Patriots All Access: Inside the Ring Ceremony and Minicamp Recap – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
couture apples

Wassup pats


Woohoo let’s go pats!! We’re still here πŸ˜‡ thanks for spoiling us fans


    &y amen to that.. we are truly spoiled!!

Death Machine

Super Bowl Champions Baby

    Super Bowl LIII Champs

    Death Machine top of the world baby!

    Adrian H. Dragan

    What A Revelation 13 ; 3 !!!!!!!!.
    LOWEST EVER SCORE IN A SUPER BOWL!!!Am a 49er for life but was cheering for The PATRIOTS in this ONE ! Bravo Brady and Bunch ! Am publicly offering all THE PATRIOTS TEAM ( COACH AnD MY SISTERS THE CHEERLEADERS included ) a One Hour Massage ! This Shall be a DRAGAN SUPER BOWL POLICY from now on that each year WILL give a ONE HOUR ( The Duration of a Football game ) massage to ALL
    Am Now Officially Candidating For Me TO BE THE PERFORMER AT SUPER BOWL 54

    VAlex 3

    You’ll need more πŸ† emojis next year

Austin the nfl fan gamer Singh

Let’s go David Andrews


So many amazing moments. This could be at least 2 hours long

keandre jackson

Mr. Kraft has a huge house if they had the ceremony in his backyard

    Nick18 M

    Barbecues must be lit with wilfork as the cook

Rob Roberts

Born and raised a Patriot fan in NE and I thank God everyday for it. Go Pats! I can feel #7 coming. I will never forget any of the guys that were on the squads that took us there each time.

Miguel Castillo

Brady isn’t even happy about getting his 6th ring, he’s more happy and shocked it’s the biggest he’s ever seen lmaooo

Joe Kozma

I never forget B.Bolden knocking out that colts player during the 2014 playoff afc championship game.

Patrick Oppong-Sekyere Mensah

“Oh man, I mean it took me ten years to get this ring and if the first one is the biggest it means more to me……”


I love the, “Keep it high and tight! You can’t be on the field if it isn’t high and tight!”

Super Bowl LIII Champs

Love this team, this guys worked so hard and deserve this moment, super bowl champs once again

Jus Josh

You know Kraft got money if he built that in his backyard 😭 amazing how it was all done in 3 weeks πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Jus Josh

Can we please lock VanNoy for a long term contract?


Good to see Brandon back

    Thiago hoyer

    kurt1618 he’s just another guy. Last year the running game did not miss him at all. Rex, Sony , jimmy white.

Brady Btw

Let’s go pats and our strong starting teamπŸ‡±πŸ‡·

Joe Me

The McCourtys takin care of Mama and becoming NFL royalty….PRICELESS!


There should be a Patriots TV so hiys like me can watch all day and get pumped for this season


That is really cool. As the Dire Straits once sang; Brothers In Arms. Good for the Mccorty brothers!


Belichick has 8 Rings. WOW

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