Patriots Rookies visit local Children’s Hospital – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jay 1600

love this team


How can you hate these guys

    Andrew 4

    BOSTON DA BEST Trust me, people find a way. Here they are spending time with patients in a hospital and it nearly makes you tear up to see how thankful these kids are, but there is always that one person


    BOSTON DA BEST I don’t know because I don’t hate them as a pats fan obviously but it’s because they win. Not the rookies though lol they just got on the team.

Shoba 87


Sadie Mears

These boys are so sweet

Jonas Pierce

Who’s down Pat’s win Superbowl 54!!!!!!!!! This part is an edit. The Pat’s are going to win there secondary is insane and there o and d line is good. And I think Sony Machel will do really good this season. And Tom of course is going to me a mad lad.

    Ben Morris

    Jonas Pierce me

    Judilyn Travis

    Tom SB Brady gets #7

Miguel Castillo

Pass down what you learned…

*Pass on the tradition*

Eman Paul

I love my PAT’S and people wonder why all we do is WIN #7

The Dynasty Continues

Thank you so much Mr. Kraft and all the New England Patriots players.

You do an incredible amount of good work in our community.

Kreg Scott

Good stuff Patriots!! Love the smiles on those kids.

Tofu Turner

That one dislike was a salty rams fan

    Nathan Brewer

    Tofu Turner your a bit liberal in your use if the word “salty”, which in no way describes a despicable arsehole who plays games when the lives of children are on the line. Back in my day to be “Salty”, would today be said as having Swag… and Rams Fan or not…he got no swag….

    Tofu Turner

    @Nathan Brewer wgat😂

Justin Allen


Juan Godínez

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Judilyn Travis

God Bless the Patriots
Patriot Nation in Va

- Blythe

Great job gentlemen!

Julio Sanchez

Love When Professional Athletes Do Cool Stuff Like The Especially My Pats 👍🏻

The Day

*Chase Winovich is gonna be a steal*

Judilyn Travis

For Tedy, Lord have mercy and grant us Peace
God Bless the Patriots

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