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Pancho Billa Celebration of Life

Buffalo Bills superfan Pancho Billa was an inspiration to all. After tragically losing his battle with cancer, the Buffalo Bills honored Pancho Billa during a special pregame ceremony on September 22 against the Cincinnati Bengals.

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Zentraedi Forces Reply

Búfalos = Equipo Chingon ☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼

Michael Caywood Reply

I hope 🤞 The Buffalo Bills loses this year and every year for life. Let’s go New England Patriots! Let’s go New England Patriots! Let’s go New England Patriots! WIN! WIN! WIN! First view and dislike and comment. Wow, what a losing video!

    TheAdkFlyer10 Reply


    Aunt Bobjoe Reply

    Michael Caywood Tom Brady is a pedo

    Dave M Reply

    kid, there is no bandwagon in Buffalo. we’ve seen our team win and loose but we love them win, loose or draw. i was at the first 4 Bills games in war memorial stadium in 1959/60 season. new england was a laughing stock, for Decades then, and will return to that status when you loose only 2 people.
    you show the typical mentality of bandwagon fans with your remarks. they only hurt you snotty!
    question; without looking it up, who was n.e.’s first qb or coach, who was well known from the spygate deflatriots in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s? i’ll help you – Nobody. who was headcoach before the present? when he’s done so is your team; with or without your present qb. i doubt you would even recognize your team’s old logo or their old name
    this is a memorial of life, do you jeer at funerals too and poke fun at births?!

    Dave M Reply

    and it looks like you gave yourself the only thumbs up – sit on it and spin then suck it like you do daily!

    Dave M Reply

    to all viewers! visit the channel hosted by this pedo clown! then, keep your children and grandchildren Away from it!!! i cannot stress this enough!!!

DP Urlacher Reply

R.I.P Pancho Billa.

Sean Stevens '22 Reply

Pancho power 💥

TheAngryBuffaloSportsFan Reply


adampincente209 Reply

This guy died with dignity. That’s the way we should all go out.

GWIZ Reply

Pancho power baby

FullmetalNinja25 Reply


Joseph Marsh Reply

What a great man. RIP Pancho

Nate Raymond Reply

3-0 baby! This year is for Pancho! I know he’s watching every game with us from up there! #PanchoPower #VivaLosBills

Jaqen Higar Reply

Saint Pancho!

Ryan Masten Reply

Vivo los Bills ❤️💙

Sam H Reply

Viva Los Bills fam! ⚡️Poncho Power⚡️

Lenny Leonard Reply


creezbee s. Reply

He lives on in our thoughts and hearts forever. #PanchoPower

Matthew Harman Reply

REST IN PARADISE Pancho!!! We KNOW you are at EVERY game now…GO BILLS!!!! I STILL BILLIEVE!!!!!!!

Denny Kern Reply

Some of my oldest memories are of my father taking me to Bills games at the old Rockpile. I’ve always been proud (I’m Talking Proud) to have been born and raised in Western New York, and proud to be a fan of the same team as Pancho Bills, a guy who left the world a better place than how he found it. R.I.P. Pancho 🏈

Mendel Kleyman Reply

This season is for Pancho. Fly High Amigo!!!! #PanchPower

Henry Dimatteo Reply

RIP brother

jerzeydolphins Reply

RIP from a Dolphins Fan Pancho, Goodluck This Season to all yall BILLS Fans

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