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Listen to Tom Brady's first conference call with reporters following the 2000 NFL Draft.

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38 replies on “Patriots Throwback | Tom Brady’s Post-Draft Conference Call”

  1. Absopositivelylutely phenomenal, well spoken back then and now. Tom Brady’s humble character has not diminished a mere smidge over the last two decades.

  2. Why does this dude sound exactly the same like 20 years ago?! Humble but confident…Tom man, gotta respect the heritage bro 👊🏽

  3. Wow. TB12 actually said, it’s going to be great to learn under Bledsoe. Now, every QB wants to learn under him. Truly the GOAT! 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐🐐 🐐🐐

  4. Jesus Christ. The balance and maturity at that young age. Damn… Amazingly well spoken. Great upbringing and great personality. So composed and calm and oozed confidence and an aura of success already.

  5. Sends shivers and some kind of unnatural emotion throughout my body hearing his words before fame.. Now he’s the greatest that’s ever lived.

  6. It really is amazing how similar Brady’s voice is today. Not just his voice but also the vocal mannerisms and demenor – etc. Stunning really, suppose I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect there.
    even the quality of the phone signal seems very similar to what you might expect monday mornings in the winter!

  7. Agree 100%…I was just having this conversation with a co-worker. I don’t follow the draft. I want to see what a player can do on the field in a game when the ball is snapped.

  8. “Its going to be a great challenge but I think I’m ready for it. Actually, I know I’m ready for it.” Dude was always ready and prepared. Why hes the goat

  9. “Compete for a job”. Thomas Edward Patrick “The 🐐” Brady Jr. was going after Drew’s job from the start. 🤯

  10. I would NOT have been as smart and my comments as well thought out at that age. Amazing.

  11. Scouts sure as hell are clueless. I know teams need to do their best to figure it out but they’re almost always wrong in the end. And the mock drafts the television scouts do are the definition of pointless.

  12. And everybody in that conference was probably thinking “you’re delusional or lying to yourself”.

    But he was right!

  13. Saalik Shaikh and man, he was spot on: Who would’ve known but TB himself! ❤️💙🐐

  14. Step one creating the G.O.A.T.?
    Being a good teammate.

    Drew took Tom to Celtics/Lakers & Red Sox/Yankees games as a rookie. I remember the interview where he said he wanted Brady to understand what sports meant to the people of Boston and what a privilege it was to play for New England. Fact.

    Drew helped create the Patriot Way. THAT’S a fact. If Drew Bledsoe doesn’t get picked number one by Bill Parcells in 1993, the James Orthwien owned Patriots would now be the St. Louis Stallions. They already made the new logos, uniforms, hats and they hang in the Patriots HOF. Fact.

    Drew Bledsoe was a franchise changing player that took the Patriots from being a perennial laughingstock 2 Super Bowl contender within a year. Fact.

    Drew helped to create and tempre the steel that is Tom Brady and The Patriot Way. Fact.

    Facts are good and they deminish nothing.

  15. He learned a ton from Drew. Especially off the field and in the AFC Championship game against Pittsburgh on 01. Tom said he learned “poise” from Drew.

  16. @Michael Murphy it’s borderline maniacal. Drew just got paid 100 million. People thought he was a camp body. Possibly a backup. But old Tommy boy was gonna try to steal his job. To be honest, I was in the let Drew play in the Superbowl camp…🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  17. Wow even rookie TB12 had that goat 🐐 talk in his blood 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😂🤷🏾‍♂️

  18. He got by playing well, would have had it turn out differently? 6 so far remember.

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