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Slothy Man Reply

Cam’s oline plays for the opposing team

    VMohdude - Reply

    Rico Suave well no one said never, but it isn’t fair to him that he has to scramble far more often than other qbs

    Chris Reed Reply

    The first play cam folded.

    kangaro jack Reply

    Yea I pay them too

    Peter Kay Reply

    Cam had 10 seconds to get rid of the ball on the play he got injured.

Ethan Pond Reply

“SO SEXY.”- Zo.


    Rob Host Reply

    Ethan Pond real talk though, Brady can still put some zip on his throws still. Don’t expect anymore mvps from him, but I think he’ll be better than last season and of course a Super Bowl is always possible with him

    Ice J Reply

    Rob Host everyone in the training camp has been saying that brady has much more throwing strenght, we’ll see in the season

Escocivo 30 Reply

The Panthers O-Line is killing Cam.

    Samuel Liriano Reply

    Gus Goose imagine calling a mvp overrated off of three drives in preseason

    Peter Kay Reply

    Cam had 10 seconds to get rid of the ball on the play he got injured.

    Samuel Liriano Reply

    Peter Kay yeah but how many times have we seen cam turn that into a first down? He’s not a pocket qb he’s supposed to scramble and make plays

    Peter Kay Reply

    @Samuel Liriano But if he wants to keep playing he needs to learn to get rid of the ball faster; whether he finds a receiver or throws it away. McCaffrey is open on every play. Dump it to him.

    BB’s Moviedrome Reply

    Not really, Pats pass rush is BEAST this year. Give it up son!

Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career Reply

Damn. Carolina QBs just can’t use playaction passes since their o-line is so trash.

    southpark 981 Reply

    The Panthers had there starters out there 2. Which is why im mad. Because we addressed the o line in the off season and supposedly improved it but they look arguably even worse this yr

    Setsuna Reply


    evilcharacter Reply

    Scottie Pippen Carried Me In My Career lmao

    Peter Kay Reply

    Cam had 10 seconds to get rid of the ball on the play he got injured.

Day Be Trippin Reply

New England’s defense looks scary this year. And Tom looked great.

    Chase Merchant Reply

    @Hokagetunes lmao+ii1iqiqjqjqhhqbqvwbwb www

    kangaro jack Reply


    Turrell Ford Reply

    @Ryan But look maybe that true or not when it’s crunch time who better then brady in the 2 min drill no one better then him but if you watch the highlights you can’t tell me that brady got better and his throwing the ball faster and harder

    Punka Pie Reply

    @William Pickarski
    I don’t blame him for that miss last night. The rookie punter Baily was holding for him..and in the replay you could see he turned the ball laces in, which totally threw off the kick. Hopefully they work on that more. I agree tho Gostkowski is making me nervous..he needs to shed the rust and be the kicker we know he is damnit,

    Ryan Reply

    ​@Turrell Ford and I’m not taking that away from him either but you can’t say he hasn’t fallen off… he’s still playing well in his 20th season but he’s nowhere near early 00′ Brady as far as physical performance.

da314pcdon Reply

Do the panthers have a GM? I swear the have the same issues every year

    D Cash Reply

    @Kelz Supreme Thats a lie. Gettleman horrible af.

    Day Be Trippin Reply

    Gentleman ruined the panthers

    D Cash Reply

    @Day Be Trippin thank u

    elbeno Reply

    Tha panthers are in trouble and I don’t wanna hear about it’s preseason..

Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos Reply

Patriots leaving Brady in for 2 quarters in preseason? Am I dreaming?

    Angel Valle Reply

    it was a dress rehearsal gotta get reps with the young guns.

    Henwin Reply

    Tastyquicksand – Daily NFL Videos He played the first and then finished the drive that went into the second

    Mark Mowery Reply

    JONATHAN JIG what drugs are you on?

    Elijah barber Reply

    Meyers and brady just need more reps and meyers needs to play against number 1 and 2 corners more they are a alot tougher than what he been playing against

    gary jackson Reply


Tastyquicksand - Daily NFL Videos Reply

1:45 “sexy throw right there”

    Nikninja Reply

    Best moment of the game

    Gus Goose Reply

    Sexy catch too!

    Dying Star Reply

    Tastyquicksand – Daily NFL Videos That was so cringy lol 😂

    Lashawn McConago Reply

    TB12 running the ball at 42 years old he’s such a G.O.A.T 🐐 Patriots Nation 🔵🔴 Lucky7 I just love my PATS!

Dustin McCord Reply

Offense may need some work but defense looks great! Today was a defensive preseason game

Sway Vee6 Reply

Michael bennett looking good with 3 sacks

    Roadrunner Reply

    I miss Bennett already.😥😥

    Mark Mowery Reply

    Sway Vee6 Bennett just cant stay with a team😂😂😂

    Sway Vee6 Reply

    Mark Mowery I hope he does good with the pats he looks promising so far

    Good Bye Reply

    Look how much likes a false comment like this gets. Just goes to show most people watching aren’t the brightest bunch. I wonder if they’re from the patriots side or not lol

lspr215 Reply

Cam back there doing the salsa. He in trouble if this how they gone block this season.

