouldnt we need him. Hes a great receiver..

KIP Reply

Looks like the Lions are already in midseason form 🔥🔥🔥

    Terrance Mann Reply


    Shea C Reply

    Umm ok… hope your be in sarcastic lol

    draylon mcintosh Reply

    These players most likely won’t play in the season

Nova Star Reply

When new England’s 2nd and 3rd string teams look good….that’s bad..

Patthana Sayaraj Reply

Hoyer lookin like a knockoff Brady.

    Brady Gretzky Reply

    Lol yeah

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