Patrick Mahomes’ 374 YDs & 3-TD Day! | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Patrick Mahomes’ 374 YDs & 3-TD Day! | NFL 2019 Highlights

Patrick Mahomes was nothing short of stellar with 374 yards and 3 touchdowns in Week 3. The Baltimore Ravens take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL season.

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Andrew Kyle Reply

Patrick Mahomes is the future of the NFL, he might be the next G.O.A.T

    I am ZAE Reply

    @define crazy yeah now imagine if mahomes had belicheck and randy moss.

    backpackkid Reply

    He already is the goat

    Itzzz Dibly Reply

    If we can’t call him goat right now we can still call home next goat or future goat

    I am ZAE Reply

    @Itzzz Dibly mahomes is the goat. I wish people stop correlating goatness with champions for an 11 vs 11 sport. Question for everyone here.. Who would YOU rather watch or have on YOUR favorite team.. Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady. Give me mahomes ALL DAY everyday. I love my quarterback Carson Wentz (eagles fan) but the ONLY qb I would trade him for is pat mahomes and its no knock on my guy. Mahomes is just too good.

    Kvng Jay Reply

    He will eventually become better than Brady

MRTUPAC 28 Reply

Patrick is on his way to a 2nd straight MVP season and hopefully a Superbowl ring. Rivers on the other hand is on his way to yet ANOTHER ringless season.

    Gage Chavez Reply

    Dayvien PLAYZ id rather be like Montana, undefeated in superbowls and not have to cheat 😂

    Josh Grimm Reply

    And they said the chargers are winning the west this year 🤣🤣🤣

    Israel P Reply

    @Gage Chavez

    You’re an idiot

Emperor Palpatine Reply

This dude is not slowing down at all

    Eshwar tangirala Reply

    Emperor Palpatine hes 24 why would he slow down

Emperor Palpatine Reply

No sophomore slump for this guy. What a stud.

    Shawn Christianson Reply

    Emperor Palpatine He isn’t officially a sophomore but yes it’s his second year as the starter so I can understand what you mean.

    Dayvien PLAYZ Reply

    Can’t wait for him to go to 9 SB like my boy TB.

isaac Thao Reply

People were acting like Patrick would forget how to throw a ball and Andy would forget how to draw up plays

    Mike Roagression Reply

    mahomes will regress and throw 4999 yards and 49 tds

    DeAndre Brooks Reply

    @Dayvien PLAYZ yeh after a 19 yr career, so not sure why Brady is the topic in this video, mahomes is

    Ajax Blvd Reply

    Regression is why

    Tiffany Todd Reply

    What regression are you referring to?

    His yardage output? Which is higher than last year at a pace of 398 yards per game?

    His passer rating? Which is also higher at this point than last season as well?

    Or maybe you were referring to his completion percentage? Oh, i forgot, thats also higher than last year at this point.

    Touchdowns? Yeah, you’re right, hes only on pace for 60 this season, not 70.

    Ajax Blvd Reply

    Tiffany Todd almost every year players regress back to the mean. Manning went from 49 TDS to 28 the next year. Its unheard of in any sport for a player to be HoF dominant back to back years.

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career Reply

dude will win MVP this season again.

    Dayvien PLAYZ Reply

    Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career cool, hopefully he goes to 9 sb…

    Juan mc Reply

    @Dayvien PLAYZ i love Brady but you áre anoying af

MtgLion Reply

I drafted Mahomes in the first round of Fantasy. He’s winning me games.

    doosh canoe Reply

    @Gage Chavez RBs are not as consistent as an elite QB like mahomes

    MikeyD503 Reply

    THANK YOU. Everyone called me crazy too. And now they watching me put up 150 a game

    Tyler Reyno Reply


Gabe Kapler Reply

Lamar should take some notes. All he did today was overthrow receivers by 10 yards

    Dayvien PLAYZ Reply

    Gage Chavez you cracked the code coach! Now every team is going to do the same thing and win as much. 😂😂

    Gage Chavez Reply

    Dayvien PLAYZ Not every team has arguably the greatest coach ever

    Jim Baker Reply

    Gabe Kapler that’s been Lamar’s struggle since season 1.