    Donell Blocker Reply

    @68Camaro RS/SS Brady don’t get hit the way cam does either

    68Camaro RS/SS Reply

    Donell Blocker Brady’s has a torn ACL, numerous knee surgeries, took his team to the Super Bowl with a broken thumb, and his football IQ is higher than Cams…I think 2 years ago Brady took the most hits out of any QB in the NFL…are you implying Cams a better QB than Brady??

    VictoryRoad04 Reply

    Always the O-line’s fault. Cam can’t read a defense. He couldn’t see Van Noy running right at him

    Peter Kay Reply

    Cam had 10 seconds to get rid of the ball on the play he got injured.

    Nick Baker Reply

    @68Camaro RS/SS cam is a great person outside of football. There should be know reason to hate him.

Cruorem Reply

Cam’s OL has a life insurance policy on him.

    ASAP V Reply

    Cruorem weak 😂😂

    Blaze up Reply

    an accidental death policy is what they have on him. notice how they are trying to make it look like an “accident” lmao

    StealthTigerASMR Reply

    d1chosen973 the left was covered

    Peter Kay Reply

    Cam had 10 seconds to get rid of the ball on the play he got injured.

BeastMode 21 Reply

Hope Brandon King is alright and Cam Newton. Hate to see injuries hopefully both aren’t serious

    Yo Momma Reply

    BeastMode 21 it’s a sprained ankle he’ll be back for week one

    Johnny SCHAEFFER Reply

    Brandon King is probably out for the rest of the season

    WaffleEBay12 Reply

    King’s injury looked terrible. They got half the team coming out on the field to send him off.

    Larry B Reply

    He has a torn quad

    Angel Valle Reply

    torn quad season likley over.

The Dynasty Continues Reply

Jesus our defense looks good.

The NFL has a Patriots problem.

    You know where I like it... Reply

    “Patriots are supremacist fascists” – A liberal somewhere, probably.

    JuFro743 Reply


    elbeno Reply

    @MRJ2012 exactly

    Peter Kay Reply

    @MRJ2012 Belichick and Brady have been in 9 Super Bowls – every one went down to the 4thQ.

elfofcourage Reply

Kellerman said Brady would fall off a cliff
Brady responded, I AM THE CLIFF!
Also, SEXY Brady throw. X3

    Lashawn McConago Reply

    Patriots Nation 🔵🔴🐐

    Angel Valle Reply

    brady played catcher he threw that seam like a strike to 2nd base!

    DreGonnaDre Reply

    GOATs live on cliffs

    Angel Valle Reply

    max ment cliff diving in costa rica after another sb win 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Steffen Samlal Reply

    That throw was nice not sexy

Brendan McGuinness Reply

The pass rush is insane! . . .

Or the o-line is garbage

    c k Reply

    Your a fantasy (fake football) fan. Go play Xbox

    Omar Gomez Reply

    Both, Pat’s d-line been looking good all preseason and Panthers O-line been looking bought off all preseason

    Animesh Gandhi Reply

    I’m leaning toward the garbage O-line.

    Hec III Reply

    @c k sounds like someone wasn’t allowed in a league.

    MVP Material Reply

    @c k *You’re

Charles Oliver Reply

It’s no way this will be Tom Brady last year he looks good he’s the greatest Go Patriots

    Averted 8 Reply

    When i became the sun.. wouldn’t be laughing, ppl said this last year and look what happened

    Lashawn McConago Reply

    TB12 = G.O.A.T 🐐 Go PATS 🔵🔴

    Shawon Reply

    @Shizelfizel1234 nah bro that’s Brady for you. he will get the 7th ring and then be hungry for #8. we’ve been saying he’d retire after #5, then #6, now #7. i hope he goes to at least 8/9 until he retires lol.

    Shizelfizel1234 Reply

    Shawon you know what man, if you’re right and we get 8 when he retires I’ll come in and kiss you dude

    kangaro jack Reply

    Shizelfizel1234 that’s what they said for the last 2 rings , he’s getting 8 am calling quits

Theodore Dancy Reply

Tom: Fall off a cliff, is Max’s crazy. Did you see that lazer, Brady to Iszo, at 42 classic yeah!!!!!!! get at me homie.

    Lashawn McConago Reply

    TB12 🐐 Go PATS 🔵🔴

    Thetruth99 Reply

    Dude just rushed 3 yards for the first down in a completely meaningless game. TB is the goat for sure

Damocles Reply

Damn!! The goat is looking good. He’s got some zip on that ball.

    The SIMPLE Supply Reply

    Yea Cam is looking great. Keep Pounding

    Angel Valle Reply

    cam looked like the trash qb he is 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Concerned Citizen Reply

    @Joseph Begin lol Cam is the sack monster

    Cam Reply

    Joseph Begin would be funny if it was true

Manvir Sandhu Reply

brady can prolly play till 60 and still be better than half the qbs in the NFL – coming from a 49ers fan

    Angel Valle Reply


    Dijon Psalm Reply

    If Tom plays until 60 they’ll remove sacks from Football as a whole.

    Gohan With Down Syndrome Reply

    @Dijon Psalm


    Concerned Citizen Reply

    @Dijon PsalmTom reminds me of George
    Blanda. In his senior years at oakland, playing for 26! years, “Immediately after the winning field goal, Raiders radio announcer Bill King excitedly declared, “George Blanda has just been elected King of the World!”” I remember watching a game as a child when my Mom, a raiders fan, said that the Oakland team would have dissasembled to the man, any team that harmed a grey hair on blanda’s head, lol

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