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Patrick Mahomes’ 3-TD Day | NFL 2019 Highlights

Patrick Mahomes finishes the day with 378 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Jacksonville Jaguars during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL season.

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No days off Reply

Even the dirty play from Jax couldn’t stop Mahomes, different year same result #MVP

    Cameron Reply

    @Delonte West Wishing for anyone to be hurt any reason is petty af

MRTUPAC 28 Reply

This kid is going for another MVP type season. Jalen Ramsey is going for another season of getting burned by QBs.

    Adrian Barnes Reply

    @Hector Rodriguez defense suck

    Friends Of Red Demi Reply

    I see someone else who doesnt know football if you’re acting like Ramsey got torched last year lmao

    Nuidog Reply

    @Adrian Barnes Nothing why? Thats the name of the user I was responding too. the GOAT TOM Brady is the guys user name lol

    Corey Sova Reply

    @Nuidog not just that they have a great team

zmon 8426 Reply

Picking up where he left off

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career Reply

he was limping earlier, but that did not slow him down. Mahome’s amazing.

    mike miller Reply

    it slowed him down though indeed. he was 311 in the first half, then second, he only had 60 some yards and wasnt scrambling much. just imagine if he wasnt hurting. was supposed to be a 50-60 score game, but mahomes was trying to get too fancy early on then got hurt, and didnt play the last possession.

    YoungJB Reply

    He rushed to the tent got it wrapped up then went straight back to the field and demanded to be put back in. Moore had his helmet on and was about to start. Mahomes dont play around

    C B Reply

    He threw for over 200 yards and another TD after getting it taped up!

V R Reply

Mf had like 300 passing yards by halftime lol Pat just different
UPDATE it’s saying he’s questionable with an Ankle Sprain???

    El-ahrairah Reply

    He should be fine. As long as its not super bad (which if it was he wouldnt have gone back to playing… maybe it got tweaked when he came back, but it didnt look like it), he should be fine by the next game. They’ll have him do some hot/cold baths and shoot him full of the legal steroids he can take and he’ll be fine.

    The He Reply

    El-ahrairah they play the raiders next week also so maybe u can play him for like the first half and if he’s still feeling a little hurt u can just put Moore in and still probably win

Kupo Stiltzkin Reply

And last week they were comparing mayfield to maholmes lmao…get real espn…Mahomes on a whole different level

    Blake Denton Reply

    No duh. That’s why he beat out Baker in college for the starting position

    ur mom is lesbian Reply

    GetRichorDieTrying I’m sorry but mahomes is much better than wentz but wentz is a great qb

    Matthew Ryan Reply

    @BB Clover 2010 Max Kellerman?

    BB Clover 2010 Reply

    Matthew Ryan what?

    Matthew Ryan Reply

    @BB Clover 2010 he made the comparison you did. Everyone is starting to think alike. A Favre with fewer INT’s.

El-ahrairah Reply

If Mahomes keeps doing what he is doing, and Watkins keeps doing what he is doing, Watkins might be considered the best WR in the game by the end of the season.

Sean Williams Reply

40-26 not bad for an unhealthy mahomes and with our quickest receiver gone. On to the next CHIEFS KINGDOM !!!

    Sean Williams Reply

    Hail Odin ur right I should do the same

    Hail Odin Reply

    @Sean Williams plus mahomes sat out most of the 4th. Again stat padding when we eased off. They didnt show it on tv so I guess people didnt see how relaxed they became. Made the jags pissed like a frustrated toddler

    Sean Williams Reply

    Hail Odin that’s true didn’t even think of it like that.

    David Rudger Reply

    You don’t count stat padding so the score of the game all of a sudden changes it is what it is has nothing to do with what you like it don’t like 😂😂 Chiefs fans are getting almost as bad as Eagles fans.

Queefyqueefster Mcqueef Reply

Lol Mahomes is a beast, glad I picked him up on my fantasy

    Mainstream Naruto Reply

    Same got a whole 27 points

    J. Carson Reply

    What a great name 😂😂😯

The Real JR Smith Reply

Haters (also known as Patriot fans) said hes a one year wonder. 😅😆😅

    Katten i ̈Slakten Reply

    @HardikG121 appreciate that. That lost made me hate Brady even more and respect Belichick even more.

    savage Ramsay Reply

    @Noris Malele i think he can be like tom Brady

    C B Reply

    Mostly heard that from Raiders, Broncos and Chargers fans…

Philly Prince Reply

And he’s only 23 😬


Favorite player, he is so damn good

Robert Quesada Reply

Have to keep it real, Chiefs Superbowl bound. Raider fan.

    mike miller Reply

    not with that performance on defense

    Anthony Legero Reply

    @mike miller lmao wtf are you talking about are tackling was perfect and we completely shut down the run Fournette couldn’t get anything started also had 2 turnovers that’s literally all we need to beat anyone in the league.

    mike miller Reply

    @Anthony Legero so giving up long td passes and catches, 26 points, and over 400 yards of offense is production to you? then u expect them to have a chance with the patriots? to a rookie backup, cmon man

    mike miller Reply

    @Anthony Legero and fournette’s been a bust since he joined the nfl. never averaged at leat 4.0 per carry since being a jag.

Brock Herr Reply

Everyone talking about mahomes, but what a day for Sammy Watkins

    TheKillerAwokeBeforeDawn Reply

    Definitely happy for the Lizard King!

    David Rudger Reply

    Thank you for giving somebody else from the team credit I never hear anybody do that. Respect 💯

    Wayne Wood Reply

    Sammy is fully healthy. He’s hungrier now more than ever.

Breakglass Dawkins Reply

No more no-look passes Mr.Mahomes.

You are good enough without it

Todd P Reply

Patrick “The Prophet” Mahomes is THE best QB in the NFL.

    Steven Chavez Reply

    Stop calling him a prophet is the best in the league but don’t disrespect GOD like that mahomes ain’t no prophet!

    Todd P Reply

    @Steven Chavez Patrick “The Prophet” Mahomes

    Steven Chavez Reply

    @Todd P weirdo

Luca Brasi Reply

Even Stevie Wonder can see that he’s the future goat

JS Mahan Reply

Mahomes is the only reason I turn on the TV to watch NFL. Making the NFL great again!

James Mull- Adkins/ Gamertag - LEgNDofMrRaGER Reply

The two dislikes are Myles Jack and Jalen Ramsey.

    Mike Roberts Reply


    P. J. Casselman Reply

    That’s because they only hit AFTER the play is over. 😀

BingeFest1 Reply

Chiefs are only hope of stopping the Patriots from reaching another Super Bowl

    Mike Roberts Reply


    Adrian Barnes Reply

    @Mike Roberts shhhh

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