Patriots ‘Revamp’ Defensive Front! | Draft Day 2 Reaction (New England Patriots) – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Patriots ‘Revamp’ Defensive Front! | Draft Day 2 Reaction (New England Patriots) writers Paul Perillo and Mike Dussault discuss the draft picks Christian Barmore & Ronnie Perkins on the defensive side from day two of the NFL draft.

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Bjørn Andre M

im first thats nice

Bjørn Andre M

y’all should sign joe mixon

    Toasty Jukes

    He’s in free agency?

    Bjørn Andre M

    @Toasty Jukes i really dont know, i just watch their games dont really pay that much attention to the transfers coming in only out

    Rise Productions

    @Toasty Jukes yo toasty!

    Toasty Jukes

    @Rise Productions what’s up my man didn’t expect you to reply to me lol

    Rise Productions

    @Toasty Jukes whelp pats for life sooo…


Mac Jones said he’s not emotional guy I think that’s one of the reasons Belichick picked him 

he’s basically Bill 2.0 😁

    Pat Webster

    He’s a mix of Brady and Bill xD

Aaron #DubNation and #Do your Job#

We just drafted Rhamondre Stevenson

    Brent Gustafson

    Yes sir


    That kids a bowling ball 🎳

Jonnyboy 2645

We had some great players fall to us. Do wish we picked up a wr but hey no complaints here lol


    be patiences. we’ll draft who’s available at wr lol

    hunter roberts

    We dont need WR. This team is going through TEs. We have algolohr bourne meyers maybe harry


    @1990Thunderbolt semi fohoko is very underrated

    Jonnyboy 2645

    @hunter roberts I mean we had Gronk as the number one threat for years and that’s great but we could definitely use the receiver with Tommy gone. Tight ends that can block and contribute to the play action is cool but 🤷‍♂️

Chaddrip 1

We need a big name WR

    Offroad Blake

    No we dont you see our WRs


    Gilmore for Julio

    Offroad Blake

    @johnnyboy123 one of the most stupid things ever

Toasty Jukes

We need a numba one wide receiver and our team is complete

    Tank GreenThumb

    Bourne gonna surprise you watch and see

    Eman Paul

    @Tank GreenThumb I said the same thing KB can ball


We need to draft shaun wade


We need a K. Can’t just go into it with Folk only

    Tank GreenThumb

    6th rd

Nigel R.

I think Bill is getting Julio

    Robert Price

    That would be nice

Alec Damsell

Maybe they’ve just giving up at trying to draft a wide receiver. Past history tells us they have no idea how to scout and identify a decent wide receiver in the draft so why try.

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