Patriots Prep for Week 6 vs. Giants | All Access – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Patriots Prep for Week 6 vs. Giants | All Access

In this week's edition of All Access, Coach Belichick breaks down the game vs. the & previews Thursday Night Football vs. the Giants. We also take a look inside the sights & sounds and locker room from the game and go 1-on-1 with Ryan Izzo after his first career touchdown.

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Just Saying

Scott Zolak does such a good job on the belestator segment but can we get Gronk in for one episode please?


Can we get scar or Ernie to Break down some Film please

James Curtis

The Redskin game, they practice the passing game in the first half, so the Redskins did alot of pass rushing.

lawrence taylor

Ryan izzo might be our guy.

    Captain America America

    Sounds Good.


    lawrence taylor Given a chance… he just might….he’s getting better every week

Austin Ahern

What a great win by the Patriots over the Redskins!!! Hopefully they can get another win over the Giants!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!

Steven Undzid

Patriots 41 Giants 9

Steven Undzid

Patriots 41 Giants 9

    Reactions by Ari

    Giants 3

Vikram Vathsavai

Patriots 47 giants 20


Ain’t gonna be us lmao he prolly play the tuba


    bro u didn’t have to. looool

Bram Aho

ryan izzo is gonna be the guy.

H reyes

Someone once told me….. All teams are are equal… Its the little things that they perfect that makes a difference..

Bumble Bee

I wonder if other teams study these clips to get more details behind the plays we run. BB is so scientific.

Patrick Krott

I love how the entire Patriots organization is so well oiled. Even doing these videos really contributes to the culture of a successful organization. Robert Kraft gets that. Great CEO mentality.

Ian Koetting

Feeling good about Izzo…. I feel like he is going to have a break out game any week.

- Blythe

I wanna see Brady to Gordon for a TD and more Izzo!
I would love to go to Isreal with the Pats. Amazing


Should I start Lacosse or Izzo tonight? full ppr?


AT 0:09, a very lonely Brady.

Justin Rapheal

28-14 pats win tonight.

Sway Vee6

Pats 38 giants 3

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