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Brandz Reply

*Jameis Winston: throws 4 TDS in an upset win over the Rams*

*Also Jameis Winston: throws 5 INTs to the Panthers 💀💀💀*

    Phon Xieng Reply

    Brandz rams was a fluke

    Drippy Dave Reply

    Zenigundam not you again

    Nick Frey Reply

    Panthers got a lot of chemistry and momentum going right now if cam newton doesn’t come back they can take it into a real good season

    blownonpurp Reply

    Black Brett Favre.

XxHayesxX Reply

Like for Panthers
Reply for Buccaneers

    Jac ck Reply

    Silver Is The Name this video has nothing to do with them or the falcons

    UNO Reply

    Winston is a bust and a bum

    MSE Gaming Reply

    @Silver Is The Name no one cares about your disrespectful disgusting fans.

    Ethan Albrecht Reply

    Hell yeah Bucs finna win the title this year.

Evil Duck Reply

I see Winston is back to throwing interceptions

    John Davis Reply

    @Camehere Justtowatch I been sayin this since his last year at Florida st. He’ll always b nothin more to me than a homeless man’s Brett farve good athlete strong arm but accuracy isn’t great an makes too many poor decisions with the football that terrible offensive line doesn’t help matters

    andrew haywood Reply

    @DH K All this without Donte Jackson, arguably their best DB for interceptions. The D is scary and once the offense gets two starting OL back they will be more dangerous as well. I hope Cam gets better but if Allen was starting the first two games and not a hobbled Cam, this team might be 6-0 right now, at least 5-1.

    Matt Rowland Reply

    only when he’s being OBLITERATED by the defensive line! The Panthers had him seeing ghosts lmao

    andrew haywood Reply

    @John Davis Winston reminds me of a more mobile Jeff George, cannon for an arm, rock for a head. Spot on for the poor man’s Farve comparison, both force throws and Farve also caused some TOs that way but he could pull off tight throws more often than not. Winston, no Farve.

    John Davis Reply

    @andrew haywood ehh Jeff George is a little harsh Winston isn’t the cancer George was…. On the field anyway an that is y I called him a homeless man’s Brett farve in a vacuum farve had way better arm talent than Winston but their strengths an weaknesses are very similar

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

McCoy got more sacks this game then he did with the Bucs all last season.

    Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

    Yes. I know that’s false. But it feels like McCoy didn’t do anything on the Bucs

    Toitz V Reply

    Tastyquicksand – #DailyNFLVideos salty?

    vjgreen22 Reply

    He look at the Bucs sideline and said ” Hey guys do you miss me?”

    Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

    Toitz V – I love salt 🧂😋

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

Remember when the Panthers were 0-2 and everyone thought their season was over?

    joseph holmes Reply

    •NotClifford • you know we played the Texans right? And beat them!!! At their home stadium!!

    Matthew McCurry Reply

    Remember when we had an inaccurate QB that people overhyped bc of some plays when he ran the ball and never credited his top ranked defense?

    Steven Jackson Reply

    @Taylor Stiles lol

    andrew haywood Reply

    @•NotClifford • Real test at SF in two weeks. Don’t worry, the Panthers have a tough second half. @SF, @GB, NO twice, @Colts and Seahawks at home. I would be happy to come out of that stretch 4-2 or 3-3. The D though, only getting better and arguably the best DB on the team, Jackson, will likely be returning after the bye.

Josue Tejada Reply

There’s the Winston we know and love

    The God Send Reply

    LOL, yeah!Who else, but Winston, huh? 😄🤣😆😁

    Mariusz Bak Reply

    Bucs fan here and we don’t love that turn over machine at all. It’s why that stupid fuq’ will be gone next year…

    Matt Rowland Reply

    oh he’ll play fine again once he’s not facing the Panthers

    Paulo K Reply

    @Kieran Choi

    But he *IS* correct about that flamboyant fruitcake.

    CurbsideUnderwood Reply

    Underated comment

JustCallMeLuuf Reply

Me: let’s see how this game went
First play Winston throws a pick
Me: Oh, that’s how

    Nelson Pineda Reply

    JustCallMeLuuf cut jameis winston and draft QB Jake Fromm out of Georgia

10k Subscribers with no videos Reply

Winston played like me on all madden

    Slim Shady Reply


    aaron berhane Reply

    Yb Never broke again you never played all madden? I get usered all the time

    Crystal Monique Reply


    youngboss24able Reply

    Lol same here I feel ya on that

    Jack Salonsky Reply


Gseric47 Reply

Panthers pass rush were getting their paws on Jameis the entire game…

    Gerson Bernal Reply

    RaTedXtremeHardy not really, against the GOAT Minshew had 2 fumbles 1 for a TD and sacked numerous times

    Selby Hatcher Reply

    @RaTedXtremeHardy bio you trip.. he in shogun and before he has to time rock set the edge rushers have already turn the corner.. the Tackles are not the good

    Morgan Little Wolf Reply

    Damn injuries.

