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The Word

As of right now,
I think I like the potential of Brian Flores and Chad O’Shea.

Patrick Graham……not so much.

Dolphins 2021🔥

I have hope that we beat bengals and redskins and Maybye jets and I also have hope that we can be a 10 win team next season if we get like 8 good draft picks and one of them better be a HOF


    Yeah right

Sharrod Ford

I’m not sold on this guy at all


By the time we get better every day and good enough to put on a good showing the season will be over

Eye Test Sports

He’s clueless PATRIOT mole

Steve Mason

We should’ve NEVER gotten rid of Cameron Wake that was our Best Rusher by far since Jason Taylor & Zach Thomas! This Season No one can’t Get A Lick Of Pressure Towards The QB! Can we just move on to the Draft? #PhinsUp🐬

Mike Pelligrino

All these coaches are friggin pathetic!


Dolphins draft plan 1st draft players the gm & coach’s love 2nd get rid of gm & head coach 3rd the new head coach gm & head coach remove these players 4th get players they like 5th get rid of new gm & head coach round and round we go hamster wheel still in motion since the Jimmy Johnson hire

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