Patriots Unfiltered 7/27: Live from Training Camp – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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News America Reply

Go Pats!

    kraigthorne Reply

    Where do you want them to go?

dpistons149 Reply

This show really misses Andy Hart.

Simulating Yoda Reply

Got this pats

Bdawg02 Reply

Taysom Hill ran a 4.44, Danny Etling 4.76 in 40y dash….not even close.

    Joshua White Reply

    Danny etling 6’8
    Taysom hill 6’2

    Christopher Law Reply

    Etling is actually 6’3

Bdawg02 Reply

Can we talk about what’s happening on the field…Geez

    Victor Zepeda Reply

    @kraigthorne i think its one of those situations where you don’t want opponents know what you can do

    kraigthorne Reply

    @Victor Zepeda If it were so they would not let anyone watch who is not on the team.

    Victor Zepeda Reply

    @kraigthorne well they didn’t show what they could do

    kraigthorne Reply

    @Victor Zepeda I agree. There is NO reason for them to not show what is going on

    kraigthorne Reply

    @Victor Zepeda There were over 1000 people watching and I bet a few of them have cameras.

Sully Vapes Reply

Weed is legal now and these players rather smoke a joint when they get home instead of taking pain killers and getting a habit from pills. Weed relaxes you its soo much better for you than taking all these pills now and days it’s soo much better. And Rodger G and all these other coaches don’t take these pain killers so they don’t know how bad it really is for you. But these players know and it’s up to them to beside what to put in there bodies. They should do a vote. vote to legalize weed in the league so no player gets suspended for smoking a joint at home to help sleep cause the pain is so bad that they can’t sleep at night. The companies that make the pain killers make a killing on all these players and they don’t wanna lose that money so they will fight to keep weed illegal in the league which is soooo wrong. Please have weed legal in the NFL these pro players need it and deserve it. LEGALIZE WEED IN THE NFL!!!!!!

    ChrisBruins23 Reply

    Shut up tool

    vishal sorout Reply

    @ChrisBruins23 😂😂

Q Crew Reply

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? An hour and 10 mins of the camera on those dopes instead of the field!!! What are you doing

    ChrisBruins23 Reply

    4 idiot’s and a microphone

    Ironfangzu Reply

    At first I was pleased to see footage of the linemen, then the QBs, and thought I would see a lot of the practice. But then, as you said, over an hour of the camera showing these 4 media guys when players are on the field doing stuff we want to see. This really is the age now where media think we come to watch THEM. What a bunch of morons.

    bueroschlumpf Reply

    They are not allowed to show more of the practice than they did. It is daily limited by the Patriots, so they continue their radio-show after the allowed portion of showing practice with the camera on themselves.

ivydude13 Reply

Only a true Pats fan can put up with these 4 for 2 hours!

Joshua White Reply


Natasha cutie pie Reply

The Champs are here!

Anthony Morales Reply

You guys that keep commenting don’t listen lol or must be new. They aren’t allowed to show what’s going on the field or talk play by plays. It’s been this way for years.

    vishal sorout Reply


Bee bee Reply

Thanks. …for your pictures. ..👍

Patrick Patten Reply

Ricky Waters Lose His Whole CareerBecause Of
Smoking Pot!

vishal sorout Reply

Let’s fucking Go…………

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