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Matthew Slater, Sony Michel, Stephon Gilmore, Jason McCourty, Brian Hoyer, Danny Shelton, John Simon, Dante Scarnecchia and Josh McDaniels share the significance of their Super Bowl 53 Championship ring.

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43 replies on “Patriots share what their Super Bowl 53 Championship ring means”

  1. I can watch their videos over and over. Wait! Is this addictive behavior? Nahhhhh just a super fan! LFG season otw!

  2. Matt Slater looks more like a college professor than a football player to me. Seems so smart to me. Maybe that’s why he’s such an incredible Patriot player. Gotta love these guys!

  3. BOSTON DA BEST …. he became a student of the game. It’s not genetics, it’s not naturally gifted, it’s determination to be the best. Losing is not an option, mindset. Any other questions…?

  4. Brian Hoyer finally got a ring with the team who first signed him all those years ago. ❤️

  5. @BOSTON DA BEST He doesn’t get paid enough to be bad, alla, basically all other QBs.

  6. These men played with heart; grit and never quit.
    Naysayers doubted every step; they earned this 100%!
    I am so proud of them.
    #6 baby! Gooo Pats

  7. That’s exactly how I describe Matt, PURE CLASS, both on and off the field. The man lives a good life.

  8. He must be making a ton, if you add in his retirement checks.
    He’ll stick around for a while.

  9. @Brent Dowland kinda, sorta. I’m not into guys, but he’s better looking and not blue. Just sayin’.

  10. I knew someone else would mention that, lol. Couldn’t have summed up the Pats much better…
    “Once you get one…”

  11. I love how the players call Bill Belichick the “Lord of the Rings” because not only does he have six super bowl rings as head coach he also has two as defensive coordinator under Bill Parcells. Robert Kraft made the best decision of his life (despite all the naysayers at the time when he left the Jets) to put the franchise in Bill’s hands. The reason McDaniels stayed with the Patriots (my personal belief only) is that he is being taught the ropes of being a head coach. Bill B also had a rocky start as head coach of Cleveland so he knows you have to be experienced and multi-task like crazy and that isn’t easy when you’re first thrown in as a HC so I can see whenever Bill retires Josh taking over that role. He’s learning from the master after all.

  12. @thedarkemissary you are coming from a sad place bro if you are going a kick a man when hes down .

  13. @The Shaolin what fan do you know of that’s satisfied with what they already have? Typical butt hurt fan of a lesser team.

  14. Johnnyc drums definitely not making as much as he could be elsewhere. If I was the Texans or cardinals I’d break the bank 2-3 million easily just be spend 2 years retooling the O line

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