Patriots All Access: Free Agency Preview – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Patriots All Access: Free Agency Preview

In this edition of Patriots All Access presented by GEICO, our analysts recap the Combine and break down the state of the team, as free agency approaches. Plus, we travel to North Carolina to get an inside look at Stephon Gilmore’s offseason routine, and who he trains with may surprise you. All that and more on this episode of All Access.

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Call of duty 21 Reply

first view

Chancy Reply


Shviko Reply

amazing video I really liked it

Shviko Reply

great content you deserve more views

Captain America America Reply


Maddox Borden Reply

Sixth comment 6 rings!

Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguez Reply

Cut Cannon insert Cayuste
Cut Rex sing Lewis
Sing Jameis Winston
Sing Jimmy Graham
Released Chung

    Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguez Reply

    @Waterdragon4456 1 why?

    Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguez Reply

    @Jose Lopez i don’t think so

    David Money Reply

    @Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguezthe players you are cutting are better than the washed up bums you are bringing back…and Jamies winston like to throw as many TD to the opponent as his own team…you got to do better than that but nice try. Maybe the jets, bangles, or panthers would like them washed up trash players.

    Waterdragon4456 1 Reply

    @Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguez imo hes better

    Daniel Who? Reply

    I can see OJ Howard being an asset. But Winston? His TD/INT ratio is abysmal. As for the rest I have no comments. We can do better than that.

- Blythe Reply

Brady is not coming back and so many others will be gone.
Collins, Van Noy and Thuney will be a huge loss among others.
This season is going to be a nightmare. 👎👎

    kyrie junior Reply

    Well see

    kyrie junior Reply

    All those guys u named can be replaced expect brady

    Josh Wipf Reply

    Thuney is sooo underrated he was ranked second best at his position

    Tyler like minecraft Reply

    They needto keep van noy and thuney the both are so underated and if they let them go they both can actully turn out to be powerhoues so i say keep them.

Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguez Reply

If i’m Bill i trade my first round this and next year, two 3 round and next year 2 round and even Gilmore to the Bengals and draft Joe Burrow. What you think?

    Jose Lopez Reply

    Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguez Tom Brady needs offensive support

    forty one Reply

    I would definitely do that if I was the Bengals gm

Peter Karel Kraus Reply

Stidham has NEVER EVER played in cold weather. He was one of the WORST picks in Patriot history. DUMP HIM. Hoyer and Cassel wete better picks but they SUCK. GET PTPIEN. YOU REFUSED TO GET LOCK. GET RYPIEN DAMMIT

    PoepPiggy Gaming Reply

    @Chris Shook omg everyone in here is honestly slow, the preseason is a time to get to see how they do and on him first preseason he put up great stats. No, he’s not perfect or even considered an average qb in the NFL but he proved that he has potential and is starting in a good spot and it’s dumb to get rid of him and he will continue to grow as a qb

    Chris Shook Reply

    I will not judge Stidham on the preseason or what he did in the 4th quarter of that Jets game. I will judge him on what he does during the regular season where Defenses are blitzing and going all out and are trying to fool him.

    PoepPiggy Gaming Reply

    @Chris Shook That’s pretty much been my point and people are judging him too early and they haven’t really gotten to see how he is yet

    john boutwell Reply

    Something tells me this guy is leaving with Brady. Well bye. I hope stidham does well. I believe in him. Brady was great cause he had an offensive line that gave him an hour to throw the ball

    Chris Shook Reply

    @john boutwell a lot of the time the Pats O’line was average at best. Brady got rid of the Ball fast which is they looked great.

Tyler like minecraft Reply

They need to keep all of thoe guys and cut chung, cannon, burkhead, and williams then get a decent free agent safety and quaterback. And if worst comes to worst get rid of watson

David Money Reply

Everything the Bellichek led Patriots do is low class and questionable. From sneaking around, cheating, now not even offering brady a one year deal he could live with. Bellichek is just a low level human being.

    Daniel Who? Reply

    Lol okay.

John Ta Reply

What a gorgeous couple – the gilmores.

Guillermo Isaac Falquez Reply

Love the content, love my Pats but wow Megan O’Brien is the worst

Thor Reply

Pats era is over, Chiefs era has started!

    kyrie junior Reply

    Hell no 😭🤣🤣 they ain’t winning this year

john boutwell Reply

They offered Brady one year and for less than what he made in 2019. So it’s obvious that belicheck don’t want Brady anymore. So who we getting lol

Wayne Dejnak Reply

All Access is one of the very best sport shows (in all sports) that we enjoy. Here is to a great 2020/2021 season!

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