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Escocivo 30

Kyle Allen is the future! He murdered the Cardinals D!

    ray ray

    Escocivo 30 against young cardinals🙄wait till he plays top notch defense😉😉

    William Handy

    @beebop shopbop I love how internet thugs talk all this Yam… I guarantee to when you in his face you’d be singing a whole different tune.

    Mike Shinn

    Intercepting Fist Wrong, several passes in traffic. The TD pass to DJ Moore across the middle was put in a tight window AND in a spot where he could get yards after the catch. Also the pass to Curtis Samuel in the 4th quarter at the 2 yard line, defender was there he put it in the perfect location. You did actually watch the game?

    B.A.G 305

    And Kyle Allen has great vision to see those men down field

Evil96 69

Feel bad for Fitzgerald always dealing with a struggling offense

    Other TechLead

    Don’t worry for him, he’s happy with his career

    MONEY/SUCCESS 10Million

    Why is he still with them? Hes too good to be with a trash orginization

    Tre LeBlanc



    @lamont moss and you must be a either jerry rice or a billionaire

    Blake Horton

    Would be nice to have a line

Sir Weedle

Usually Cardinal Directions are north, south, east, or west. But there is no clear direction this time for the Cardinals..

    Going Off

    Cardinals are a type of Bird.

    Hey Jrostey


    Chadason McGraw

    @Steven Nieto I was going to say backwards was their direction in the 4th, but that’s what we get with the worst O-Line performance of the year.

    Michael Scott

    Cardinal directions?

    Jackie Pan

    A lot of the times Cardinals are considered holy people who worship God. These Cardinals are gonna need to start praying to get better.

Quasia Bz

I say leave Cam out until he’s 100% 🤷🏾‍♀️ . Kyle looks like he got it under control 🗣

    Fuck AmericaBurnItDown

    @Kevon Seymour #KS27 he may not be a franchise QB but Jake delhomme wasn’t either and he led us all the way to the SB. Yeah we lost but it wasn’t our offense fault. Jake held it down and I think Kyle can definitely do us some good against a higher ranked D you never know what a person can do until he’s challenged.

    Mel Delgado

    i agree



Jeremy Helms

Here comes the cam newton haters lmao good job to Kyle Allen tho

    Fuck AmericaBurnItDown

    Cam haters??? I bet you dress like him

    KEN G

    I’m a Panther fan, Kyle did a great job and as refreshing as it was to see passing tds this year, I’m not crowning him starter over Cam. When other teams get to plan for him it will be different trust me. Good win though.

    Shellekia Moore

    Jeremy Helms right🙄

    Tropic Mix

    @Jeremy Helms didn’t end that way

    William Holloway

    @Boo Thornton all those quarterbacks are great…..Super Bowl wins ……1……just saying.

Larry Legend is a GOAT

A TD and a 50 yard bomb were dropped. Unacceptable

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Marcel Sansalone at least they came out with the W

    Marcel Sansalone

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT yeah but in all seriousness they dropped 17+ catchable passes lol

    Larry Legend is a GOAT

    @Marcel Sansalone it doesn’t matter. All that’s important is that you guys won

    Marcel Sansalone

    @Larry Legend is a GOAT they* lol im a dallas fan. I just call it as i see it lol


Who thinks the dolphins are gonna be 0-16 this year


    I’m a Cowboys fan, and from what I witnessed yesterday. I would say the Dolphins will win at least 3 games with the current Qb. He’s not that bad. In My opinion

    Waylon Daly

    @Chris Foster hell no that was all cowboys u seriously think they could beat the boys if they wanted to? Whatever makes u feel better I guess lmao

    Let There Be Truth

    We don’t care it’s all about getting a franchise QB next year

    Other TechLead

    I also think the Cards are going 0-15-1

    Nino Bandz


Chris L

9/22/19. The official date of a QB controversy in Carolina.

    Eric B

    @Jeremy Helms Wtf did Cam do against the shitty Bucs? Kyle is our new QB until further notice.


    It seems to be a league of new Young bucks coming in. Unfortunately old dudes like Cam are getting put to pasture


    @William Littles Cam would have lost this game.

    Petty Ceddy

    @Chris L the Panthers went 11-5 in the 2017 season and lost 26-31 to the saints in the playoffs that was his last solid season it wasn’t that long ago..

    William Littles

    @starskeymaid Be careful about “knee jerk” reactions. Give this some time to play out. Cam is proven, and this kid, even though he played well against the Cardinals, does not have an extensive body of work in the NFL. When defensive coordinators have film on you, then things get more difficult.


#KeepPounding 💪

    Shemai Christensen

    Right here sir

    Green Man

    South Carolina 🌙🌴


    Right Here!!!!!!!

    Amanda Guillory

    Mac B Chill good luck with that

    Dmanpoke88 MovieGuy


Agera R

God Bless you Kyle Allen,Thank You
CMC I just wanna give you a Hug

Justinn Zamora

Have yourself a day, Kyle Allen! Congrats on your first win, Panthers.

