Patriots Defense SHREDS Buffalo w/ 5 Sacks, 4 INTs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Andrew Kyle

Two years ago it was the offense carrying the defense, now it is the defense carrying the offense

    antonio guerrero

    exactly peyton threw a lot of ints to be honest there should 300 because he does not protect the ball well brady is master at picking apart the defence finding there weakness and exploits it he does not throw in triple coverage like manning would

    Erick Colbert

    antonio guerrero Man, I’m done with you. You one of ‘em. You ain’t ever gone get it,

    All about Boston

    Exactly like the broncos 2013 to 2015

    Erick Colbert

    All about Boston Real talk. They can’t do it without Mr. Sheriff.

Theolewis 17

One of my best fantasy picks this sesson


Complete defense 🗣🗣
Best secondary in the nfl
Collins better be all pro.
Jc Jackson the best young cornerback in the NFL slept on.
Go look at PFF

    Jerome Jasper

    @scoops mcgee loser that’s all you got lol

    Jerome Jasper

    @blaz. Patriots defense is good but not great and your baby Brady did have a bad game against an elite defense facts


    @Jerome Jasper I mean dont even QB have bad game ???same happen last year against them, but ya ya ok not great never said they was great .but you right they beat a trash rams team in the Superbowl.

ACiD_ ReinX

Jesus the Patriot defense was hungry today lol

    Rookit Master

    Theyre always hungry

    this avatar is hated by democrats

    Bill’s are overrated like the vikes are.

    Sl Budah

    @this avatar is hated by democrats the bills are underrated what are you talking about


    @Sl Budah they stopped an absolutely crippled patriots offense, and their QB is Blake Bortles 2.0 who threw 3 picks and I guarantee he wasn’t done giving up the ball had he stayed in. They are absolutely not underrated. You clowns are going to win 8 games at the most, 9 if you’re lucky. Either way, you miss the playoffs.

Jack Grady

Bills should be proud that they scored the most points on the pats D


    @Dillan Artis …huh? Is that supposed to be an insult, or are you just saying random words?

    Dillan Artis

    Corey well don’t tell me can you read have some respect when you talk to me


    @Dillan Artis now why would I do that?

    Dillan Artis

    Corey don’t talk to me rude and I’ll do the same alright alright then


    @Dillan Artis that’s fair, sorry.

Nasir Snow

Pats have a 6 points allowed average on defense so far.

    I ate those food

    Best defense in the league

    Punching Bass

    Larry Legend is a GOAT wasn’t worst. And it didn’t even matter because their offensive line was ODE

    SamuraiX Hiko

    Less actually. Theyve allowed 13 points through 4 games. 14 points by the jets were a pick 6 (offense) and a muffed punt TD (special teams)


Patriots defense is the best in the league right now no doubt

    bernado theosmy

    Logan Wallace bears playing garage teams too. They played 1 good team and lost.

    HaDoU KeN

    All of you guys are smoking dust.

    Why does the title state “Patriots defense SHREDS”


    Did you clowns watch the game, or just fast forward to the 4th quarter 2:00?

    Brady played like TRASH the whole game, the Pats defense was 1 pop up pass away from being scored on and lead taken (@12:58 Pats vs Bills Highlights)

    The Bills “D” smothered the Pats.

    As stated in the comments section of the aforementioned video, the Pats are the most Garbage 4-0 team in the history of the League.
    But I’d take 4-0 over 2-2 anyday


    Its who u play and when and 4 games into season against garbage means very little no matter whom the team is. I wonder what would have happened if someone did a helmet to helmet hit on brady trying to take his head off?? They would have immediately been ejected.

Gabriel Sabloff - Director

How about the fan who drops their phone at :51 secs.


Jamie Collins looking like a potential DPOY candidate 🔥

    Day Be Trippin

    Facts. Everybody thought he was washed up 👌✊ 🔥 🔥

    Giovanni Hudson

    Nah devin McCourthy is 😈

Biz Denardo

Frank gore becomes 4th RB with 15,000 yards.

Wesley Bryant

McCourty still be balling

Day Be Trippin

This is the difference between Patricia and Bill calling defensive plays


    @11XConfChamps6XSBChamps #PatsKingdom I dont know what your deal is. Its an established fact Mayo was calling plays. I am a Patriots fan, and obviously a bigger one than you if you were ignorant to that

    Day Be Trippin

    @Boondock dang mayo a dawg then 😂


    @Day Be Trippin BB still controls the gameplan, so its not like your comment was bad. But yeah Mayo was doing it as a player for BB, so BB trusts him for sure as a coach

    Day Be Trippin

    @Boondock Patricia the reason why they lost SB 52. He had no good gameplan against nick foles


    @Day Be Trippin I wont argue that.

Daniel Chung

0:52 guy in the front row drops his phone lmaoooooo


Kyle van noy is hella underrated dude always like a beast


    dude how crazy was it how much pressure he got, every single play. So underrated..


2:55 shoe came off 🤣


Pats ain’t nowhere close to their full potential.

Kacper K

And they did that without Dont’a Hightower

    Dillan Artis

    Kacper K you suck

J Todd Hammond

I think the words “high motor” apply. Lotta those guys at every level. Just protect Brady. No mistakes and they’re tough. The score would have looked a lot different if not for Brady’s int.

Sam Goodman

Any other team Jamie Collins: washed up overpaid unproductive
Patriots Jamie Collins: DMVP greatest defensive player of all time HOFer

Sam Goodman

JC Jackson gonna be a pro bowler. He’s a stud. Another one of Bill’s draft day steals.

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