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YoMama JR

The most defensive game I’ve seen ever from the Patriots, Bills legit had so many chances to win, but every drive stopped because of a turnover. Looking forward to the rematch!

    Edward White

    @Kylar Stern lol yup 3 points in the super bowl

    Michael Stevens

    @digitaldirtnap1, that game was the closest game that the Pats won this year, against a AFC contender that could be a wild card going into the playoffs.


Pat’s D and special teams won this game.

    samson miranda

    JaronZ the guy who injured josh Allen won the game

    The Big Bronkowski

    @samson miranda right because Josh Allen was just shredding the pats D until he went out… Not

Francisco Pimentel

Headline for tomorrow:


No one said a word about Tom Brady within the last 3 weeks when he dominated. One bad game and watch the BS come through tomorrow.

    Big White Duck

    Nappy unlike the Rams the pats could handle bucs at home lmfao

    Peter Kay

    @Julian PEDelman The last 4 seasons.

    Harry Parkison

    @Francisco Pimentel the damn Chicago bears have the best defense period

    M F

    Tornado720 Brady’s QB rating so far is the same as last year and the same as his career rating. So there is no indication that he’s dropping off. Of course he will succumb to age at some point. That’s hardly an astounding prediction.

    Outside the pick I don’t think Brady was all that bad vs the Bills. Nobody was open. He had little time to throw. A couple of dropped passes. He had to throw the ball away over and over. It was just a defense playing great.

    I wouldn’t say Brady was dominating prior to last game but a QB rating of 116 is damn good and if a QB had that rating for a season, it would be dominating. Any way no judgments can be made about a QB without at least a full season sample size. Even in his prime, Brady had great seasons and not so great seasons. It’s called variance.

Lyle Stavast

Congrats to Gore on the 15,000. That’s amazing !!!

    Julian PEDelman

    He’s extremely close to taking the #3 spot from Sanders on the all time rushing yard leaders. I wonder if he’ll stick around long enough to pass Walter Peyton too.

    Splitz Cinamatics

    @Julian PEDelman he says hes not gonna slow down soo

    Splitz Cinamatics



    Dude is a beast. He was the main offensive threat to this game for sure.

    Gold Blooded 808

    #21Reasons #InconvenientTruth

Victor Zhang

First couple of weeks with AB is like getting high on heroine, and this week was like someone shot you up with narcann in a middle of high

    Tom Cleaveland

    I’ll take your word for that.


1:53 me when i try to kick a football

Ya Boy Kelz

Frank Gore is so ageless. That guy playing like it’s his rookie season.

    MICOLE WHYTE#Oneplus6T, A20, LG G6

    @Mr.SoloDolo why wouldn’t he always be a 49ers? pretty much everybody associate frank gore with the 49ers.


    @The FuzzyMonkey he still good in my opinion

    Captain Obvious

    @MICOLE WHYTE#Oneplus6T, A20, LG G6 they didn’t feel the need to resign him, because they had Carlos Hyde

    Alphonsus Ho

    I was freaking surprised to see him play, dudes beating Time itself at the running back position

    Mackay Creative

    He average 6.4 yards per carry, thats pretty elite. Gore is probably the best RB still left in the league. 36 years old as a RB .


Tough game; both Defenses played great. The Bills look “for real” this year.

    Dino Jabroni

    richwiz2 they have been for real the last 3 years. No quarterback lol

    Dino Jabroni

    The Bills defense is the best in the NFL for 3 seasons now. They had the number 1 pass defense and 2nd overall defense last year with 4 different quarterbacks. Patriots offense had 10 points all game, and the Bills haven’t allowed over 17 points in a game all year. All this while the Bills offense had 4 turnovers game 1 and 3 today. Imagine if Tom was in the pocket for Buffalo. Instant super bowl. Allen is average at the moment. This dates back to even 2017 when the Bills made the wildcard off of this defense, and only lost 10-3 in the wild card off a lucky 4th down TD. In 2017 buffalo also had 3 different qbs, none of which start in the nfl now. Brady last game against Bills other than this one had 126 yards, 1 TD and 2 interceptions. Feel bad for that team, legendary defense going to waste for 3 years if they don’t do anything this year. Buffalo has a better defense than New England. That Pats offense gives them better stats. Josh Allen had 4 turnovers week 1 and buffalo still won the game because of the defense. Today 3 turnovers. Brady never has 3-4 turnover games giving the defense a disadvantage