    Kylan Joseph

    Lol guys he’s congratulating our team on their 1st win, not Allen. This honestly is his 1st true win, last year the Saints had backups

    Justinn Zamora

    @Kylan Joseph Thank you.

    Sports Fan

    Second win

    Alexander Rahl

    I don’t think some people can read Justinn.

    I’m A troll

    Kylan Joseph doesn’t matter a win is a win

Fingering Things

This O-line might legitimately get Kyler Murray killed


    @ramyanathaniel Kurt Warner

    Danky D

    Fr I hate O lines that don’t block

    K B


    Stork Body Movement

    Remember the offseason when Kingsbury fanboys were getting excited about this offense? There’s nothing innovative about what they do and disciplined pass rush keeps Murray in the pocket, where it’s on his receives to win on routes, which is hopeful considering the talent level. At least Kingbury is consistent with his college career.

RaidenTheMortal Gaming

Next game

Kyler Murray: “I’m announcing my retirement from the NFL

That O-line is horrible 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️


    brendon mcmillan Lol not even a cardinals fan and I could see kyler is pretty good, you’re just a blind hater

    Daniel Harrison

    @RaidenTheMortal Gaming David Johnson had 11 rushing attempts. Murray had 43 pass attempts. I would like to hear about what silly Madden game Kingsbury is playing. Its the NFL not a video game. That 4 to 1 ratio you are going to lose everytime. Panthers 24 McCaffrey 26 Allen. That’s called a ‘balanced offense.’ Since the dawn of time it has been needed to win football games in real life. Like I said Kingsbury thinks he is playing a madden game on xbox, but it’s real life. Those dline and edge rush backers have their ears pinned back all game. You have to run, then play action. Good luck pass blocking as an oline when your ratio is that bad and your qb does not understand what stepping up in n the pocket means.

    Jef Nguyen

    @zyzz zyzz At first I thought the same thing but what are you suppose to do when the pocket collapses all the god damn time because your o-line is garbage. So to keep his team in the game he has to risk getting a huge sack to try to make a play, just to keep his team in the game.

    zyzz zyzz

    @Jef Nguyen i agree the line trash but he should just throw it away if there’s a player right in his face

    Mr Sumo

    @Sharp_3yE bruh have you seen the on-line?????? It’s horrible

Real Life Gaming Entertainment

By no means am I cam Newton hater but I definitely think Kyle allen should be put in as 1st string atleast until cam is 100%

    Khalil Grier

    padywac1970 this guy was undrafted last yr and took starting job from Murray


    It’s all about the W’s in the NFL. If Allen can keep doing this, then there’s no controversy.

    zach deppa

    Well he looks good against the Cardinals because they have no defense…

    Eugene hofmann

    Ever since cam had that concussion 2yrs ago he hasn’t been the same at all

    Jim Watson

    How bout til If and When Cam earns his job back?

Tom Randle

About time we see the Carolina D apply pressure and speed

    Sleepy Head

    Cardinals just have a bad offensive line. They have worst top 5

    Ameer Rehman

    Sleepy Head “worst top 5” lol

    Bruce Bruce

    Without Cam, the defense is better because he puts them in bad spots and ruins their morale.

    David Lin

    the d could have been better. could have shut them to 10

    Alex Williams

    Sleepy Head no we just have a bad left tackle and when we take him out and let Greg Little play the OL looks a lot better.


Panthers looking good. What a wild NFL season it’s turning out to be…….I love football so much.

    Carlos Cortez

    It’s going to be a exciting season

    MONEY/SUCCESS 10Million

    Eli and Cam being benched. Antonio brown acting a fool. The browns being overhyped. The bills are undefeated. Brees and Rothinbeger are done for the season. WOW. At the end the patriots will win the superbowl again lol

Justin Ornelas

I’m not going to talk about the future but Newton’s pride may hurt more than his foot today


    maybe , but publicly he’s been nothing but completely supportive of kyle allen. cam’s got the biggest contract in NFL history, I’m sure he’s fine lmao


Panthers should be , 3-0 . But will take this W

    Kingman Highborn

    Refs killed us against the Rams, Refs and Cam’s foot killed us in the Bucs game. (I still say Cam got that first 4th down call though before the lightning delay and CMC got that first down near the goalline.)

    Stephen Brady

    @Asher105 Lost to Teddy Bridgewater. 😂

    Stephen Brady

    @Hamal Muhammad Cam played absolute garbage against the Bucs. He did ok against the Rams until crunch time but fumbled the game away like usual. We don’t need Super Cam with this team we just need him to hit wide open receivers, that’s it. If he can’t do.that go play for the Titans.


    Lol no

    Josh Rodriguez

    its ok to lose to the rams, but we should have beat the bucs im still pissed that we didnt sneak it, but it is what it is

Joshua Robinson

Great first win by the panthers. Hell of a job by Kyle Allen

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