Patrick Graham on preparing for Baltimore in Week 1 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Will Elliott Reply

Go fins

Mike G Reply

Nice to have a coaching staff with a bunch of super bowl rings. I know the Belichick cast offs haven’t done great, but each coach is different. I trust these guys more than crazy eyes and his clueless defensive coordinator Burke.

    Clarence Sanders Reply

    Just knowing that our coaching staff is committed to doing their job instead hanging in the amazon forest …no disrespect to people taking vacations but come football season I prefer coaches are there to see that these guys are catching on to the system in place.

    Ryan Minnis Reply

    Yeah preseason made it so obvious all 3 of our new coach’s are huge upgrades on Gase Burke and Gase (OC)

    Ryan Minnis Reply

    Clarence Sanders dude that always bothered me so much about Burke…… I get it if your doing your job well go do whatever in your free time off season Burke always struck me as a guy who worried more about his Instagram then winning games and adapting and changing his scheme when its getting killed

    Watchmen Andrew Reply

    @Ryan Minnis Right they r actually making solid tackling. Its nice to finally see that.

    stanley smith Reply

    May have to rethink that thought. We looked unprepared, tentative and clueless on Sunday against the Ravens.

We Got Next Reply

We know what Ravens gonna do alot of read options alot of running the football alot of throwing the football to the tightends and play defense.

    Ryan Minnis Reply

    We Got Next Probably but this isnt Joe Flacco so mayb less TE passes

Karen Setzer Reply

Trust Coach Flores plan and to get others to execute it. The demeanor and work ethic of the
Dolphins 🐬 changed as soon as he landed in Miami and he’s as tough as they come. It’s a process. Compete, play and WIN for each other. 🏈

Mike Pelligrino Reply

Grier and Flores Dumb and Dumber

    Ryan Minnis Reply

    This guys always trollin I dk about that Tunsil deal though especially the timing I would guess we could get that haul for him at any point but mayb not. Mayb they just know what they gonna do with those picks already.

    robert walker Reply

    You got 2 first round picks and a second for a LT that hasn’t made a pro bowl yet ..that’s a good deal to me ..first round picks are valuable ,we can trade one of those first round picks and get a proven pro bowl caliber player in this league

    Ryan Minnis Reply

    robert walker great idea bring in a pro bowler like Sitton oh wait that didnt work

    robert walker Reply

    Ryan Minnis Flores didn’t bring sitton in

1392FinBear Reply

Graham doesn’t feel there are any leaders on defense… wonder if that’s what he wants or just because they didn’t expect Jones to still be on the roster. But in case you’re wondering where the money is going….Jones and X…these two players takes up large majority of money spent on defensive players.

Ryan Minnis Reply

I think hes focused on Baltimore 🤣weird hes so focused when our idiot fan base and beat writers think we are going 0-16 and tanking I hope we smoke Baltimore and then Brady week 2

    Watchmen Andrew Reply

    Howard would shadow Brown. It would be sweet 2 see 2 elite players going at it.

    jaymackify Reply

    Yeah, This comment hasn’t aged well 😂😂😂

Out of many One Reply

There’s nothing better than a coach Loving what he do! #GoPhins

Losferwords Reply

This guy is a DC? Looks and sounds like a Deli Clerk

Jessaca Brunt Reply

Sounds like a Patriot Press Conference.

Teresa Slone Reply

Dolphins 20
Ravens 16

    Terrance McCray Reply

    Right with ya!😉

    jaymackify Reply

    Dolphins 10
    Ravens 59

Chief Bubba Reply

Disrupt the quarterback
Stop the run
Get sacks
Score touchdowns
Move the ball down the field

Tyler Matiu Reply

i hope the phins do well this year and upset some teams but not week 1. good luck for the season phins fans #RAVENFLOCK

Ron Reply

I get not answering questions but don’t get butthurt when your own words are being used now from the last time you made yourself available for interview. You hyped up Orchard Carradine Taylor Hendrix and now they gone and brought in some scrubs who are lower level than the guys you just cut and now you don’t want to talk about it. Wilkins Godchaux Charles Harris or Ledbetter didn’t get after the QB with any regularity the guys that did and got penetration are not here now.

Joseph Bryant Reply

Getting better everyday?! Yall got worse!

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