Patrick Mahomes Lobs It to Sammy Watkins for the 68-Yd TD! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Jalen Ramsey and the Jags defense looks like they are in mid season form already 😂😂😂.


    @Johnny Wolford it’s better now, but beginning was atrocious


    @Jags Nation nah I got y’all defense on fantasy.

    Mike Blick

    Jags D is probably still good. Chiefs offense is just built different. All time great offense

Lonnie Pratt

Why the guy trying to hit the ball after getting into the in zone. Lol


    @Aon Doe He made a play. TD KANSAS CITY

thatguy youkno

Surprised he didn’t celebrate early and get tackled right before the endzone

    Jacob Vasquez

    Haha I laughed to this one😂

    Keaden Wheeler

    I remember that😂😂😂


    What do you mean he started to at 0:10 but seen how close the jags player 😂


Jags: “oh man, this is going to be a long game”

    Phoenix Comments

    Almost all the games are blowouts lol.

    Lil Green bean

    El-ahrairah season*


I heard Sammy was looking good this offseason but damn, he just took all their ankles!

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Something tells me I’m going to get -20 points for starting the Jags defense


    @Tastyquicksand – #DailyNFLVideos well 40-10 how’d that work lol

    Shawn Christianson

    Tastyquicksand – #DailyNFLVideos he ran for a TD thank you very much and still put up 300 yards


Mahomes and Watkins are packing heat already. I love it

Devon Rhodes

Where the flag for the dude smacking the ball out, dude just mad he got beat 😂


I’m a chiefs fan and my friend said Sammy was good and I said naw he’s washed up….umm…ima head out

Agent_WestCoast A

This is the Sammy Watkins I knew from Clemson and prime Bill’s days.

    Michael David

    I’m sure we all had him benched

    Evan Merwin

    @January Bears same

    BrocktheBoxer Pup

    He’s only 25 years old too. Crazy. Claims this is the healthiest he’s been since year 2


    Soooo what your saying is hes past due for a foot injury 😂


Mad respect to my boy Watkins, keep ballin on em!


Jags season is practically over. The defense that was once Elite is garbage now, and Foles just threw his shoulder out.

    Hector Rodriguez

    Wish the Eagles keep Nick


    there rookie suprised me lol

    Harry Harris

    Gardner Minshew II disagree

michael mars

Maybe Sammy Watkins will finally get to show his full potential. He’s so lethal

Justin Davis

Fantasy experts: “whatever you do..dont start sammy watkins this week”


    I started him lol, I knew they were wrong

Timothy Sims

Oh boy Sammie is back. Watch out NFL. Go Chiefs!!!

Jacob Preciado

*Mahomes throws 68yard td pass to Watkins
Jaguars: ight imma head out


If Sammy is back. Amd his mind is back to playing football. The chiefs are going to have a special WR core

SADES North America

CBS needs to take the L this game for losing power in the last quarter.

Adam Holubar

Everyone saying this was all Watkins, yes he did a lot of the work but keep in mind Sammy wasn’t Mahomes first read, Kelce was! Kelce was covered so Mahomes stood in there, hung in the pocket and took a shot! That’s his job, get the ball to his play makers! Go Chiefs!


I like how the title says “lob” but it’s an 8 yard bullet pass lol

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