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Patriots Postgame Show

Immediately after the game host Rob 'Hardy' Poole from 98.5 The Sports Hub returns with Paul Perillo and Mike Dussault to break down all the action. You'll hear live press conferences, exclusive player interviews and more.

Michael Irish

Thank you for this. Great win!!!

Matt Botelho

Too bad we couldn’t hear ANYTHING in section 318.

miopic pats fan 77777

Go Pats. Good win against the Steelers. Big Ben needs to retire

    Joe Piscapo

    Tom Brady needs to retire, he’s the main reason why Ben doesnt have more than 2 rings lol

P Pumpkin

Great to see the Patriots win, but it’s sad to see a great franchise like Pittsburg sink so low. This will be the year will pass Pittsburg in rings.

    Joe Piscapo

    negative , Patriots wont see another ring for the next decade or so, mark my words

Joe Piscapo

The Steelers gave the patriots a mercy win to apologize for plaguing them with the AB drama that is about to hit them…

Scott Gibson

Big Ben is done, should have retired as his heart is not there. Its over. This will be a terrible year for the Steelers.

Vincent Vaughan

I hope AB can do well with the Patriots!

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