Patriots Defense Eats Up Giants w/ 3 INTs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Patriots Defense Eats Up Giants w/ 3 INTs | NFL 2019 Highlights

The Patriots defense was relentless tonight and took the ball away whenever they wanted. The New York Giants take on the New England Patriots during Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.

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blaz. Reply

NFL best defense
Best secondary.
Best cb in the nfl GillyLoccccKkkk

    Psycho Mantis Reply

    @HeyFranziska You’re conveniently leaving out the Steelers with Big Ben who are typically playoff contenders when he’s under center, Bills are legit especially on D, there’s stronger competition in the upcoming weeks – vs Cleveland, @ Baltimore, @ Philly, vs Dallas, @ Houston, vs KC vs Buffalo

    HeyFranziska Reply

    @Psycho Mantis Stronger competition indeed, but it couldn’t have gotten any weaker anyway

    Hani W Reply

    Best lb core is seahaks

    ふぁっごtするけど?ニッゲエ Reply

    @Beebe Patrick chung the crackhead

jcity943 Reply

Crazy thing is pat Chung and Hightower’s have barely played in the last two games

    Kwok Suwarti Reply

    Yes they are not full team 😍

All about Boston Reply

I want to see them against the Cowboys 😂

    Dominick Peña Reply

    We shall see😁

    Daky Reply

    6 ints from dak vs this secondary

Booker Reply

As a redskins fan this made me feel a bit better

    Booker Reply

    BeastMode 21
    Thanks you

    Booker Reply

    Isaiah Ling
    With our coaching changed I feel that he will. He’s just inexperienced. But he learns from his mistakes and that’s what counts he’s only had 14 games as starter remember that mate

    Isaiah Ling Reply

    Booker but I thought he was the best rookie qb in the draft? What happened to that? 😂

    One Canadian dude Reply

    @BeastMode 21 The main problem isn’t the head coach (partly, not mainly). It’s the ownership, terrible team to play for, terrible players around him, and the owner is getting to involved with the guys he hires to actually draft, coach, and train the players.

    One Canadian dude Reply

    @Isaiah Ling No, the best was Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins wasn’t ready to be an NFL qb yet but has high potential. He just needs to learn and basically be a redshirt his first season

BeastMode 21 Reply

Patriots “Boogeyman” Defense living up to its name

    A Bite Of Life Reply

    BeastMode 21 … easy sport what is this Daniel Jones second game? Lol… maybe sit a couple plays out

    Koyt Reply

    Ty Nao can you even provide proof for that? 😹

    mrbill806 Reply

    Ty Nao lmao you’re so salty

ablackprep Reply

I thought Belichick doesn’t want anyone reaching for the goal 🥅 line when Van Noy reaches for the pylon for the TD 🏈 because it’s a safety or what am I thinking 🤔💭 of

    clint fowler Reply

    Troy Amaral yea he doesn’t want guys doing it bc if it was to be fumbled out of the end zone it would be a touchback and giants ball…. but the boogeyman can do what he wants as long as he scores

    Drew Reply

    Yea Belichick hates that, but I think he hates it more when the offense does it.

    Space Pioneer Reply

    It’s on a catch and reach without completing the pass first. Obtaining ball control is the upmost of importance to coach Belichick.

    Jeremy Startz Reply

    You’re right… That scared me.

Ricky Miranda Reply

Am i the only one feeling bad for Bennett not being involved in many good plays?

    BeastMode 21 Reply

    They are saving him for the big time offenses.

    A Bite Of Life Reply

    BeastMode 21 … I’m pretty sure they are sitting him next week as well to have him ready for when they play the first team with a winning record on game 8 lol.. the NfLis a joke. They don’t think they know the First seven games of the patriots season are cupcakes?

    Yeet Or get yeeted Reply

    A Bite Of Life Yeah I hate when people say the nfl purposely give them a somewhat easy schedule despite being the best team when the schedules are all cycles that have been going for years. They don’t make or control them

TheDieHardWWEAddict Reply

Keep being arrogant and doubting The Pats don’t have The Best Defense this year cause they do

    mrbill806 Reply

    TheDieHardWWEAddict don’t worry this guys just salty af. Peep him commenting on everything here complaining about refs and doing everything he can but take an L😂

    833616 _ Reply

    @mrbill806 It’s all they got. They sure don’t have any game. LOL.

    Hockey2323 Reply

    TheDieHardWWEAddict it’s crazy how Brady doesn’t have to do anything to win games.

Trev Mac Reply

Keep in mind this is the defensive scheme Belichcik wants other teams to see,wait till the playoffs when The Pats come up with new stuff — it’s over Pat Haters you might as well go to bed until March

    A Bite Of Life Reply

    Trev Mac … someone’s gonna get Brady’s knee this year.i got a good feeling

    833616 _ Reply

    @A Bite Of Life We’ll, as the salty Patriot haters always say “he’s just a system quarterback”. So what impact would that have on the Patriot’s season?

Rohith Raman Reply

Stephon Gilmore is probably gonna be defensive player of the year tbh

bryan chaides Reply

Daniel Jones has no arm strength.

Rob TouchDownSki Reply

If Jamie Collins keeps playing like this, he seriously needs to be in the conversation for First Team All-Pro. The dude is everywhere around the field and creates so many turnovers

    Jonathan King Reply

    Rob TouchDownSki fr, i gotta show respect too coz first time round he wanted that big contract and got sent to Cleveland for it lol

    jetMFset Reply

    He could be defensive player of the year if he keeps this production up

Golazo Highlights Reply

How are you gonna post the spoilers an hour before the actual highlights

David Gerstein Reply

Wish we could have tormented Eli instead.

AlphaDwg Reply

Patriots defense has literally carried my fantasy team 😂

    Bobby Dazla Reply

    AlphaDwg same lol they were my second option 2 everyone passed on them LOL

    Karina Fernandez Reply

    Bro you ain’t lying!
    I’m consistently putting up like 150 points because I’m constantly getting 20 or better from patriots d defense

The Wheaties Box Guy Reply

My gawd, I love watching this defense!!

HRoster Reply

First touchdown by winovich, I like this guy (as eagles fan)

Duffy112 Reply

Thanks for the 28 points

Ziggy Zuko Reply

THE BOOGEYMEN!!!!!! 👹🧟‍♂️

Pee pee Gang Reply

I had the patriots defense and they got me 31.76 points

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