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Patriots Sign Antonio Brown!

The New England Patriots have signed wide receiver Antonio Brown.

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Archubbb Reply

the whole league: Ight imma head out

    RG3 #smokinthat3 #10hunnit #H3!5M4N #dawgpound Reply

    @Eugene Rollins L

    Craig Adams Reply

    @Psycho Logical you can’t even use the right word, you little ho.

    ChrisS82 Reply

    @CoffeeAllDay he can still throw it deep stop denying

    Chocolate Daddi Reply

    @CoffeeAllDay You Sick, Brady about to Ball Out Of Control

    Mr Egg With 1mil sub Reply


LeThanos Reply

Since the Steelers wouldn’t trade him to the Patriots, he had to act like a clown so the Raiders would release him and then sign with the Pats. Ab playing chess😂😂

    Marcus Middleton Reply

    kylar stern maybe. well he’s down $21 mil right now lol

    Marcus Middleton Reply

    Elisha Lewis he would have signed with them in the first place if that was the case lol

    Marcus Middleton Reply

    Tommy Mdladlana nice

    Marcus Middleton Reply

    Joe Johnson dude, the only went to the sorry raiders is because they offered him the most guaranteed money. Of course there’s stipulations that’s standard for all guaranteed contracts. Not gonna get into the weeds about this though. Occam’s razor

    Relyt Rekab Reply

    Because a black man would never act like that. Smh the man is a clown.

Dreariest Pizza Reply

When u thought it was a funny joke this morning then it actually happens

    darth Shabu Reply

    Lets go TB12 👍👍

    Tim Eaton Reply

    darth Shabu
    He said was done but you never know
    I heard wants to pursue in WWE wrestling
    But feel now brown will replace him now

    darth Shabu Reply

    @Tim Eaton but can you imagine this weapons though for Brady? This only happens on Madden, Mc Daniels calls this offense the Aerial spread offense👍

    darth Shabu Reply

    This is where Stidham gonna be tested on accuracy on throws

    Tim Eaton Reply

    darth Shabu
    He’s always had weapons his whole career randy moss for example
    Even ones of the street draft never heard of

kev127 Reply

*Gets cut by Raiders*

WWE announcer: By god that’s Bill Belichick’s music!!!!!

    Shane Dunning Reply

    A b that dude goat

    Smiles 76 Reply

    Coming soon: “Patriots suspend all-pro receiver Antonio Brown.”

    JRCMRN ! Reply

    *Jim Ross lmao

    snipe69 Reply

    @George the Animal Steele The Duck Boats don’t come out for Records 😉

    The N.F.L is as real as Santa Claus Reply

    Are the sheeple not entertained?

BigHandsome519 Reply

Fkkkkk. Brady and Moss all over again 😭

    Anthony DelVecchio Reply

    Actually most people would call that scenario very creative and cool, as in not pathetic or hateful. Sooo you’re the one who’s pathetic. Sorry truth hurts.

    Anthony DelVecchio Reply

    Perhaps, but exactly 100% right, accurate and correct.

    Anthony DelVecchio Reply

    Who mentioned politics? I simply stated a fact.

Jason Miles Reply

As crazy as it sounds…AB might actually be a genius.

Ilia Morshed Reply

BRAKING NEWS: AB doesn’t like the patriot Logo, he will not play

    Kyle The Video Maker Reply

    So true

    Mike22859673 Reply

    Who could not like the patriots logo?!

    WB Wayne Reply

    Would never happen, AB has an easy path to the Superbowl now, and will be on his best behavior, mark my words. All part of his evil plan.

    LurkerDood Reply

    That helmet crap was all BS in a ploy for the Raiders to cut him 😄😁
    Wonder if AB burned his feet on purpose? 😁😄

    WB Wayne Reply

    Willing to bet he did. In order to stall longer to get other plans in place. Very good possibility.

jole' Mays Reply

The feet the helmet missing practice fighting the G.M it was all a plan for the from day 1

Err0r R3X Reply

Imagine telling someone 2 or 3 years Antonio brown will be catching passes from Tom Brady in a couple of years

    Tyler Pax Reply

    Lmao 2-3 years ago I rigged my madden to have AB on the pats and i said to myself how great it would be to actually have him on the actual Patriots team

    Jasus Crist Reply

    @Tyler Pax “ask and you shall receive” -Lord Bellichick

Robert Lyons Reply

There’s goes the Chiefs Super Bowl Chances

    Titan Master Race Reply

    Nah the Ravens did good today tho so they might top the chiefs ik it’s week one and they played the dolphins but Lamar improved quickly.