    Gay Mysterio Reply

    @RaTedXtremeHardy I think you need to watch the highlights again son

    Phon Xieng Reply

    Gseric47 that’s because he hold i ok b damn ball yo ping n isn’t good at scanning the feild

Eli Reply

Whoever this color commentator is sounds like Vince Vaughn lol.

    Muhammad Barokah Reply

    DonKrieg95 Caleb….. HENNNEEEE!!!

    Germane Habib Reply

    Just like Vince Vaughn for real….lol!

    David Garcia Reply

    I fee yah haha

    Doghouse Reply

    That’s kurt Warner your hearing

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos Reply

When you play Franchise as a QB on All Madden

    Jamaal Sq Reply

    Tastyquicksand – #DailyNFLVideos not if you’re a good player

    Bruce Bruce Reply

    @Jamaal Sq
    That part! LOL

    jUAN.T Reply

    All Madden is b.s all is you have face LeBron James in 16 game

Prison Bill Cosby Reply

I can’t believe people were actually starting to believe Winston wasn’t a bust. He is, I don’t think I’ve seen a better QB at throwing INT’s.

    Ian Jones Reply

    @Doug Carter lol Eli won two rings.

    Doug Carter Reply

    @Ian Jones I’m well aware of that but it’s time TO move on and let the younger guy take over NOW. I’m a loyal fan of the GIANTS AND PANTHERS ARE MY HOME TEAM I LIVE 35 MINUTES FROM THE PANTHERS STADIUM. HAVE A BEST DAY EVER. 😎👌

    Ian Jones Reply

    @Doug Carter yeah it’s 100% time to move on from Eli. Daniel is better. But Eli is better than Winston

    Sherman Dudley Reply

    No one is better at INTs than The Peterman followed by Eli

    Doug Carter Reply


diego lopez Reply

Only Winston can throw for 400 yards and still have 5 int😂😂😂

    Toons on Strings Reply

    Most of those yards where in prevent soft coverage garbage time but yeah…. Winston makes bad choices.

    OptimusCrime9900 Reply

    well technically, dak came close last week. should have been 5 ints.

    OneCheezyPizza Reply

    @Toons on Strings then you also need to consider 1 of his ints were on a 4th and 10 so he had to force the pass and the other at the end he had to try to force it in and anothet one of his ints was mostly the receivers fault

    Chris L Reply

    200+ of those yards came in garbage time when the game was already over.

    Jay Cash Reply

    Most of them were when we backed off in the second half. No idea why we did. We roughed up James in the first half. That was as good a pass rush I’ve ever seen in the first half

Brisn Doty Reply

the london fans yelling “LUUUUUUUUUUUKKKEE” when he picked off that pass….im so proud of you guys

    Matt Rowland Reply

    there were a ton of Panthers fans there. idk if they were traveling from NC or native

    whoop , Reply

    @Matt Rowland well efe being on the team does bring a good bit of fans

    SpongeBob NiggaPants Reply

    Brisn Doty what time stamp?

    Brisn Doty Reply

    @SpongeBob NiggaPants 6

    SpongeBob NiggaPants Reply

    Brisn Doty I’m surprised they knew were like that out there

Jonas Lenth Reply

Looks like “Famous Jameis’s Turnover Bakery” had an everything must go sale today.

    spiced Reply

    @John Davis Mike Evans dropping passes

    LiamYT Reply

    Nice comment

    CurbsideUnderwood Reply

    Hahahaha! You win the comment section!

    Phon Xieng Reply

    spiced he drop 2 Winston three 5 int stop with damn excuses

    spiced Reply

    @Phon Xieng Look at my profile pic, do I look like I’d defend the bucs? I was just saying Evans needs to do his job he could’ve scored a td

Sean Ward Reply

Who’s here for “Ooohh man ! bo bo with a big boo boo”

    Sean Ward Reply

    Buster Highman awww he hurt your feelings 😂

    J Dolo Reply

    @Buster Highman nah that was classic commentary bruh. He been sittin on that and BOBO delivered the BOOBOO 💩!!!

    Shun Dunn Reply

    Buster is a mad mutha***ker > Bo Bo with the big boo boo 😂

    J Dolo Reply

    @Shun Dunn that quote will go down in history with this pointless 5 int London game.

Chief Earnest Reply

Bruce Arians: Jameis, we have to take better care of the ball

Jameis: I got you coach

Next Drive: Throws INT to Kuechly

EagleofHeavyMetal Reply

“Bobo with the booboo”

Line of the season 😂😂😂

    prettynupe1911 Reply

    EagleofHeavyMetal I died 😭😭😭

aaron berhane Reply

Winston pulled an Oprah “You get an interception you get a interception and you can also get an interception”

    CurbsideUnderwood Reply

    Epic comment 😎

    HMDaGoat Reply

    aaron berhane @top.comment.god

Wangyu Vangaurd Reply

Kyle Allen: I’m pretty great at throwing to panther players!

Jamies Winston: Me to!

    crimsonknight1993 Reply

    Wangyu Vangaurd me too*

    Virtuous Women Reply

    Go Panthers 😁😁😁

    CurbsideUnderwood Reply

    Ha! Awesome comment!

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