Anthony Mendez Reply

Lamar Jackson is looking like he’s going to be this year’s MVP.

Patrick Mahomes: Hold my beer.

    TheReal NateDogg Reply

    Jackson needs to chill out with the running. He won’t ever reach Mahomes level with yardage because he runs more than he throws

    Th33 Flash Reply

    @Dayvien PLAYZ so TB12 is definitely GOAT, but this is a Mahomes video, and you need to get his nutz(2) out of your mouth

    Acorn Fed Reply

    Anthony Mendez Only really uneducated people ever thought Lamar Jackson was remotely in the same realm as Mahomes

    Anthony Mendez Reply

    Acorn Fed That’s true. Lamar has been looking impressive, but he’s not on the same level as Mahomes. I knew the Chiefs were going to win this week and Mahomes would outperform Lamar, so don’t think that I thought otherwise.

Jorge Gaytan Reply

The Stephen curry of the NFL

    eric jeff Reply

    @COLLECTOR30 Mahomes has physical abilities that Brady can only dream of.

    With regards to comparing Steph to Jordan, you have obviously never seen Jordan play if you are making that comparison. Jordan is better – no comparison.

    Acorn Fed Reply

    Jorge Gaytan steph isn’t this money

    Sw0nk0 Reply

    Hes nothing like Steph… Hes more like the LeBron of football with that Howitzer of an arm.

TknUdwn Reply

Pfft these are rookie numbers for mahomes…

Breakglass Dawkins Reply

Did the other teams get that film on Mahomes yet?

Must be lost in the mail…

    Breakglass Dawkins Reply

    Lol. Hilarious

    Nuidog Reply

    They forgot to renew their NFL Total Access subscription.

    Breakglass Dawkins Reply



    my name is this Reply

    Hey all of you haters of Patrick Mahoms just sad that the chiefs has a great QB and Patrick Mahoms is on the front cover of the
    20k20 game.

    Breakglass Dawkins Reply

    @my name is this


tom jackson Reply

The chiefs are the only team in the afc that can challenge the pats

    drew jackson Reply

    Dayvien PLAYZ dude stfu Brady is a product of the best coach ever his arm is trash

    TuaOurSavior #FinsUp Reply

    @Phil Swift 🙄

    richforeverken ! Reply

    @Phil Swift Brady also have the best defense in the nation and bill belichick. We’ll see

RAD TV Reply

Literally revolutionary as a QB. Mobility and Arm Talent = Multiple MVPs

    Austin Huffine Reply

    The nfl should start scouting mlb players 😂😂

    shigsho Reply

    Needs to win a SB in his first five years.

    Razatiger Ault Reply

    @shigsho hes gonna get one this year

    autistic Hockeyguy Reply

    shigsho doesn’t matter if he ever wins a SB. He’s the most talented to ever play QB already

Mr. Bond Reply

1:41 that is just too good. This kid is next level. Wow

thenewjord50 Reply

Mahomes about to go super sayain or even ultra instinct on his pose in the thumbnail

Luca Brasi Reply

Mahomes – Making NFL Great Again!

00 00 Reply

Am I watching baseball? He throws the football like shortstop for baseball. Touch pass, got it. Laser on a rope, got it. Going backwards, sideways, hurried, got it.

    BrutalA Master Reply

    00 00 well you know, he use to play baseball so they say

    Meat Rubber65 Reply

    His dad was a pitcher in the MLB

    Kevin Coggins Reply

    It’s like how I like NBA bigs that have played soccer, volleyball, etc. – helps footwork and contesting without jumping forward.
    Mahomes baseball skills translate to the field for sure. He’s so freaking creative.

Austin Huffine Reply

This is without tyreek hill….

    C B Reply

    And without starting RB, and without the starting LT

Curtis 23 Reply

About to be a 2x MVP.

Tyrek hill hasn’t even returned yet

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