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Packers Unscripted: View of the Vikings

Mike and Wes examine Minnesota in all three phases, starting with RB Dalvin Cook on offense (1:24), plus QB Kirk Cousins and WRs Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs (4:26). Also included are looks at the Vikings’ defensive secondary (10:15), front seven (12:53) and special teams (16:14).

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kokokokokoko quinto Reply

Pump this packer’s content into my veins

Ben Chrisoit Reply

Fire that boring cuck West

Dj Diddles Reply

We got this dub, that amazing defense is going to out alot if pressure on cousins and he will throw atleast 2 or 3 picks this game. Rodgers and the offense get things going. Rodgers throws 3 TDs, and theres 1 rushing td.

    Justin Kidder Reply

    Drugs are bad

    bradley thomas Reply

    Lol, that’s all I can do is laugh. Way to go homer

    TyRanT SoLDieR Reply

    Rodgers will be lucky to throw 2 TD’s against the Vikings. Rodgers was missing wide open receivers in the Bears game. I don’t see much changing.

Boss Tanaka Reply

They didn’t speak on the Packers defense.

    BrettGB Reply

    They talked a lot about the Packers defense in yesterday’s episode if you want to check that out.

NotSoSlimSh8dy Moreno Reply

Great work!

josh leach Reply

packers SUCK !!!!!!
SKOL VIKINGS. !!!!!! VIKINGS 31 packers 10
Pack that in your pipe and smoke it.

A W Reply

Finally. Some cheeseheads who give out some respect to the purple. Green Bay showed defense improvement to start the season and that’s great but they are not on the same planet and the Vikings veteran defense is. It’ll be a few weeks before teams are in midseason form and we can really see who has what. Minnesota looked good against an overhyped Jimmy Garrapollo week 1 last year and lost to the winless Bills at home soon after.

    Ryan R Reply

    We’ll see.

Nick Diaz Reply

fruck the cheeseheads, but they probably will win

    BKK Reply

    No they won’t you clown 🤡

BKK Reply

Vikings 48
Packers 6
Karen Rodgers going down!

    Miguel López Reply

    You sound like a bear fan all preseason and we all know how that ended!

    Go pack go!

Charles Hoy Reply

Vikings fan here, pretty good content from these Packers reps. Hopefully we have a good game this Sunday.

Christopher Paul Reply

Good job guys,,,, SKOL
I’m here in GB for the game.

Matt Ekre Reply

This Vikings fan really enjoyed this video. A showing of respect from Packers fans is always refreshing, as I’m sure it is for Packers fans when a Vikings fan gives respect where it’s due. Great unbiased and honest analysis of the upcoming week 2 matchup. This game has the potential to be extremely entertaining for both fan bases. Should be a good one!

rage mk Reply

Should be a really great game. I’m interested to see if GB will get out running and is this viking rush attack legit

Michael Leon Reply

Can we stop the run guys?

Adam Nelson Reply

This is better content then any of those Cowherd, Shannon Sharpe shows. Actual analysis of the whole game and not just stat blocks.

Keith Kutnar Reply

Viking’s fan here. Just wanted to say that I am extremely impressed with your unbiased approach to discussing the match, and it is easy to tell that you place an emphasis on researching the teams you discuss. Thank you for your solid content and good luck on Sunday.

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