Panthers Defense Racks Up 2 Sacks, Holds Winston to 208 YDs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Cam Newton stops offense with 3 completions 💀

Aaron Brutus

I dont know what the NFL was thinking making this their Thursday night game. Very hard to watch on both sides. Bad running, bad passing, bad blocking just. . .bad.


    Not to defend NFL’s scheduling (they’ve made so many terrible matchups to count on Thursday, outside of some games last year, and Monday nights recently), but this was exciting on paper, at least before the season when the schedule comes out. Carolina looking to avenge last year’s collapse with a potent offense and a solid Luke Kuechly-lead defense vs. a Bucs team with the return of Arians and adding Suh in hopes to return to relevancy. It was sloppy, but it’s not as bad as other Thursday/Monday night games they’ve shipped out.

    The Meme Boi

    Aaron Brutus they did this so that the Bucs would go against the division rival and they couldn’t come up with anything


I would say this was a defensive game but nah, it was only the Panthers offense that was off rhythm

Tastyquicksand - #DailyNFLVideos

Gave me 2002 flashbacks

    Elijah Mitchell

    Tastyquicksand – #DailyNFLVideos that’s how far back you guys have to go 😭😭😭🤣


    @Elijah Mitchell At least we have a point to look back too, or should I say, at least we aren’t Chargers fans.

Speedy Tezz

And still lost


Really NFL? You put highlights of losing defense before highlights of the winning defense. You’re a joke just like your commissioner!

    Papa Willy


    Ally Andreini

    Gregory Abat

    The bucs don’t get any respect by the NFL. It’s always been that way. Just look at the bucs schedule. The other one was did you see the spot in the third quarter? The ref blatantly moved the ball forward, giving the Panthers a first down they didn’t get and then refused to let the bucs challenge the spot.

    Gangway Calvary Badboy5d

    Actually the offense was selling the game (Panthers offense)

    Wesley Bryant

    @Elijah Mitchell You take yourself too seriously calling dude out like that lol smh

Avery Horvath

Intern is gettin fired for the title

Ryan Estrada

But still allowed the bucs to win!


this video is titled like sacking winston twice and holding him to 208yd is an achievement to be proud of. it’s like, cmon, this is jameis winston we talkin bout here..

    Truth Liberator

    The Panthers defense played a lot better than their offense. Watchu mean. And Winston looked like a starting NFL QB. Looked better than check down Alex Smith.

    leek the king

    Jameis also had two drop TDs tooooo

Benjimayn Vai

Really? Thought Bucs defense deserve a highlight after that performance. Barrett + the last play. Surely. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    Chandler Mooney

    3 sacks, a fumble recovery, held McCaffery to 53 yards, and a 4th down stop to win the game. Definitely deserves it more so than the Panthers D.

    Mohit Garg

    I think cam being so garbage overshadowed the bucs defense



Jake Olodakun

The fact that you lose to a Tod Bowles led defense & can’t even score ONE TD ! Just automatically lets me know you aren’t going to the playoffs that’s one & two you owe that defense an apology for messing on yourself all over the field it stinks of 3 completions

Rodrigo Ramirez

“Holds Winston to 208 yards” 💀

أشلي بوبي

Where’s the bucs defense highlights?


CMC had 37 rushing yards… Shaq Barrett had more sacks than the entire Panthers D…. This is utterly pathetic.

Uncle Quan

I’m a Panthers fan… and I can honestly say the bucs deserve a defensive highlight more than we did. They had three sacks with one player and held us to no touchdowns


That boy Luke got me 28 Points !!😭

Legend__ 21

Lmao why are y’all showing highlights of a team who lost?…everything they did doesn’t matter cuz they LOST…give the bucs some credit smh🤦🏾‍♂️


    Legend__ 21 FR LMAO

    Go Buccaneers


    Legend__ 21

    @Subtle Indigo I never said they would lose the season.. my uncle is a Panthers fans so I always root for the Panthers, but it’s not fair to the bucs that the Panthers still get glory highlights like they won…bucs played a better game and the main point is that they won

    aaron berhane

    Legend__ 21 Bucs and Titans are underrated

    Legend__ 21

    @aaron berhane facts bro💯


Wow 2 sacks and holds opposing QB to 208 yards and 20 points? Very highlight worthy

Nick Jackson

Put some respect on dem bucs Defense they did they thing mane💯💯


Why are they showing Panthers defensive highlights? The Bucs defense allowed 4 FGs…

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