    Frantz Lenin

    No they don’t lmfao

    Dino Jabroni

    Frantz Lenin Brady had the two worst performances of his career in the last two Bills games. Won the super bowl last year when he had 126 yards 1 TD and 2 interceptions against Buffalo week 16 last season. So yes with a competent offense they are for real. Any offense in the league will barely move the ball on this squad

    Frantz Lenin

    Dino Jabroni

    In a fantasy world where the Bills don’t have a dumpster fire playing QB the Bills are for real, in reality where we live and where the Bills have a turnover machine at QB they are not for real lmfao

Biz Denardo

Frank gores milestone day overshadowed by a bills’ frustrating L.

    Rice King

    Or the 3 missed Holding calls on his runs 💁


    Biz Denardo bills suck dude


A few less mistakes and the Bill would have had it.

    SaucyX4 •

    Dino Jabroni boy you wrote me a summer reflection paper I’m not reading all that

    J. Kol34

    @SaucyX4 • 4 turnovers and losing by 6 points? against NE? Cant say that about every close game..

    The Big Bronkowski

    @The Dark Knight go home

    Frantz Lenin

    SaucyX4 •


Ragnar Almighty

Has our kicker missed a pat in every game this season or what? Its gonna cost us it could have cost us today if Bills scored at the end. Him missing a pat cost us vs Denver in the playoffs a few years back

    cointoss election

    yea what’s going on there

    KingBooClem TV

    Ragnar Almighty he had his shoes on the wrong feet

    Tom Cleaveland

    @KingBooClem TV They were on someone else’s feet?

    Tigerrose Lili

    Ragnar Almighty Cost us a trip to the Super Bowl. He needs to get his 💩 together.

    Jonathan Heussi

    I think he wants out, viniteri walked, I think he should too.

Coyá D. Gillins

Said it last week, and I’ll say it again. It’s time for Goskowski to go! 3straight games of missing extra points. Come on mane!

    Victor Bonilla

    He’s just saving some points for Walmart coupons..😂

Urassnface 1

I was nervous as hell about this game and I figured our defense would need to force turnovers to win this one. Great game Buffalo. Y’all are a scary team to play and are the team they should be discussing with some more respect instead of Cleveland based on performance but hey it’s the politics of popularity.

A Patriot fan.

Dyve Gravity

I would say Bills played better just had a lot of mistakes Interceptions, fumbles etc. no hates towards Patriots amazing team

Darion Hale

8:07 I think that was Micah Hyde trying to get the sack

jay deister

“Some days, it seems like the goal line is a million miles away.”

“Yeah, it was uglyball weekend.”

    Edward White

    Sometimes uglyball games are fun. Not every game has to be 55-40 or 51-47.

    y t

    It was a great defensive game, dummy.

Fong Xiong

can we give it up to my man, Frank Gore, who I rooted for when he was with the Niners

Justin Figgins

I can already hear when speaking about Brady from someone today, “I really don’t care…. Who won the game….”, in my ears…. Lol…. Who’s voice is it….? Lol….


NFL: We are going to start really caring about player safety

Also NFL: Let’s put a hit that was called for a penalty as the thumbnail!

    The Big Bronkowski

    Did they change it?


Things we learned this game:
1.) Patriots’ defense is insane. Multiple interceptions and sacks again this game
2.) Tom Brady and the offense aren’t doing as well as they should be
3.) Gore is a beast
4.) Stephen Gostkowski needs to stop missing extra points. Because he missed that first extra point, the Bills were within one possession of winning at the end


    Somethings up with Gostowski. He used to only miss FGs and extra points in big games. Now its on a weekly basis… I hope he figures something out.

    The Beaver

    What about the fact that the bills defense made brady look like a garbage QB

    The Way

    SooDoneWithYou another thing we learned: special teams is important.

    If it wasn’t for that blocked punt the pats lose this game..

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