Patriots Celebrate Win Over the Giants | Inside the Locker Room – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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6288man Reply

Awww yeah!!

Justin Jones Reply

I’m with Tom, don’t like to celebrate 2’s. Now a 7… I think he’d be ok with.

Hyun Kim Reply

I loved watching the Gilmore girls !

That's My Quarterback Reply

*Tom Brady fires to Julian Edelman; Brady completes it to Edelman; Brady throws and the pass is caught by Edelman*

These two are the heart and soul of that Patriots’ offense.

    Billy Morgan Reply

    Even if we have the worst offensive line ever as long as jewels and Tom are there we could still have a functioning offense.

Brandon Harrell Reply

Thumbs up if you love this team.

    Big J33 Reply



I would’ve liked to hear a cheer for that Defense. Man are they playing amazing football

    Vikram Chary Reply

    Best in the league

    Idk Bro Reply

    Everybody knows the D is carrying, they like to keep it low key try not to get to much hype and stay focused.

    Vikram Chary Reply

    @Idk Bro that’s the Patriots method right there. But the offense does need to pick up steam a little because the schedule gets a lot tougher. Good thing is that we always play well in December.

Carl Hodsdon Reply

At the 10 second mark is that Brandon Bolden that is shirtless in the background because his build is insane!!!!!!

    420xSomewhere Reply

    Yup! Thats why he goes by “Hulk Smash!” He’s a _beast_ !

Smitty Smith Reply

Love my squad Patriots

Bendix Kunert Reply

Great to see the brotherhood. It will lead to great things down the road.

    Paul Williams Reply

    Bendix Kunert ya a 7th Super Bowl Ring

Teresa Bonner Reply


Ian Winslow Reply

David Andrews a true leader. In the locker room after every game even though he’s out all year. Go Pats!

    Daniel Casey Reply

    I’d like to see if any new England fans would like to donate one of their lungs to Andrew’s so hopefully he can take back center duties hahaha

Dominque White Reply

Love the quip “we don’t celebrate number 2s around here” and how every one is smiling and laughing as Slater is saying it as if they already know 😂😂

Breakermp Reply

Did we hear Brady comment “ we don’t celebrate number 2 here”. Even when joking around, he still wants to win

Jamie Fullton Reply

Slater is so underrated. This man is such a leader on and off the field. He deserves so much respect.

Jeff Wairi Reply

“I dont know we dont really celebrate #2’s out here”

Brady going for 80k yards confirmed.

    Daniel Casey Reply

    If he plays another year after this and Brees doesnt, the record is his easily

Almer Adrovic Reply

The Pats defense is absolutely unstoppable this season

Tosh T Reply

After losing Trey Flowers, Trent Brown, Gronkowski *_and_* six coaches, I predicted before the season that the Pats would go 12-4. Even with everyone on IR, this team is exceeding expectations. Blowing them out of the water actually. Pretty crazy.

    Paul Williams Reply

    Tosh T I believe the Patriots go 14-2 and win Super Bowl 54

Patrick St. Pierre Reply

“I don’t know if we celebrate number twos around here” – Tom Brady

southchum101 Reply

No straight man would turn down a blow job from Tom Brady…that’s how famous he is.

Nuclear Reactor Reply

This team needs to make a trade for OBJ or A.J. Green already. Then, it would be nice for Gronk to return in November or December.

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