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Hector Rodriguez

Patrick Mahomes is the Stephen Curry of football


    i think it was a biracial joke guys

    Xavier Willis

    @EMANeleVenElevEn so averaging 30 points a night is getting locked up, and lets not forget that neither one of them guarded him by they self, they both had help… so gtf outta da comments when you kno nothing


    Every single Mahomes video there’s SOMEONE saying this.

    We get it. They’re both bi-racial. This is a tired take.


    @Xavier Willis He wasnt double teamed. The marked him one on one and he choked

    Dreadie C

    @MRTUPAC 28

    Football you can only win once a game in the playoffs. I’m pretty sure if the pats had an best of 7 series they have 10 rings now.. In my opinion.
    Brady is Michael Jordan..
    He was drafted 6 round 199th pick.. Michael Jordan got cut from his Team in high school..

    LeBron was hyped coming into the NBA out of highschool , everyone knew who he was ..
    Besides, Brady doesn’t throw his teammates under the bus and gets his coaches fired like LeBron does…

Bucci Preme

They had us in the first quarter ngl

    Queefyqueefster Mcqueef


    Kylan Joseph

    Lol I was gonna comment this. U should’ve seen how many Mahomes doubters came out the woodworks. And I say this as a Panthers fan

    Derek Smidl

    @Kylan Joseph I will NEVER doubt!

    Bill Quantrill

    Good thing the game is four quarters long.


    Why is this resurfacing

James Jackson

Just leave the MVP trophy in KC. Geeeesh. one quarter…4 TDs??? smh. This dude is a BEAST!!


    @John Bazaldua Are you?….

    Theresa Turner

    Last time I checked a win is a win and for all these raiders fans don’t go away mad just go away

    J M

    This is Brady’s year. Mahomes will have to step aside for the next eight seasons until Brady retires.

    Timo Cruz

    @Arthas Menethil lol tore them up twice last year. And spare me the “tom won the game”… he has to go against KCs trash defence… Patty is going toe to toe with Bill Belichick.


Only true chiefs fans know we couldn’t have lost to the raiders

    kemari brown

    Francisco Esparza-Cortez well that was when he had Alex Smith as soon as he got Patrick it was bombs away and then we won a playoff game then lost to the patriots but nowadays you doesn’t lose to the pats🤷🏽‍♂️….

    Raider nation#R.I.P AL

    @Lance Handy the thing is will we ever win the division


    Chiefs Kingdom1 thank you!

    Spencer Doupe

    mirYT TRUTH


    Spencer Doupe ik

Rock Lee sad

Demarcus Robinson is cooking raiders DBs

    Derek Smidl

    He did last year too!

    C B

    Yea he’s a regular Raider killer.

Just Cruz

I ain’t even a chiefs fan, but when I saw they were down 10 I was like “yup, Chiefs gonna win it.”

    Bret DeRuse

    @Manny Man good point man but its Gruden shouldve kept feeding Jacob’s

    Anthony Legero

    @Manny Man lmao don’t listen to the jackass’s I’m a chiefs fan and it’s obvious y’all improved you’ll win games this year and y’all are 10× Better than the dolphins.

    Ace Ventura

    Bet the refs pull the same BS as last yr
    The pats get 3 calls that were made up
    So the S bowl will be bigger. A audience


    They’re like the warriors of the nfl

David Edwards

LOL dust your shoulders off young fella

Insatiable Landon S.

Could you imagine him on that team with Priest Holmes and Dante Hall??!?

    Dymond Piper

    @Christian Mcconnell honestly… that would so tough. Tony vs Travis, Kareem vs Priest, tyreek vs Dante, Green vs Mahomes. That would’ve been such a good game to watch.


    Imagine if he had Dwane Bowe…. Bowe was posting big time numbers with bum QBs

    Kulateral Beatz

    Can you imagine if he had the defense that had Derrick Thomas on it….Now that’s a dynasty

    Josh Grimm

    And Tony Gonzales 😳


    Dante hall? You just gonna disrespect Tony Gonzales? Dante hall wasn’t even that big of a threat as a receiver

kagiso segami

that arm must be a gift from Zeus himself striking fear into DBs all over the league

    QuarterBacking 32

    kagiso segami 💪🏽💪🏽


He spent the 1st QT getting use to the ugly field, that’s all.


    Jason Douglass He was talking about how cool it was to play here, cause his dad played on this same field.




    😂😂 fr wtf is that field 💩


    The NFL makes all of these safety rules and allows teams to play on a baseball field. HS football teams dont even have to. Embarrassing.

    Cali World tv


Todd P

The best QB in the game is Patrick “The Prophet” Mahomes.

    Marcolas Timmons

    @Trev Mac time goes on.

    Marcolas Timmons

    @Trev Mac Joe Montana? Oh you’re desperate. You’re one of those.

    In the game…… best….. mahomes.

    Joe Montana hasn’t played football since I was in grade school

    fluffy marco

    Todd P Agree with you completely


    ​@Trev Mac Hey genius, one is in the past tense and the other isn’t. All he’s saying is that in time Mahomes will also have a legendary legacy if he continues like this. Relax, no-one’s taking anything away from your precious Brady.

Arthas Menethil

Mahomes was having target practice with those receivers who were torching the raiders secondary. Especially in the 2nd quarter. And Derek Carr after the first quarter looked like 💩.

all we had to do was follow the damn train CJ

“I’m Patty Mahomes and I shoot real good”


Every receiver on the Chiefs is going to have a breakout game every week

From The Sideline _

Like = Mahomes
Comment = Tom brady

    Cassius Joseph

    Chris Piper I’m really looking forward to seeing mahomes development

    But Brady going for his 7th ring not first

    The Life Expert

    But its funny why are we even comparing the two Brady has been in the league for a long time. Mahomes is like what a 2nd year starter. dafuq

    LeSean Walston

    *Amount of likes = Mahomes fanboys
    Brady SUPERBOWL appearances = Amounts of comments

LiveWireRed B.

Mahomes changed the qb position. This dude is crazy.

    Anthony Legero

    That’s why he is the next Jordan to the sports world he is literally changing the way the most difficult position in sports is being played while at the same time also changing football as a whole when he’s done he may be the biggest sports icon we have ever seen.

    stéphane A

    @Anthony Legero Calm down and take your meds.

    Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguez

    Andy Reid the real MVP

    Timo Cruz

    @Jean Carlos Rivera Rodríguez so why couldn’t alex Smith do anything close to this? Child please….


He would’ve had 500 yards had the 72 yard TD pass not gotten called back

816 Street Scene

If it wasn’t for that holding call he would’ve had another 72 yard touchdown…but we won’t talk about that.

    Joshua Leyh

    It was a thing of beauty, but the hold call was legit. I’d rather have McCoy hold than Mahomes get clobbered by Burfict.

    fisher foster

    Joshua Leyh that is true. Rather taking a holding call than a cheap shot by that piece of trash

    mike miller

    for real though.35-10 looks a lot better than 28-10 against the raiders. plus mahomes wouldve been 500 yards for the day and chiefs wouldve had 3 receivers over 100 yards for the game.

    Josh Grimm

    It was definitely a hold unfortunately. But if he didn’t hold him, Mahomes would’ve gotten laid out. No need for him go get hurt.

    C B

    @mike miller just holding them to 10 regardless of what the offense scored was a big win! Chiefs D looking much improved.


Stephen A Smith: Mahomes can pull up from 30


LMAO he making NFL defenses look like the Big 12.

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