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Patriots Release Antonio Brown!

NFL Network explains why the New England Patriots have released wide receiver Antonio Brown.

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DB800187 Reply

Antonio Brown just caught a reception from the quarterback known as Karma.

bee vee Reply

AB about to score touchdowns for 12 teams this season. One week per team.

    PARKLIFE Reply

    from a multimillionaire egoistic athlete to a rental player, where did things go wrong i wonder?

    CoCGod13 Reply


    eboy vacation Reply

    bee vee u got me there

    David Oz Reply

    Damn that was quick

Zak Scott G Reply

I think Antonio Brown can help the Dolphins get 1 win this season

    jordy mayno Reply

    AB won’t be enough

    Jayden100 Reply

    Zak Scott G lmaooooo

    rippetoe 38 Reply

    @Kevin Prima Steelers – Browns games would be hype.

    Kevin Prima Reply

    @Rian An — it would be funny to see OBJ and AB on the same team — all that drama between the two biggest primadonnas in football

    Turner Jensen Reply

    Sign him for the next time they play New England

I know your right Reply

Wonder if he is guna call his grandma and tell her about this one?

    Baby Girl Reply

    Antonio you should attend the all black National Convention in Houston Go be with your real brothers. And that Sellout black woman ( had in slavery ). Black men stay away from her. Sellouts are on the enemies side. We all know the New England are a Racist team. Go be with your brothers ( real brothers ). And let them help you start your own investment and business. Forget the NFL.

    Groo t Reply

    @tito thomas k cutie.

    oreo31598 Reply

    @Baby Girl wtf

    LTrain 45 Reply

    You know my right?

rob p Reply

LMFAO! And the Raiders were going to pay him 30 million.

    Dystopia Gear Reply

    @BigE Emmy buddy, YOU’LL get a Super Bowl ring before that clown does.

    Indigo God Reply

    Pathetic right?

    Fawzi Gramajo Reply

    rob p thank gosh we didnโ€™t. Iโ€™m glad heโ€™s gone


Steelers decision not looking so bad now.

    Sucker Punch Reply

    The steelers still owe him 20 million ๐Ÿคฃ so umm, no they dont look so good

    aroperdope Reply

    @Sucker Punch That’s a drop in a bucket compared to the cap they’ll accumulate so they’ll be okay.

    mark price Reply

    @Kevin Prima Did you miss the Tenn game? Baker play defense too?

    kimboyonkers Reply

    Robert Carter I think that applies to every team but the pats and rams lol.

    Jonathan White Reply

    Tomlin put up with this mess for about 9 years, Gruden about 9 months, and Bellichick about 9 days.

Sparky Newman Reply

Antonio Brown 2018: Business Is Booming
Antonio Brown today: Business Is Closed

    Charlie Binstadt Reply

    Sparky Newman were still in week 3

    Rahww Gebrai Reply

    Mike Thompson Reply

    Mr. Business Closed

    Ken Cranston Reply

    Ha ha ha ha

King Kong Aint Got Shit On Me Reply

AB got released by three NFL teams in one year….WOW!!!

    Tony Tigre Reply

    Steelers had enough of him, Raiders couldnt stand him, Patriots thought they could handle him…I called this before the Pats even snatched him up. Whoever tries to pick up this idiot is going to have the same luck as the previous teams. The Raiders thought the Steelers were nuts. The Steelers silently laughed at the Raiders. The Patriots thought they could handle him. The Raiders said, yeah good luck with that. Now the Patriots realized what they got into. Thats 3 teams all effected by this moron in less than a years time. Two of those teams in less than a months time. Anyone else want to take the AB challenge?

    Cliff Hanger Reply

    Bloody unreal

    mark price Reply

    Am I the only one saying he deserves another chance? What he should do is come out as gay or transgender and then everyone will love him and no one could say a bad word about him.

