Panthers vs. Bears Preseason Week 1 Highlights | NFL 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Ethan Freytag Reply

Montgomery is gonna be a beast!!

    Jay Els Reply

    Ethan Freytag yea Montgomery looked complete allready

    Tucker the YouTuber Reply

    Except on kick returns

    Jack Coolidge Reply

    Tucker the YouTuber he won’t be doing that during the season probably, we’ve got Cohen for punt and Patterson for kickoff

    Tucker the YouTuber Reply

    Jack Coolidge I mixed him with ty Montgomery my bad

Jamaal Noland Reply

Brian Burns looks great of to a impressive start. Excited for panthers football #KeepPounding

    JBG Reply

    His reaction time looks insane

    Alex Reply

    I’m super excited for him this season

    Slim 803 Reply


    DBeazRN 3 Reply

    I’m soooooo ready for some football!!!!

    godhulk123 Reply

    Remind us aldon Smith

ObamaisnextLincoln Reply

*Who else is stoked to have football back!!!*

    Fluid_JD YT ツ Reply

    ObamaisnextLincoln me

    Oziot Reply

    Oh, for sure. I’m more of a college football guy, but it’s great that football in general is starting to come back around.

    shawn bopko Reply

    the bears look overrated they have a bunch of no budes unsepted for roqun smith

    49erfaithful Reply


    Mikhail Washington Reply

    This guy

M.N.challenges Reply

Who else thinks Montgomery is gonna be great

    Big Pimpin Reply

    As a Iowa state fan I’m sad Miami didn’t get him

    Garrett Capps Reply

    Also Brian Burns

    palanch89 Reply

    pancake 119 lol hater

    CleanSenpai Reply

    Uh hello what about Brian Burns?

    confused Humanity Reply

    He certainly is showing signs of being very good 👍🐻⬇️

Sports 311 Reply

I can’t believe this, but football is back y’all

    Stan ezen Reply

    Unhide your kids unhide your wives FOOOOOOTBALL IS BACK BABY!!

    kekemay 55 Reply

    So.. not like u play on the team 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    RC RACER 88 Reply

    I like football but its only my 3rd favorite sport so i was doing fine without it

Tyler Hilgers Reply

Are we going to ignore that Bears player hit-sticking the other Bears player at 1:56 ?!

    Lo High Reply

    Tyler Hilgers lol

    TheManyFaces67 Reply

    @benny thagod foreal for not making that tackle hahaha

    Ten8yp Reply


    Mikhail Washington Reply

    Ikr he did it on purpose

slaphappy336 Reply

3:35 when u get c blocked by ur own guy 🙃

Juju Az Reply

As a PaCkers fan, Montgomery. Dam, he gone be a beast. Kinda like how Saqoun was his rookie yr.

    It's yah boyKe Reply

    Juju Az no

    Juju Az Reply

    At worst I say a lil Le’veon 🤷‍♂️

    It's yah boyKe Reply

    Juju Az he didn’t have any crazy runs I’ll say a lil joe mixon

Carter Olson Reply

David Montgomery out of my hometown team Iowa State has some of the best vision

EnoMaster Reply

1:57 That Hitstick on your own teamate is meme worthy

    ar Reply


    Grey Reply

    Bah gawd that’s Johnathan Abrams music!

    Aaron money Reply

    Probably that dudes competition lol so shitty

    Eric Reply

    Yeah dangg he got smacked

    PrecyseTheWise Reply

    But did you see the one at 7:16 tho?

James Hartman Reply

David Montgomery already lookin like a steal

forevermtown Reply

The two best players tonight were both rookies, Brian Burns and David Montgomery. as a panthers fan im super excited but bears fans should be super excited for david montgomery too! this season should be a fun one.

    Dino Vilardo Reply

    Your punt returner looked great to!

    Mikhail Washington Reply

    Yeah Montgomery is nasty

    forevermtown Reply

    Keith Dean yeah the switch to 3-4 was a good move and haynes is benefitting the most having been here already a year. if we keep 6 receivers im thinking godwin is the 6th, he’s been having a good camp and was doing so much in the return game last night.

    forevermtown Reply

    Zachary Connell facts, haynes is definitely gonna be be a factor with his speed, the switch to 3-4 was such a smart move considering our personnel fits more towards that

    forevermtown Reply

    Dino Vilardo he really did!

KingA Kingz Reply

And Chicago we have a RUNNING BACK!!! Welcome to the team Montgomery❤️❤️❤️

    Ten8yp Reply

    got a pretty decent QB thanks to the Tarheels of NC as well 😉

    Empowered CRB Reply

    Rush and defense back to the origin

    Andrew S. Reply

    @Natearl13 make the playoffs first

    Natearl13 Reply

    Andrew S. Last time we did, we could win in there.

Caleb Boyd Reply

#keeppounding oh how I’ve missed you Panthers football….

BuffLlama Reply

Just glad there were no injuries! So happy to have football back. Montgomery is going to be a BEAST!

360 Cam Reply

I was wrong on David Montgomery he not a poors man Jordan Howard at all 😭💯

    Dorian Powell Reply

    360 Cam why did you even think that David college tape will tell you that Jordan could never shake and avoid tackles like Montgomery or catch 😂

    Rich Brown Reply

    Much as I love Jordan Howard the change of pace was needed and I see Montgomery will fit better going forward. Nice!

    Juan Castillo Reply

    It’s the first preseason game… I wouldn’t go declaring everyone supersmart yet. Jordan Howard was a great back for us. It looks great so far, just ease up on it a bit. (I really hope hes a superstar tho lol)

Kingman Highborn Reply

Terry Godwin might be a dark horse piece to a playoff puzzle if he can keep making people miss and give Carolina good field position.

    Geion Reply

    Superbowl puzzle

    Mikhail Washington Reply


Tyriel50 Reply

Pretty enjoyable game for me Burns and holyfield looked good, Little was also pretty solid as well and Haynes seems comfortable going into year 2 the bears also have interesting prospects in Montgomery and Whyte. Look poised for another playoff run.

#Keep Pounding

maedele lawhorn Reply

Holyfield made up for that fumble



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