Patriots Championship Ring Infographic – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Isaiah V Reply

Winning so much they running out of designs. What a nice problem to have

are you money maker Reply

Wow 422 Diamonds

Im1CrazyCow Reply

The 7th ring will be a 1 of a kind in the league as well as NEW territory BC the Patriots will be the ONLY 7X CHAMPS!!! LETS GO!!! WE Want A 7th Heaven !!! Cow}:-o)

oopserv316 Reply


Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career Reply

the world should be thankful that Tom Brady hasn’t snapped his finger yet.


    Wouldn’t matter
    The Steelers could fix it

    Shee Vang Reply

    @THE FRIENDLY GAMER Pats stay kicking Steelers trash azz

Leana Carter Reply


    thedarkemissary Reply

    Disagree. Gordon got one.

Big White Duck Reply

Really nice rings

    Rocky Jeter Webb Reply

    Yeah Boy! Pats Nation!

Kos Juludo Reply

Kind of disappointed in the design. I think it would have been cool to have all six New England states encrusted in diamonds. 6 trophies 6 states. Seems so obvious to me but oh well. 🤷‍♂️

    Des S Reply

    why would anyone want a bunch of rectangles on their diamond ring and its boston, who cares about vermont or maine or rhode island

    Greysen Gagne Reply

    Not a bad idea, but i feel you on the design man. For me, it’s the shape.. They needed to mix it up a little ya know? I was thinking the same football shape, but sideways. Kind of like the way the 2007 AFC championship ring is shaped, but have the 6 trophies going around the top. I can honestly think of so many cool designs, and shapes. They’re starting to just make them all the same, and too worried about the size.

    Luis GARRIDO Reply

    @Des S actually foxboro Massachusetts not Boston they use to be Boston Patriots

    Tessa Muscatello Reply

    I guess the only solution is to get a 7th so they have another shot at a cool design!

    Kos Juludo Reply

    It’s actually New England. Not just Boston. All of New England cares.

THE Luis 14 Reply

I wonder what the length and width of this ring is

laitis vi Reply

Wow… 6 rings and 4 games suspended…

    laitis vi Reply

    @M Dac Now now, dont be angry at me, be angry at the guy who was suspended : )

Boondock Reply

Really wish we could get more than 50 second clips of the ring ceremony =(.

    M Dac Reply

    There will be more comprehensive coverage eventually.

Bill Nienaber Reply

So for 37 seconds of viewing the ring, what did you see ? Winning the super Bowl ( 52 winners received 112,000 Dollars) 53 not out yet. Since playing the Superbowl in Georgia the players will pay state income tax, plus federal tax at a gift tax rate. Now going home to New England will have to be added income. and now comes a Superbowl ring with 422 or 9.85 carrots of diamonds. Don’t forget wrapped in white gold this to is taxed at a gift tax. I think the Kraft family just spent all the players money. And we see 37 seconds. P.S. Government SUCKS

Greysen Gagne Reply

Kind of a shitty design, they need to switch up the shape. A sideways football shape would have been pretty cool, with all 6 trophies circling around the top.

Thomas Fulton Reply


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