Pat Surtain II on becoming a Bronco: ‘It’s a very exciting’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Stephen H. Smith

woulda liked justin, but before all the deshaun watson stuff happened i had wanted surtain to join. congrats to the man, defense gon be stacked


    Who cares. It’s an offensive league. 5-12.

    Jase Cook

    @ササミヤ hate much?


    @Jase Cook realistic much** feel free to come back here after the season, when we’re 5-12.

C4N3 Clan

So excited for Patrick good luck

Joshua Rodriguez

Those some badass hats fixin to order one

Riley Malloy

Welcome, attitude kind of reminds me of Talib. I loved Talib. Welcome!!!! DB4L

Riley Malloy

He said broncos nation… ooof 😅

Rick Allen

Take 1/4 of the field and kiss it good-bye!

James Williams

This is a good draft choice by the Broncos.Broncos drafted the best CB in the Draft.

Ray Gunn

This was a great pick! Go Broncos! As prime time would say “21 reasons baby”

Erik Ramos

Welcome to Broncos country Surtain!! You a real one!!


Your boy about to ball out this season 🔥🔥🔥


    @Mike Nificent ask the coach

    Josh Barber

    @Mike Nificent piss off dude we ain’t just gonna compete we are going to win jackass we ain’t doing that just to make it closer

    Pumped 999

    @Josh Barber lol ima come back to this comment when y’all still trash


    @f̶a̶k̶e̶b̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ he’ll be CB4 for at least a year. This pick won’t do anything for years. Trash pick.


    2 of our starters have issues staying healthy and 2 aren’t under contract next year (as well as Kjack).

    Even if they stay healthy he’s gonna see the field as a 5/6th DB in sub-packages (Fangio runs nickel/dime 75% of the time). They never asked him to at Alabama but there’s no reason to think he can’t have inside/outside versatility. That combined with being a good tackler, Fangio is going to make sure he sees the field.

    We’re going to go from a secondary gutted with injuries all year to likely the most stacked and versatile secondary in the whole league, not a bad problem to have. He’ll likely be our CB1 (and a very good one) for the next decade. I’ll take that over a gamble. And I hope people don’t look past the fact that he can be a weapon this year, you can match him on the inside with guys like Kelce/Waller. Even with all the speedsters we need some size at CB in this division.

Patrick Surtian II

Honestly I’m glad I came here and not the Cowgirls or Eagles.

    Stephen H. Smith

    @nick torgeson the fake rookie accounts


    @Chris we have a quarterback tho. Good luck with bridgewater and lock.

    Jay Baron

    First off Congratulations Mr. Patrick. Welcome to Bronco Nation. You sir were the one I really wanted in the draft. As a man in his 40s lol. Im super excited. Denver’s Defense is stacked. And as Mr. Teddy Bridgewater’s as QB 🤞with Mr. Jerry and Mr. Sutton. Plus so Many Others Great Players on this Team. It’s going to be A Exciting And Awesome Season This Year. One last thing. Mr. Von, Mr. Chubb. 20+ sacks this year babies. Go Broncos💪🏻💪🏼💪🏽💪🏾💪🏿💪


    @nick torgeson that’s not actually Jerry Jeudy. It’s someone role playing him.


    @Revokevo57 exactly. We got trash QBs.


we’ll work on that Bronco Nation part sooner rather than later haha

    nick torgeson

    @Brogan Chapman yeah we suck more than Dallas thats why we got him and yall dident lol

    Brogan Chapman

    @nick torgeson what a stupid comment. We suck because we didn’t get Surtain??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    nick torgeson

    @Brogan Chapman no yall suck cause u don’t know how to use your players dak would be really good if the coaching and head office were better Dallas has the key parts just need to work on using them the right way

    Brogan Chapman

    @nick torgeson 🤣🤣🤣 Dak has been good. Unfortunately, some players on our team got paid and they haven’t shown up since. You know nothing about Dallas bro.

    Spike Films

    @Brogan Chapman why 40+ million per year for Dak???

Domaneak Smith

Great pick 🔒 down Corner

yemon sills

Pat going be great. I like him. I not surprised we didn’t draft qb because we like left overs. I hope drew is the answers.

    Wardell M.



Hard to hate on the kid. He might not be the QB a lot wanted but the guy has a good chance to be better than his dad who was a 3 time bro-bowler. Sky is the ceiling for this guy. He’s a ball hawk which is what we need.


    Nice. Sky is the limit for him, cool. Now 20 points is the limit for this Broncos offense. 5-12.


    Lmfao you sure you don’t work for the Broncos marketing team?


    @Ali I still wanted us to take fields but I also think Surtain is going to be a force for our defense for a long time. His pro comp is Aquib. I’m very worried our offense is going to be medaling again this year and waste a top 3 defense all while Fields looks like the truth in Chicago

Brady White

Seems very serious and confident. Very exciting! Great luck to Patrick!


Seems like a great kid. I wanted Justin, but I’m warming up to this pick


    Will you be when the defense is pissed off and divided from the offense because the offense sucks again, creating more locker room problems?

    Matt from Wii Sports

    @ササミヤ lol thank goodness somebody like you isn’t on a team cuz the only way i’d see locker room problems is having you in there

Dylan Wheeler

Number one defense when its all said and done. Lets go baby! Welcome Patrick gonna need you man 🙏🏼

Francisco M.

Felicidades Pat Surtain llegas a un gran equipo, saludos desde México fan#1 de los Broncos de Denver.👍👏

lil rice picker

Honestly I’m happy with this pick our secondary is stacked but man Fields was sitting right there for us lmao

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