    Indigo God Reply


    Jonathan White Reply

    I would love to see him play in the XFL!

don wilson Reply

You can’t fix stupid. Bye bye millions.

    Steve stevenson Reply

    Just another stupid spook

    Nick Arias Reply

    don wilson bye bye to his legacy he was on pace to be the greatest receiver of all time

    die_lib_ral_scu_m pansies Reply

    @Nick Arias now, he’s biggest NFL POS of all time. the drama out weighs the talent. Antonio DRAMA Brown

Austin p Reply

How far could he have gone if he had a personality like Larry Fitzgerald ?

    StupidCamel Reply

    Mr. Lightskin because he was playing with a cancerous team before

    Yomama Bin Fartin Reply

    Mick Megson LOL

    Grey Goose 4x4 Reply

    Right !

Steel Penguin Reply

Float like a butterfly, get released like *AB*

    The Fly Generation Reply

    Lmao Funny!

    Gadiel Silva Reply

    haha. good one.

    Ken Cranston Reply

    BOOM! comment of the day!

    Ken Cranston Reply

    @Kevin Prima you forgot to say god is great

Eduardo Cisneros Reply

Anybody else still waiting for Antonio Brown to post his happiness after being released from the Patriots?

    Nathan Bauman Reply

    I’m free, Grandma!

    Yomama Bin Fartin Reply

    Eduardo Cisneros loool

M C Reply

Patriots fan: Dang it! I just bought his jersey.

Raiders fan: Tell me about it

    Eric Reply

    @Bud Lee LOL I like that! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Fawzi Gramajo Reply

    M C Iโ€™m so glad I didnโ€™t buy a Brown jersey

    Fawzi Gramajo Reply

    Eric I have FIVE Raiders jerseys



timothy williams Reply

*Did you get to the patriots?*
AB: *yes*
*but what did it cost?*
AB: *Eveeeerrrrrrrthing*

H20 tay Reply

Judge:You’re still facing 20 years
6ix9ine:y’all ever heard of Antonio brown?

    Obamos did 9/11 Reply

    Jesus christ I lose with this one ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

    Iceberg Slim Reply

    It doesnโ€™t stop๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    Cowboys Nation Reply

    H20 tay shut up XD no offense bro I was joking around

    Ken Cranston Reply

    Joke was old by midnight last night but still funny

ProudCanadian Reply

This AB drama better than the entire season 8 of Game of Thrones.

    aroperdope Reply

    @Hank Hill Someone else is off their meds…

    Aye Silver Reply


    Tommy McCarthy Reply

    Season 8 was so horrible, because it wasn’t base from a book. Even G.R. Martin says they ruined his story. It’s Hollywood’s fault for not waiting on the Author to release his last 2 books of the series.

    Fawzi Gramajo Reply

    I love Game of Thrones

Bill Lozier Reply

The Raiders should have a sense of humor now. Offer AB a 1 year contract, minimum wage.

    wes newell Reply

    Why has it got to be the raiders to do that?

    Rott Dogg Reply

    @wes newell It would just seem to be appropriate, don’t you think? Karma?

    Bill Lozier Reply

    @wes newell because AB could have been making 30 million with Oakland if he wasn’t an the joke is Oakland should offer AB min.wage if he wants to come back.

Dalton Hill Reply

“Life’s hard, it’s harder if your stupid.”
-John Wayne

    M R Reply

    Oh my, the irony.

    Rott Dogg Reply

    @M R hahahaha “your” correct! I literally laughed when I saw it too.
    Publik Edukayshun has become child abuse.
    But I did have to give him credit for making a valid point.

    # Guiltless Reply

    @M R

Chente Fernandez Reply

AB did all this on purpose to be able to join Lebron with the lakers

    John Martin Reply

    They need a point guard

    Edward Gaines Reply

    @John Martin Nah, he needs to guard his own.

BamaBoii Reply

Peter Griffin lasted longer with the patriots than AB did ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿพโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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