Follow along through auditions and tryouts as the Patriots 2017 Cheerleading Squad is made.

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69 replies on “Patriots Cheerleaders: Chasing the Dream”

  1. 5:30 so they’re looking for nice women yet no one told her that her eyelash was falling off?

  2. Young Professional I know, right??!! The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders coach is terrible and so mean, so it’s weird to see her be so nice;-)

  3. Their process is so different from DCC’s. Dallas really is impressive how they do their tryouts.

  4. I’m not trying to offend anyone but I feel like this shouldn’t be called cheerleading they’re just dancing and yes that’s apart of cheer but there is so many more aspects included and people are saying they are cheering for a team so they’re cheerleaders but so are the fans and they aren’t considered as one they didn’t stunt or tumble just walked around half naked the only thing they did do was dance and they’re all probably amazing athletes just not cheerleaders

  5. I wanna see someone with no prior dance experience do this. Tbh the dances don’t seem all that difficult you just need to be able to follow a routine 😂

  6. its more of a confidence thing. will they be able to be seen bare infront of thousands of people?

  7. thats true but as a team coordinating is very important. so youre following a routine along as following your teammates

  8. Candy Smith Yep!! DCC is a much more complex process. They look for true entertainers and dancers. That’s why they’re the best!

  9. Following a routine is one thing, but you also need to think about execution. If someone is just following a routine, but not in sync with the other dancers or even executing the moves properly, they’ll stick out and throw off the entire routine.

  10. im a cheerleader for my school. school cheer is different from competition cheer, nfl cheer and school cheer lmao

  11. They won’t tell you this, but it does not matter at all whether you actually look good. It matters whether you are comfortable with yourself in that amount of clothing because that’s what you’ll be wearing

  12. Yeah. It cowboys suck and patriots is the beat team in the league who would you rather cheer for. These girls are seeing the highest paid amazing team in the Nfl

  13. It’s fair. If it wasn’t fair they wouldn’t have girls trying out. The reality is there are millions of beautiful nice women who can dance. It’s not a unique field in that sense, and a fair wage is a low wage for that reason

  14. Anna Lanier it’s not just dance it’s a lot of stuff and they might be doing something tou don’t know outside the video who knows

  15. Dance is so much more then following a routine, you could know the routine but you still wouldn’t be able to do it. In dance you have to show emotion but also do the moves with precise movement and on the right counts so you don’t look at of place with the rest of the team. Also if you only do the moves your not supporting your team you need to be able to support your team if you fail your whole team fails. Theres so much much more to, those are only some of the things you have to do to pull of a routine so yeah dance is much more and much harder then you think and if you still think that it’s only doing a routine you should try it out and find out that it’s so much more.

  16. They do it because they love to dance we all do things we love and don’t get paid for it or reignition

  17. not at all, its only degrading if you believe it is. they do it to prove confidence and guts. if you cant do that, then you wont be able to dance in just as little infront of an entire stadium

  18. I’ve ran the video back to the 5:30 mark 3 times and I don’t see anything wrong with her eyelashes.

  19. Yeah they don’t get paid much but they do get rings along with the players & staff if team their wins.

  20. @Alex _Santoro_23 ok and? i’ve done volleyball and cheer and i can tell you cheer is way harder. you just pass around a ball in volleyball and in cheer you literally throw 100+ lb girls in the air and have to catch them. people have died from cheerleading. it’s harder than you think. and freshman volleyball is WAY more easier than cheer esp because you’re not even on varsity idiot

  21. @Ban how does wanting the job make the pay fair? i can tell you they’re not there for the pay they’re there because they enjoy it

  22. Shim shim : / I can highly fucking doubt you’ve done volleyball if you think all you do is bump a ball around. I’ve come home bleeding, scratched, bruised and sweating all because I have to slide across the floor to save my team from loosing. Have you dealt with a clicky finger or a dislocated shoulder? Well it happens in volleyball while girls get hit in their faces and still manage to score a point.

  23. Don’t you know they are all fame / clout chasers and they get payed in social media followers? They would do it for free because the money they get from the publicity is way more.

  24. I remember when my now sister in law was one of our cheerleaders. Shes now a dean at the university of Mississippi. With her PhD in microbiology. Extremely proud of her.

  25. They know going in what the pay is. To them is not about pay. Ask them, I know 2 , they’d do if for free,

  26. Anna Lanier I agree but not all cheer involves tumbling backflips cartwheels and all the tricks but It can be just dance because it’s not all about that it takes dancing a little bit of tricks and flexibility how do I know I’m a cheerleader well not for the pats I’m just a cheerleader and we did dancing and tricks and I have a hell of good time

  27. @stacyy The Cowboys have a longer training camp program. Kelly and Judy both have legacies to uphold. Every coach will have different styles of coaching. You also have to take into consideration that Making The Team doesn’t show us everything that goes on and why they both seem “mean” at times. Yes, we see most of what goes but it still is a reality show which is heavily edited.

  28. @art_is_ therapy but what does them dancing actually do? theyre just obejectifying themselves and theyre complaining when theyre degrading themselves. cant really respect a woman displaying her body parts and dancing getting idiots in the stands aroused

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