    SOJA MIKE Reply

    NO YOU MEAN THERE GOES EVERY TEAMS CHANCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oc reed Reply

    @Robert Lyons He would had been stuck with the steelers

MassYak85 Reply

Tom Brady about to shatter every passing record in the books at age 42….

    Rohan Tyagi Reply

    Anthony DelVecchio Bruh, chill. You want to shatter a 42-year old’s knee?

    Ban Reply

    Brady about to win 6 more Superbowls before he retires at 52 😀

    Sporkzz Reply

    If that includes interceptions

    Ismael pineda Reply

    No one is touching manning 55td season

    Soumi Vesali Reply

    @Ismael pineda Mahomes. you are truly sad.

Fat Albert Reply

Love seeing the NFL sh*t itself that their most hated team has acquired its most hated player.

    Anthony DelVecchio Reply

    Did what? Win every year? Maybe because there was no controversy, no mystery why the Bulls won with Jordan. Jordan was, and is, the greatest basketball player in the world. More people, at least those born after 1980, wanted to play basketball because of Jordan more than anyone else. Remember “I want to be like Mike?”

    Mr Egg With 1mil sub Reply

    Fat Albert Actually The Patriots are number 3 in the most loved team soooooo

    Anthony DelVecchio Reply

    Umm no they’re not actually #3, far from it really, sooooo you’re wrong. Nice try though. Better luck next time, ace.

Kurt Suffoletto Reply

Bill Belichick: “Execute Order 66”

*dial tone……answers*

AB: “Hello?”

    Mark Marrone Reply

    Lol thats funny

    Unknown Unknown Reply

    If you are going to steal UrinatingTrees jokes at least give the man credit.

    lionswhelp7 Reply

    Facts 💯🎯

    Sebas Montoya Reply

    Kurt Suffoletto more like order 84

    Jason smith Reply

    “Dump it”

Msflamingo2008 Reply

“And the Oscar for Best Actor goes to: Antonio Brown!”

    president camacho Reply

    @MiketheYung God nah, he was just mad he got fined and lost his guaranteed 30 mill. all that drama with the frostbite and helmet was just bored reporters needing a story. man had a spotlight on him, if you really looked at what he did, it wasn’t a huge deal. until he got fined. it’s all about the money for him.

    Peninsula Railfan Reply

    @Anthony DelVecchio You actually wish physical harm on him? Man you’re sick.

    due whit Reply

    Diva Kenevil

    Ace Ventura Reply

    The nfl should penalize him to set out the 1st 15 games for orchestrating this


Every talking head: AB won’t get another chance!

Darth Belicheck: I find your lack of Faith Disturbing

Alexia Is On Fire Reply

Bill Belichick: I AM THE SENATE

    Pat Giannetto Reply

    And Brady is Vader

    due whit Reply

    Make some videos with that adorable face please, Alexa

    eddyvideostar Reply

    @Pat Giannetto Who is Vader?

    Damon Alexander Reply

    Hi Alexia ☺️💕

    Frank Kerr Reply

    You’re cute Alexa

George Esguerra Reply

Antonio: “I did it coach I made them cut me” Bill Belichick in a Darth Sidious voice “Good….”

    WB Wayne Reply

    Spot on. Exactly my thoughts.

    Matthew Holda Reply

    Execute.order 66

Ben Götze Reply

Raiders to AB: you where the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the patriots, not join them!

AB to the Raiders: I HATE YOU!

Kevin Nixon Reply

*Week 4:* Gronk comes out of retirement; rejoins Patriots
*Week 8:* Andrew Luck comes out of retirement; joins Patriots
*Week 12:* Kobe Bryant comes out of retirement; joins Patriots

    Jaden R Reply


    Brandon Lee Reply

    Haha #MAMBA

    A. K. Reply

    I’d love that

    EnLighten Joe Reply

    Good one 🤣🤣🤣

    ༼D347h210P5༽ ཾ Reply

    Papa John comes out of retirement after obtaining the n word pass

Joseph Simmons Reply

And just like tht Belichick got the Last Infinity Stone 😪😭🤦🏿‍♂️

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