Patriots Prep for Week 14 vs. Chiefs | All Access – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Patriots Prep for Week 14 vs. Chiefs | All Access

In this edition of Patriots All Access presented by GEICO, Steve Burton sits down with running back James White. Plus, we continue our series, Do Your Life, with a glimpse into Duron Harmon's life off the football field and Bill Belichick breaks down the Kansas City Chiefs on the Belestrator. All that and more on this episode of Patriots All Access.

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Itzz spangly Reply


therion s Reply

GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snipes Reply


    Sandra Knapp Reply

    @Snipes Sorry, couldn’t hear you. My ears are still ringing from all of that crowd noise after the 6th Super Bowl win!

    Snipes Reply

    @Sandra Knapp Mahommes coming for ya… Run!!!!!! Oh dang the pats WR are the slowest in the NFL, running won’t safe ya

I watch A lot of memes Reply

Sign destroying

    kyrie junior Reply

    Was think dat to but has no Exp

    Gamer702x Reply

    Dude can’t even make a CFL team are you kidding me? Dude just wants money and attention. Would not fit in NE at all.

Marty Brown Reply

Let’s go pats

Héctor González Reply

Pat Mahomes this sunday: *Why do I hear boss music??*

sam chin Reply

pats need help rob gronski and fandy moss to win sb 53
because tom b will not be playing with the pats next year

    Chris DiDonna Reply

    Wtf are you talking about moron?

sam chin Reply

this is tom b last year with the pats

tanner ricky Reply

The pats about to take their first L in foxborro on Sunday. MVPAT GO CHIEFS!!!!!!!

Combat Edits Reply

*Bring back Antonio Brown our offense needs some life*

    Ronald Tartaglia Reply

    Combat Edits I would rather they lost every game.

    Patrick White Reply

    Ronald Tartaglia yes yes yes. Finally some one that doesn’t want him as much as me, he is a great talent but I will never respect that man and would not want him to benefit from being a patriot.

Christian Roldan Reply

Brady is over, this game agenst chiefs they gone to lose is the end for the dinasty

    Chris DiDonna Reply

    Stfu clown

John Ta Reply

whomever edited this put in the megan obrien and belichick segments in twice in a row after the Duron Harmon segment. FYI

Mike Williams Reply

Anyone with even a little football knowledge knows (unfortunately) that unless the Patriots get help at the receiver position soon, they’re gonna get embarrassed again by Baltimore in Baltimore! They will not advance past the AFC championship without something changing on offense!

High Life Reply

I been asking for AB maybe they really don’t want him back so I just hope the offense gets better and defense tightens up and goodluck to the special teams especially who ever the kicker is lol

Dylan Seguin Reply

Need a wr

eric seitz Reply

KC has the better offense, Pats have the better defense, defense wins championships, we’ll see.

    IJeffChiefsKingdom Reply

    eric seitz you need offense to score points
    The patriots won’t beat the ravens or 49ers
    With that offense

    eric seitz Reply

    I agree need to score points, they still have a month to get their Rookie recievers some experience, then we’ll see if they can handle the pressure of the playoffs. Ravens look hard to beat.

DSlav2488 Reply

Everyone keeps mentioning AB. The guy they really need is gronk. He was the straw that stirred the drink. Without him they’re really not that great.

    Alberto1978 Reply

    how do we win the atlanta sb is a mistery…dummy

bakihanma644 Reply

Brady is blind to check downs

Dawn Kukuc Reply

There defences is way better than your team defences

Peter Caruso Reply

If anyone’s going to the game please be don’t talk when “the goat” is on the field, be rowdy when the Pats are on D, and boo Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce, and Andy Reid. By doing this it will help the Pats win and the Chiefs lose.

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