Patriots Mic’d Up vs. Redskins (Week 5) | Sights & Sounds – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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HonestReviews Reply

19-0!! Lets go Patriots <3

    Nate Diaz Couldn't Beat a Rattata Reply

    @HonestReviews Be happier about it if they had AB and Gronk going into the playoffs

    HonestReviews Reply

    @Nate Diaz Couldn’t Beat a Rattata gronk ya but ab idk, this a tight family bro they dont need any bs like that

    Chevyfreak Reply

    Were on to New York…

    Frost XT Reply

    Can’t forget how Belichick said “We’re onto Seattle!” Amazing quote

Pulpfiction Reply

0:47 how’d that work out for you? Lmao

HonestReviews Reply

Brady in his suit on the bench omg wet

    Thanos Etsitty Reply

    Wet huh? Dayum!

    Kim Gauthier Reply

    HonestReviews huh? 🤣

    Punka Pie Reply

    Lmao HonestReviews

Austin Ahern Reply

Another great win by the Patriots!!! They have started off amazing this season!!! Let’s keep it rolling!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!

geekdiggy Reply

1:44 my favorite play in this game was danny shelton’s sack and subsequent karate kick.
the samoan sumo ninja.

    J Brigan Reply

    Reminded me of Joey karate.

Ben Haney Reply

Underrated aspect to Bradys game he really demonstrated in this game; his ability to go down BEFORE he is sacked. It doesn’t matter how good you are if you can’t play because your hurt.

    Vexa Snipes Reply

    Agreed, just another reason why he’s 42 and still playing

    Ben Haney Reply

    Fo sho. A big reason I just dont understand the Brady haters… We should all respect intelligent and dedicated people and I definitely respect a guy who became the GOAT not so much because of a big arm but because of his big brain and his work ethic. And I don’t just mean his physical work ethic, that’s very common in the NFL, but his study habits as well. Everyone gives Bellicheck so much credit, and of course so do I, but his genius wouldn’t translate so well if he didn’t have a qb all these years smart enough to absord what he’s told and dedicated enough to take the time to study and learn. What it comes down to is that I don’t think there are very many qbs who were/are able to get the most out of what Bellicheck offers because they aren’t anywhere near his intellectual level. I mean it means very little to have Albert Einstein as your professor if you aren’t smart enough to understand what he’s teaching you.

    Pedro Martinez Reply

    Not only that, but it minimizes the risk of a fumble or interception or a sack with even more loss of yardage.

Ironfangzu Reply

Gotta give Pats fan some serious credit for turning Washington DC into Foxborough South. Those Redskin players must have been pissed off feeling like the road team in their own stadium! Let’s GO!!! Pats Nation!!

    Tyron Pouncey Reply

    Ironfangzu I was there dude there was no redskins fans lol

    Eman Paul Reply

    Thing is its going to be like that everywhere we play this season just like last season we are definitely dedicated fan’s and WE STIIL HERE #🔴🔵7⃣🔴🔵

    Frank Castle Reply

    Ironfangzu I was there. Whole crowd chanting Brady Brady Brady. Unreal.

Billy Asegan Reply

Almost looks like a home game with all those Patriot supporters there. UNDEFEATED SEASON COMING UP 🐐🐐💯

    UFO 51 Reply

    Y’all not going undefeated with that old QB

    Gd Darkness Reply

    UFO 51 says a guy with a bill’s profile pic :/

    Billy Asegan Reply

    @UFO 51 how many times did buffalo go to super bowl in the last 20 years. We’ve been 9 times won 6 . I’ll take my old QB . Jealousy will get you nowhere . 49s and Patriots this year. Buffalo will not even make playoffs. Blah blah blah

    UFO 51 Reply

    @Billy Asegan I’ll bet you we will make playoffs lol Haters will say that and Brady should be bench and let that new guy take over you guys winning to much .plus 49ers ain’t going to the SB either they Jus getting lucky it don’t matter how many times y’all went to the SB its getting played out.

    Billy Asegan Reply

    @UFO 51 time will tell. Brady is gonna fill up all ten fingers with Ring’s. Maybe a couple of toes too. Here’s a fun fact , Buffalo made it to super bowl 4 times from 1990- 1993.& Lost every time. So good luck with that



Kaelin Rene Gonzales Reply

Bill belicheck is a very good guy. He knows how to prepare for games😃👍😄😄😄😄👍🔥

Maria Ephrellen Perez Reply

1:32 Found this rather adorable… Josh and Jules being like little kids 😅🏈⚡️🐿

Jonathan Buckwalter Reply

Fat Guy: “Somebody gotta go down today, ain’t gonna be us!!!!”

Goes down first.


Pats social media team this year is on fire

Enzo Gorlami Reply

Best two decades of my sporting life.. nothing will ever top these Pats

Miguel Castillo Reply

0:43 – 0:47 I would love to see him and ask him about that again right now😂😂😂🏆🏆🏆

Charly Gr. v.L. Reply

That was really a home game.
Thanks for all these impressions in that video. 👍👍

Sean Sartor Reply

This year’s Pats will beat you in multiple ways. Its tough to key on one dude. I wish we kept Ben Watson tho. “In BB we trust” Its tough to argue against 6 SB s

Aaron Negron Reply

Extremely proud of my Pats. It’s never easy winning in the NFL. I honestly didn’t expect a 5-0 start to the season, but I’ll take it. I never take a single win for granted. This team will continue to gel and improve throughout the remainder of the season. Always forward. LET’S GO babyyyy!!!!!

Joe mack Reply

Somebody had that OG Harrison jersey on 🔥🔥🔥

Leon Kilat Reply

would have loved to hear the sound of the Gordon stiff arm

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