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MeMeBigBoi Reply

Let’s be honest…. we’re all here for Peterman

    igotthejack44 Reply


    CryPtic_LJyt Reply


    Cecelia Helms Reply

    MeMeBigBoi No, I’m here for raiderfan4life 😘

    SactoKevin Reply

    MeMeBigBoi I’m here for Doss!

TheRaiderFan 111 Reply

Never make a game in Canada agian NFL

    SloppeyJoe 6D9 Reply

    CEE Smith Canadian football began in the 1860s. You cannot change that fact. For what I believe is the third and final time, Mcgill did not invent football in 1874. They simply taught it to the pigs in 1874

    CEE Smith Reply

    @SloppeyJoe 6D9 you must mean English Rugby?

    Edward Ioan Ciocirlan Reply

    It was the NFL’s fault bud.

edboy484 Reply

Nathan Peterman leads Raiders to 4th quarter comeback win

    Derek R Reply

    @Jameis Winston I’d rather have Kaepernick play in his spot lol

    *clairinet noises* Reply

    Peterman intentionally decided to be bad for last year then be elite this year

    Willie Norman Reply

    The GOAT!!

    jon garrigus Reply

    @Eric F don’t hate

    cpk1994 Reply

    @Sauce squad 1712 Kizer had nothing to do with it. If he wasn’t playing against guys who will be bagging groceries in two weeks, he would have failed.

Amir Rasuli Reply

3:35 #61 just minding his own business on a nice casual jog

    Sim ? Reply


    ityeboi meme Reply

    I dont see him

    Vyper Plays Reply


    Andrew Dodson Reply


    Edward Merida Reply

    meme  big guy just a tad in front of ball

Raymond Familia Reply

Kizer… lol waive this guy

    Rigo 9816 Reply

    When you realize Peterman maybe employed and not Keizer lol

    6 Below Reply

    Keizer gotta go fr

    D-Wattz Reply

    Could have had Rosen.

LaZor Lord Reply

Are we just gonna ignore the 80yd field tho?

    DuraDigi Reply

    LaZor Lord lol people making up all types of b.s. about the field if people read they’d know the conditions were bad in the end zones

    cpk1994 Reply

    @Patrick You probably shouldn’t call people dumb when you aren’t entirely right either. They did remove the goalposts, but the patches they put in to cover said holes did not stay down. They had time to address it, as it passed inspection the day before, but the patches would not stay down.

    Logan Richardson Reply

    Are you stupid? Literally everyone has commented on it. Do you live under a rock?

    DeAngelo Bradley Reply

    Yeah that’s crazy bro

001Tdog Reply

Packers should of just kept Tim Boyle in the game Kizer sucked.

    Just Be Panda Reply

    Isaiah Thomas Where’s your logic?

    Killer Champion Reply

    @Axt3r why go all out pre season and if they get injured they screwed

    Yifan Fei Reply

    @Isaiah Thomas hahaha troll.

    howdyusa Reply

    Boyle shouldnt have thrown that slant to EQ. 2 linebackers in the middle and a high safety. Can he not read coverages? That injury was completely his fault. Sad to see EQ chances of making this team go low because of a backup.

    Kyle Marini Reply

    My friend is Tim Boyle’s cousin

Andreas Eppe Reply

Kizer out🤣 boyle in 🤩

    Captain Obvious Reply

    Andreas Eppe was my backup choice after I saw him in preseason last year

Storm 98 Reply

I still can’t believe they played on an 80-yard field.. maaan wtf

Edit: btw someone get Peterman’s SB ring ready

    i_cooped_my_pants333 Reply

    Epidemic – illen spree The balls aren’t bigger in the CFL. It’s a misconception. But in the 90s the CFL used that as a marketing tool as they came up with the slogan,”CFL-Our balls are bigger.”

    Joshua Branson Reply

    @308wce 05 Really I couldnt have been here today or made it this far in trolling without the help of my saviour and lord thy God I give all the credit to him. Atleast you were smart enough to see it for what it was and not like the bunch of manipulated sheep above you. I have hope for you my brother the world ends youll make it, youll survive. ✊

    SnaxTheGreat Reply

    @Zep Tepi point of view they r playing in winnipeg and in Canada the fields r bigger

    308wce 05 Reply

    @Joshua Branson don’t worry my friend natural selection will sort most of them out. Stay strong ✊

matasuki Reply

Raiders team chemistry is 99. They should have hard knocks every year.

