Panthers D Lights Up London w/ 5 INTs | NFL 2019 Highlights – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Panthers D Lights Up London w/ 5 INTs | NFL 2019 Highlights

The Panthers defense dominates Jameis Winston in London. The Carolina Panthers take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Week 6 of the 2019 NFL season.

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William Brosnan Reply

Keep pounding 🔥

MRTUPAC 28 Reply

Winston was handing out interceptions like flyers for a party. That interceptions gene in his body is strong.

    KiL1Z v ha ha Reply

    I’m weak 😂

    mrcooldeadly85 Reply


    Gamer Boi Reply

    He was great in college but he also threw alot of INT

Gamer Boi Reply

No one:
ESPN: winston is a top 10 QB

    mrcooldeadly85 Reply

    Wonder what they’ll say on Mon.

    regulator Reply

    I think it was only that clown max, he loves to generate headlines because he knows nothing about football

    XyonbyEditØr Reply

    Max is always a prisoner of the moment. The biggest bandwagon. Winston has always been trash

Connor Heet Reply

Looks like the Famous Jameis Bakery is back open, tossing out fresh turnovers daily!

    Dooky Reply

    Are they L shaped, cause he’s certainly not eating any Ws.

Taprman Reply

Anyone else see that stupid “travel er” bot account?

    Deuce06 Devin McKinney Reply

    Taprman yup

IonlyROBwhite DrugDealers Reply

I hate to say it but we look 10x better without overthrow Cam🤣🤣😂

Jay Calloway Reply

Panthers’ Defense eating them Apple Turnovers

Bormannator Reply

Famous Jameis lives up to the nickname. He’s a famous bust.

PoloNoLogo Reply

5 INT 2 fumbles 1 lost fumble lmao

    vjgreen22 Reply

    Add six 6 sacks to that total and what do you get?

    PoloNoLogo Reply

    vjgreen22 ez dub for panthers

    Chancellor Asher Reply

    PoloNoLogo now that’s a highlight real

Max Rothgaber Reply

When your first pass of the entire game is a pick you know you’re trash

    Cn Sd Reply

    Happened to brady in the superbowl

    mrcooldeadly85 Reply


xXSeNiLeXx Reply

So excited to hear “LUKE” across the pond

Gabriel Quesnot Reply

2:25 “Oh man!” BoBo with a Big Boo Boo!” That made my day! #Keeppounding!

mrcooldeadly85 Reply

Unlike ESPN, none of us was fooled to believe Winston was a top 10 QB like they thought.

Mr Andrade Reply

Efe making plays on home soil… YES I’m here for it proud of that young man!

Dooky Reply

Jameis Winston would throw a pick to the 32nd ranked defense, let’s not get too excited.

regulator Reply

He started AND ended with an INT

    Black Mile High17 Reply

    regulator both by bradberry too😂

Mike C. Reply

7 Sacks
5 interceptions
2 Fumble recoveries
🎶And a Panther in a pear tree🎶

El Dinero Reply

X-Factor ability “Pick Card” a player known for thowing a lot interceptions

Bigg Mikee Reply

That boy Winston was handing out interceptions like Oprah. “You get a pick, and you get a pick. You all get picks!🤣🤣🤣

Chitown4L Reply

Good on jameis for trying to expand his baking business international.

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