Patrick Chung, Phillip Dorsett & Jason McCourty wish the Bruins good luck – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

First Like…GO PATS!

Zhiah Tarlue


Damarys Dingui

I don’t watch hockey..
But I wish the Boston Bruins the best.. You are almost there to rise up that Stanley Cup..
Go Bruins..🖤💛🖤
And of course go Patriots..💖

Hassan Nayfeh

Bruins in 7

Blitz for six Productions

Go pats I love my patriots!!

Rey Ramos

Well boston is aiming for 3peat … good luck…

Tom Brady And The City Of Champions

If the bruins win there is no excuse for the celtics there needs to be drastic changes to coaches and maybe even GM

    Jay King

    Wtf are you talking about? The Celtics need to fire the coach and gm,but the players that actually play the game..youre good with them? Kyrie Irving is a cancer,maybe you want to start there fool…js

    Big White Duck

    Jay King yeah it’s all Kyrie haha I bet you wanted Tatum to be the number 1 option after last years playoffs.

Marcos Olguin

Good luck bruins no doubt you will be champions!!! And of course go pats number 1 team in the NFL!!!



Peter Karel Kraus

Go Pats.. 👍😁GO BLUES! They are due!😛

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