    Dutch Reagan Reply

    The AB klown-show is taking care of that!

    ever grow Reply

    @matasuki lol all these new players on yall team and you saying yall the most together.

    matasuki Reply

    @ever grow what team has more team chemistry? The team has a good balance of misfits who can relate to being hated (deserved or not), vets, and composed players. I mean freaking Nate Peterman look like he got confidence now. Looks like the work of great coaching on the intangibles. I mean look at that sideline near the end of that game. The only diva is maybe AB but that comes with the territory.

    ever grow Reply

    @matasuki saints

    matasuki Reply

    @ever grow true maybe eagles too. But for young team that just got together this offseason they got something different you can just tell.

t3ddyRUXpn Reply

Peterman looks like the 2nd-coming of Brady against scrubs.

    MattnCam0408 Reply

    Brady sucks haha

    denny onsurez Reply

    Lol preach we all seen what he does against legit defensives, he reason buffalo drafted Allen

    Ramiro Guerrero Reply

    Brady’s garbo

Jakub 83 Reply

Not even mad at this loss. Boyle is way better than Kizer and what do you expect when playing against Peterman

    Daniel Horovitz Reply

    Why would you even be mad at losing a preseason game

    Liggity Split Reply

    Dude… Peterman is the worst QB in the league

    silver scape Reply

    Why would you be mad in the first place…its preseason…all the guys that suck play most of the game and none of the good plays get used that we save for the regular season…its basic guys out there with basic plays being called…who cares who wins and loses…

N.J.M Investors Reply

This game felt really weird. That dam 80 yard field just baffled me. Good game though Raiders! RN4L #rico gafford clutch with that recovery

    Virus Beatz Reply

    N.J.M Investors wow !!!

    N.J.M Investors Reply

    @yames ble your right. I stand corrected

    Ryan Farewell Reply

    @yames ble no they didn’t, the field is 80 yards, they just shortened it due to poor endzone conditions

    Garret C Reply

    yames ble Canadian league has the goal post in the front of the end zone still so they only played an 80 yard because one end zone had a messed up patch

    Chris Reddy Reply

    @yames ble nope, in the CFL end zones are 20 yards deep, and the up rights are before the end zones, the holes the poles made were in a bad place so they made it near the 10 yard line, so they took 30 yards off the field, making it 80 yards

Betley Island36 Reply

Just to be clear about the shortened field, The holes Goalposts for the CFL ended up being in the end zone. The field passed inspection yesterday but today concerns about how well the holes were actually covered up lead them to shorten the field to 80 yards to avoid someone potentially getting hurt as a result of them

    Dutch Reagan Reply

    100 yds is 80 meters in Metric

    Betley Island36 Reply

    Dutch Reagan The CFL plays on a 110 yard field with the Goalposts on the Goaline, so when they shortened the field to 100 yatds for the NFL regulations the Goalposts holes ended up being in the back of the endzone

    VeryOaty 89 Reply

    Thanks bro

    Wesa Zazoo Reply

    Ply board! I got plenty…

Kunj Reply

Hard knocks bout to be lit next Tuesday

    Kevin J Reply


    Abdul Smith Reply


    Player Jeezy Reply

    Nah bruh

    kam apparicio Reply

    Big facts

    nalim lattarai Reply

    Player Jeezy how

MST3Killa Reply

Kizer is done. Guy has terrible decision making abilities. Keep Boyle. And whoever the announcers were for this game… can them too.

    opiop Reply

    @Keith Peterson But they should have the opportunity to.

    Keith Peterson Reply


    Sorry cuck

    ….I disagree.

    Bad Cornflakes Reply

    @Keith Peterson being a sexist is worse than a cuck.

    N. C. Reply

    @Bad Cornflakes Having an annoying tone of voice is genderless. Nothing sexist about.

    Raider4life Reply

    Keith Peterson That goes for refs and umpires too IMO

The Stoobers Reply

Josh Jacobs is gonna be a BEAST for the raiders

    Joshua scott Reply

    @Twizz Y wanna bet

    Yumchipss/ Luke Reply

    I drafted Jacobs in the 8th round for fantasy football😎

    Joshua scott Reply

    @ACTIVISION: GIVE ME YOUR CREDIT CARD I think he do like them if not the trash Broncos

    Joshua scott Reply

    @ACTIVISION: GIVE ME YOUR CREDIT CARD that’s Jimmy g threw 5 int at practice he’s trash

matt mendo Reply


Scott Lutz Reply

Raiders fan here ain’t cocky over preseason wins but any wins I am thankful for any day

    Scott Casey Reply

    It’s all your going to get.

    NESS DAGOD Reply

    @Scott Casey make sure you tune into the raiders thrashing the Broncos 👍

    Scott Lutz Reply

    Scott Casey u right my raiders probably gonna suck for a long time but will see: its football anything can happen. That’s why they play the game

    Joshua scott Reply

    @Scott LutzI know we suck tho but we gonna play against the Broncos in Oakland

Ignis Ursulus Reply

Who let Jimmy Neutron do play-by-play?

    HennyThaPlug Reply


    N. C. Reply

    She makes me want to rip my ears off.

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