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Did drew Bledsoe call Tom Brady sweetheart? Awwwww


    @Sir Weedle waitttt is this really a thing???

    Joseph Savoie

    @JaySw34 They are pretty good friends. Even go skiing together.


    Nice profile pic 👊


    (My outfits better tho 😂)

    Wayne Dejnak

    I have been so impressed with the class of Drew Bledsoe.

Oliver Sølberg

The intro with Tom was just perfect LOL

    Casey C

    Comin UP!…On All Access

Meandrous Phoenix

Tom with the hat! lol


Dorsett has great hands and awareness of the ball. Really special.

    Anthony post

    Yup that’s his father

    Wayne Dejnak

    @Anthony post Great – that is encouraging. Let’s hope he has a productive career with the Patriots! 🙂

    BlaZe Blob

    @Anthony post they are not related. Tony dorsset only has 1 son and his name is anthony.

    Anthony post

    My fault I was sure I read they were related maybe it was referring to his Tony’s son of the same name idk but I’m wrong

    Wayne Dejnak

    @Anthony post that is very gracious of you. After I read your reply I went online and asked the question. While we all have to be wary of any answers we get from an internet question but Tony Dorsett did have a son who played in the NFL but it was “Anthony” in 1996 on. When I was in the USAF, the Dallas Cowboys were on often and I learned to like Tony Dorsett and the Cowboys. Take care.


I really hope Brown plays on Sunday I’ve been excited to see him play for us all week 🐐🐐

    Stal Zemsty

    @Day Be Trippin Yeah I don’t have instagram. I’ll google it and see what I can find. All the analysts are going on how he’ll be put on that list once they talk to that woman. Lots of drama for sure. Have a good weekend man.

    Day Be Trippin

    @Stal Zemsty you too man. But yeah it would be illegal for the NFL to do that to him since it’s a lawsuit and not a criminal case

    Stal Zemsty

    @Day Be Trippin Yeah I just read that he won’t be on the list because There are no charges laid against him. Well, time will tell and we’ll see what happens. Hope Sunday is a decent game and not totally one sided.

    Day Be Trippin

    @Stal Zemsty facts


    Browns going to absolutely rape that Miami secondary

Marty Brown

let’s go pats♥️♥️♥️🔥🔥

Casey C

LFG! Great show guys

Joseph Savoie

Week 1 prediction Pats 31 Pitt 17 (33-3)
Week 2 prediction Pats 42 Miami 13
AB 6 catches 75 yds 1 td.
It’s also great seeing Bledsoe still being involved in this team. I remember when he was drafted and Parcells took over. They really did help turn around this franchise.

    Nellybo knockdown

    Good prediction

    Jonathan Smith

    Joseph Savoie Bledsoe became a whiny kid angry he was no longer leader. Petulant is a more accurate description. He was actually hoping Brady would fail…great teammate. Lmao. I threw away my signed Bledsoe plaque with Washington State rookie card.

    Joseph Savoie

    @Jonathan Smith That was dumb. Should have tried to sell it. He helped Brady far more than any starter had to. You heard Favre on Rodgers. It’s not his job.

Austin Ahern

What a great win in the Season Opener!!! Let’s keep it going!!! Let’s go Patriots!!!

Frank Vogel

Can’t help but notice this isn’t the full broadcast version of ALL ACCESS. Disappointing.

Michael Ransom

Something I’ve noticed is each Capt is like a mini coach on the field and sideline. Truly amazing

Chupatwo Chupatwo

BROO that Gordon TD was amazing! couldnt help but laugh watching the replay

The Uncle Drew

I can’t even see the Dolphins getting on board. If anything it’ll be FGs with the way this D looks. And now with AB on the offense side. I expect NE to get a TD every drive. Especially if they play man to man with no help like they did last week. Drags and Go routes all day


Bill was way too enthusiastic talking about Miami’s “playmakers”. He knows they’re about to blow them out. Pats aren’t playing around with them

Jeff Bernor

7:04 David Andrews (on IR for the season and not playing) is shirtless in the locker room hahaha


you can see with on sidelines the captains are coaching on the field. i guess bill giving them some freedom to change plays on field. true championship team.


Pittsburgh really earned that “terrible”

Ethan Pond

“Love is the reason the New England Patriots win football games.”


Great program focused only on football I dig it

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