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Packers Unscripted: Three straight

Mike and Wes break down the Packers’ third consecutive victory to begin 2019, covering the timely plays on defense (2:02), the work of LB Preston Smith (7:06) and CB Jaire Alexander (10:35), and how the game unfolded on offense (12:17), including the performances of RB Jamaal Williams (14:10) and the offensive line (15:33).

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MrBrenman21 Reply

Thanks for not changing the intro. Effeminate pansies that listen to Taylor Swift shouldn’t decide intro songs for football shows.

    William Davis Reply

    @Ben Chrisoit unlike yourself. You are without question one! Lol

    William Davis Reply

    @Ben Chrisoit you are clearly upset the ‘A’ in Packers wasnt changed to an ‘E’. Cuz then you would be a Big Fan.

    S A Reply

    @Ben Chrisoit Have fun beating off into a sock tonight

    Ben Chrisoit Reply

    Speaking of socks, looks like we’ve found West’s sock accounts

Ben Chrisoit Reply

Fire that gomer West

Woofde Reply

Great analysis!

Mgtow Farmer Reply

I am done after two min.. Tom grasso is better..
Packers are 3-0 for one reason… drafting and free agents…

Jacob Hanson Reply

Rough day for Kevin King but he will bounce back. We are very blessed to have Jaire and King.

    rage mk Reply

    apparently he was dealing with an illness. Maybe messed with him a bit but he will bounce back

    Jacob Hanson Reply

    rage mk oh yeah I saw that popped up on the injury list. Seems to be a lot of sickness going around lately. I love his size and speed, his coverage ability has steadily improved as well. I hope he can stay healthy and his able to get a contract extension along with Clark and Martinez.

    rage mk Reply

    @Jacob Hanson yeah they will be shelling out alot of money

Bodhi Kortsch Reply


bill rice Reply

Turnovers and timely plays on defense are masking the many missed tackles.

    MrOuchiez Reply

    What’s jarring is that this team is showing VASTLY improved fundamentals and tackling prowess. We’ve seen countless missed assignments and tackles over the last 7-8 years that we’ve unwillingly honed our eyed to those gaffes, but if you look at the games as a whole this team is far superior in the missed tackles compared to teams of yore…

John Wayne Everett Reply

best show for our pack thank you guys ….HATS OFF TO YOU.. THE MR SMITHS SHOW BABY ….

    Ammo and Gear Deals Reply

    No offense to these guys but 1st check Tom Grossi and Packcast. I know it’s not significant but the one thing that bothers me about this show is if you’re listening on your phone they don’t have their volume set so that you can actually hear it from a foot or two away. When you have a show that is just a talk show little things like that are important.
    How sweet is it that the entire division has a winning record and the only two loses were divisional loses?

Tom Underwood Reply

Lucky that Broncos passed instead of running Lindsey again inside the five. Denver is stupid, Lindsey was unstoppable.

Tom Underwood Reply

Packers D-Line a joke. Only LBs made plays.

    Michael Biggs Reply

    Tom Underwood Kenny Clark? Top 3 DL in the league? You realize the DL’s job is to take on multiple blocks to allow linebackers to run free from blocks. They’re doing their job. If they weren’t, the safeties would be making all the plays.

    Tom Underwood Reply

    @Michael Biggs After further review, Dean Lowry made the big tackles of Lindsey in the 3rd Quarter on 3 carries for a total of only four yards when we really needed it.

    Michael Biggs Reply

    Tom Underwood cool. He’s good too. It just proves your wrong.

beruckoo Reply

Guys your making some good points..but can we get some enthusiasm from you….


Packers need to stop the RUN!!!!!

Eric S Reply

Hell ya

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